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June 14/00 3:18 am - Swiss tour, Ontario Results and News

Posted by Editor on 06/14/00

Tour of Switzerland

Stage 2 - Uster to Rheinfelden 197 km

1. Fred Rodriguez (USA) Mapei 4:30:36
2. Sven Teutenberg (Ger) Gerolsteiner
3. Markus Zberg (Sui) Rabobank
4. Rene Haselbacher (Aut) Gerolsteiner
5. Stefan Rutimann (Sui) Vini Caldirola
5. Manuel Garate Juan (Esp) Lampre-Daikin
6. Jean-Patrick Nazon (Fra) La Francaise des Jeux
8. Christian Heule (Sui) Post Swiss Team
9. Jan Bratkowski (Ger) Manheim Auctions/Mercury
10. Robert Hunter (RSA) Lampre-Daikin all s.t.

45. Gordon Fraser (Can) Manheim Auctions/Mercury at 0:07
55. Floyd Landis (USA) Manheim Auctions/Mercury
65. Kirk Willett (USA) Manheim Auctions/Mercury
80. Dominique Perras (Can) Phonak all s.t.
116. Christopher Horner (USA) Manheim Auctions/Mercury 1:36


1. Markus Zberg (Sui) Rabobank 4:57:06
2. Steffen Wesemann (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom s.t.
3. Fred Rodriguez (USA) Mapei-Quick Step at 0:02
4. Jens Heppner (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom 0:03
5. Jan Ullrich (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom s.t.
6. Sven Teutenberg (Ger) Gerolsteiner 0:06
7. Udo Bölts (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom 0:07
8. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Team Deutsche Telekom
9. Guiseppe Guerini (Ita) Team Deutsche Telekom both s.t.
10. Niki Aebersold (Sui) Rabobank 0:08

56. Floyd Landis (USA) Manheim Auctions/Mercury 0:52
57. Kirk Willett (USA) Manheim Auctions/Mercury s.t.
99. Gordon Fraser (Can) Manheim Auctions/Mercury 1:22
100. Dominique Perras (Can) Phonak s.t.

116. Christopher Horner (USA) Manheim Auctions/Mercury 2:34

Mansfield O-Cup
(courtesy WOW)

My, that was a weekend of extremes! We absolutely roasted on Saturday at the Mansfield Ski Club. Hot, windy but it was the intense sun that was really taxing. Tip of the hat to all of the racers for putting up with those conditions while wearing body armour! We are pleased with the comments that we received from the racers. Perhaps a shorter run than in the past, but way more difficult. Run times were much longer despite the shorter course. This produced some excellent racing.

If we had too much sun on Saturday then we didn't have nearly enough on Sunday. Rain, Rain and RAIN!!! There were rivers of water coming down the trails. But, true to form, the sandy base of the Mansfield Outdoor Centre held up very well. We were hoping that the new Exit Wound Trail would prove to be a challenge for everyone, but conditions dictated that we use it for only the Expert/Elite race. Big crowds cheered the racers slipping, sliding, falling and unbelievably riding this trail just near the finish. The silly grins on the racer's faces will be one of our lasting memories. As to be expected there was a substantial attrition rate, but hey, if you had the guts to even line up you deserve a pat on the back.

Many thanks to all of our sponsors. One comment - aren't pop-up tents wonderful?! No, really, many thanks for your generous support. We had many comments about the quality of the prizes and the entire credit must go to the sponsor's generosity.

Thanks to: Sport Swap, Devinci Bicycles, Bruzer, Cameron's Brewing, Eload, Gravis/Burton, Schwinn, KHS Bicycles, OGC, Norco/GT, Rocky Mountain!!!

