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October 5/97 3:00 am - `Cross Followup

Posted by Editor on 10/5/97

Cyclo-cross Nationals Update (from Val Davidge, organizer) After my initial dismay when the dialogue as started by Ontario's provincial coach took some shaky turns but I pulled myself up off the floor, dusted myself off and started all over again. Yes, I did lose about 2 weeks of organizing time but anyone who knows me knows that I can soon make that up. I am heartily encouraged by the thread that is now developing. There has been 'trouble' over every Cross Nationals for the last (roughly) four years leading, often, to bad feelings. Now we are talking about it. Peoples views are being expressed (even tongue in cheek views) which I consider to be very positive and healthy for all aspects of cycle sport. It might build a few bridges. Sorry - I don't want to sound pompous - but I sat on the DPC (Domestic Program Committee) for 8 years and the Technical Commission for 6 and we always skirted around these issues with no resolutions and hoped they would go away. Now, we have decided to abide by the new UCI/CCA rules and there is open discussion at last - there is hope for cycling after all. There is obviously some work to be done with the tire (tyre - UK English) issue. When someone has a tire with 35mm stamped on the side and it measures 38.5, something is wrong. We will address this and advise ASAP. Thank you Ray Duggan for you submission. You are right on. I really appreciate your particular contribution. Phil - don't get too hung up - kids usually do defend Mum you know - wait til yours grows up. Your points have been good too. I want everyone to know that the Nationals are progressing very well. There is no single thought of cancellation. Those of you from out of province should E-Mail me if you want accommodation assistance etc. We will see what we can do. Entry forms and packages should be ready by next week. The CCA will mail them to the provincial offices. If you would like one sent direct (and who wouldn't - new thread), contact me at the official Nationals E-mail site: - I will make sure you get them personally. Back to Ray Duggan, the CCA had better supply me with new jerseys because I am paying for them. I will follow up on that on Monday. One new wrinkle to think about: I have just received this from the CCA: Extract from the Minutes of the Development Committee, July 24th, 1997: Three(3) provinces and five(5) competitors need to be present at a National Championship in order for a category to have a Champion. So start getting your airline tickets booked guys and girls. Canadian Airlines will let you carry your bike free if you book through American Express (1-800-267-1591) and tell them you are associated with the CCA. See you down the road - and (Rob and Tracy permitted) keep the thread going to resolution or exhaustion. A big thanks to Rob and Tracy for giving us all so much support. Valerie Davidge


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