Elite Results


Senior Pro-Elite Men
1Peter McLeanKHS Bicycles / St Marys1:44.89
2Mark N. WellsFreewheel Cycle / Grimbsy1:47.46
3Jason Reindersfrom Georgetown1:49.59
4Michael LobodzinskiKHS Bicycles / London1:50.00
5Josh MeadBicycle Planet Cycling Club1:52.09
6Ondrej NeumannGears Racing / Mississauga1:52.13
7Ryan WaltersNorco:Spokes `N` Slopes/Milton1:53.30
8Lucas CurranIntense / Victoria1:54.83
9Michael ChavezGears Racing / Mississauga1:56.70
10James Heaverfrom Oakville1:57.21
11Brian Zahrafrom Toronto2:00.46
12Michael TowersGears Racing / Mississauga2:01.15
13Antonio Michaudfrom St Catherines2:04.90
Open Women
1Cecile GambinNorco / Toronto1:59.96
2Jocelyn Hirtesfrom Toronto2:06.53
3Diane Pickettfrom Peterborough3:18.79
4Barbara BrzezickiFly Gurlz/Squire Johns/Toronto3:19.67
Junior (17-18) Expert Men
1Matthew Nielsenfrom Bracebridge1:49.26
2Marcus DagenaisSpokes `N` Slopes/Georgetown1:51.07
3Andrew Danyluk1:53.19
4Paul BergerSpokes `N` Slopes1:57.89
5Andrew Betteridgefrom Bracebridge1:58.49
6Rory DickNorco / Acton2:00.12
7Daniel SkinnerBike Depot Racing / Aurora2:00.68
8Brad HolmesSpokes `N` Slopes:Norco2:01.72
9Benjamin McNabbGT Canada / Stayner2:03.13
10Aaron Jarcfrom Oakville2:03.57
11Cameron Somervillefrom Toronto2:08.17
Pro-Elite Women
1Lisa HolmgrenSchwinn Toyota / Oro Station2:19:52.5
2Leslie GreeneGT Canada:Bike Depot Racing2:22:37.4
3Melissa LunsteadTrek Ontario / Orillia2:26:46.9
4Maria Di Lellofrom Hamilton2:31:00.3
5Jennifer BrownGiant Bicycles / Peterborough2:35:39.4
6Lisa HoskinsHigh County/Epic Ride2:36:16.7
7Heather KingFly Gurlz/Squire Johns2:37:19.7
8Susan TrimbleGears Racing / Oakville2:41:39.9
9Danelle Kabushfrom Vanier2:42:46.4
10Joanne UhlmannGears Racing / Mississauga2:46:11.6
11Tara MulderTeam Kiro / Toronto2:47:54.2
12Diana JonessTrail Hogs:SchwinnToyota2:56:02.0
13Wendy SimmsFly Gurlz/Squire Johns/Barrie2:11:59.0 (- 1 lap)
Amanda KellettOutdoor Gear Can/Gary FisherDNF
Trisha WestmanSpeed River:RockyMountainDNF
Pro-Elite Men
1Lucas CurranIntense / Victoria2:24:13.5
2Julian HineSchwinn Toyota / Hull2:27:05.5
3Greg ReainSultans of Spin CC / Waterloo2:29:44.7
4Jeff WeberGears Racing / Ayr2:32:23.9
5Matthew MartindillOutdoor Gear Can/Gary Fisher2:34:55.4
6Matt PattersonOutdoor Gear Can/Gary Fisher2:35:16.7
7Jesse Jakomaitfrom Sault Ste Marie2:36:57.6
8Peter MorseTrek Ontario / Toronto2:37:08.6
9Tim OliverGiant Bicycles / Simcoe2:38:12.7
10Roderick SmitKHS Bicycles / Newmarket2:39:02.6
11Joe LepineZzoom Velo / Bicycles Plus2:40:20.3
12Paul SpadacciniOryx Procycle:Oryx Procycle2:40:31.1
13Michael DennisSpeed River Bicycle Club2:40:39.6
14Michael LaRochelleKHS Bicycles / Ottawa2:40:56.7
15Brook McArthurBike Depot Racing / Waterloo2:41:58.8
16Zachary WheelerOak Ridges Fat Tire Club2:42:26.3
17Thomas SkinnerGT Canada:Bike Depot Racing2:44:17.8
18Justin Faulknerfrom Bracebridge2:44:40.7
19Jon Barnesfrom Stouffville2:45:16.2
20Dave TomsicKHS Bicycles / Ottawa2:51:39.2
21Chris HansenKHS Bicycles / King City2:51:42.2
The following riders did less laps
22Enrico TrainiTrail Blazers Cycle Racing2:13:53.3
23Adam WadeOutdoor Gear Can/Gary Fisher2:15:26.9
24Neil SauveRocky Mountain Bicycles2:16:03.1
25Craig C HawkesGears Racing / Ottawa2:17:11.6
26Travis BrownSilent Sports/Thin Blue Line2:19:05.9
27Timothy CarletonKHS Bicycles / Toronto2:29:02.1
Keith Gallagherfrom PeterboroughDNF
Justin Varneyfrom OttawaDNF
Imad El-GhazalNorco / OttawaDNF
Dustin Hittelfrom PeterboroughDNF
William MartinenMad Dog Racing CyclepathBloorDNS
Kevin HavilandGears Racing / MississaugaDNF
Drew RobertsonTrek / Volkswagen CanadaDNF
Jan RoubalTrek Ontario/Sault Ste MarieDNF
Daniel Ayottefrom Niagara FallsDNF
Junior (17-18) Expert Men
1Ryan SavoyRocky Mountain Bicycles2:02:34.9
2Matt DouglasBay Cycle+Sport / Ashburn2:07:45.4
3Andrew WatsonBike Depot Racing / Bradford2:07:49.2
4Andrew ElgarOutdoor Gear Can/Gary Fisher2:10:36.4
5Eric BattyBay Cycle+Sport / Brooklin2:11:12.2
6Simon Lazarskifrom Toronto2:15:25.0
7Greg Edgarfrom Parry Sound2:16:18.7
8Philip EdamuraTrail Blazers Cycle Racing2:17:57.1
9James KrieckWaterloo CC/The Flying Dogs2:20:14.0
10Matt McMurdofrom Trenton2:24:01.3
11Justin DiPoceZiggy`s Cycling Club Inc.2:24:51.9
12Kyle Findleyfrom Georgetown2:25:48.5
13Kyle ConnelyBike Depot Racing2:27:49.9
14Oman NorquayRe-My Sport / Mississauga2:30:08.2
15Ryan RothWoodstock Cycling Club/Bright2:30:21.6
16Andrew OstrowskiZiggy`s Cycling Club Inc.2:36:17.6
17Nicholas Vipondfrom Oshawa2:36:24.5
18Chris CrawfordWaterloo CC/The Flying Dogs2:37:18.5
19Chris MorrisBay Cycle+Sport:Uxbridge CC2:37:21.6
20Brennan Cummingfrom Sault Ste Marie2:40:51.5
21Kyle RothwellZiggy`s Cycling Club Inc.2:41:26.4
22Daniel SkinnerBike Depot Racing / Aurora2:41:26.4
23Jeff SeguinWoodstock Cycling Club2:41:40.1
24Taylor MartinFreewheel Cycle / Ancaster2:46:21.4
25Tim McClureZiggy`s CC Inc:Uxbridge/Dublin2:47:41.8
26Adam GlebaSultans of Spin CC/Heidelberg2:59:29.5
Steve AmosWaterloo CC/The Flying DogsDNF
Matthew Simsfrom LyndenDNF
Cam Sommervillefrom TorontoDNS

For all other categories go to

Ottawa Race Week
(courtesy Ross D. Knight)

For the first event of race week in Ottawa, Seenite Sports changed its weekly 1 km, flat rectangular course to a 2 km rectangular course with a S turn followed by a short hill. Approximately 52 athletes started the A-race with another 25 in the B-race starting 15 seconds after the A field departed. Both races where uneventful (i.e. all rubber stayed in contact with the ground). From the start the turn and hill strung the field out however the long (1km) straight allowed the packs to reform. Several cash and prize primes where given throught the A-event. There where numerous attacks throughout the race but at the end it all came down to a long sprint.

1st = John Large
2nd = Marc Chiarelli
3rd = John Bence
4th = Julian Hine
5th = Craig Burge

Dustin Hittel
John Bence
Marc Cousineau
Richard Grieve

Top Junior = Colin Burn

Wednesday evening is the second event of the week with sprints on Rochester Street. Thursday evening is the regular OBS time trial. The culmination of the week is the Carleton Place Criterium on Saturday followed by the classic Preston Street Criterium on Sunday. For more Info contact Doug Corner at

Source for Sports Ontario Cup Track Event #1
(courtesy Ralph Neumann)

Ontario Team Trials - Sunday June 25, 2000.

Sponsored by:

Schedule of Events
9:30 - 10:15 Registration

250m Standing Start TT (2 Rides) - Sr. Men
1000m TT - Jr. Men
500m TT - Women, Masters
500m Flying Start TT (2 rides) - Sr. Men

4000m Ind. Pursuit Final - Sr. men
3000m Ind. Pursuit Final- Jr. men
3000m Ind. Pursuit Final- Women
2000m Ind. Pursuit Final- Masters

500m Chariot Race Round 1 - Sr. Men
500m Chariot Race - Jr. men - semi final
500m Chariot Race - women - semi final
500m Chariot Race - masters - semi final

500m Chariot Race Repechage - all cats.
7500m Points Race - Sr. Men
5000m Points Race - Jr. Men
5000m Points Race - Women
5000m Points Race - Masters

500m Chariot Race Semi Final - Sr. Men
500m Chariot Race - Jr. men - final
500m Chariot Race - women - final
500m Chariot Race - masters - final
500m Chariot Race Repechage - Sr. Men

*Miss & Out - Sr. Men
*Miss & Out - Other Cats. Combined

4:15 - Chariot Race Final - Sr. Men

1. This event will be run as an Omnium with the top 5 finishers in each final earning 7,5,3,2,1 points towards the overall classification. Top 3 finishers will receive medals.
2. All entrants will be eligible to win 1 of 8 draw prizes totaling over $400 value.
* Not a Provincial team selection event. Is used towards O-Cup Omnium.

ENTRY FEE: Juniors $20.00, Other Cats. $25.00

For more details contact:

Provincial Team Selection
The team will be comprised of the following riders:
Jr. Women - 2, Sr. Women - 2, Jr. Men - 4, Sr. Men (sprint) - 3, Sr. Men (endurance) - 2

Jr./Sr. Women & Jr. Men will receive automatic selection by winning two selection events. Riders participating in Team events will be given priority over those participating only in individual events. Riders achieving the following time standards will fill additional places:

500m/1000m TT
Jr. Women 47sec.
Sr. Women 45 sec.
Jr. Men 1min 21 sec.

3000 IP
Jr. Women 4min 30 sec.
Sr. Women 4min 23 sec.
Jr. Men 4min 18 sec.

Sr. Men will be selected to compete in sprint or endurance (or both) events.
Sprint riders will be selected based on 250m/500m TT and Chariot Race Final.
Endurance riders will be selected based on Points Race and 4000m IP.

The selection committee appointed by Norman Shiel will announce the team immediately following the awards ceremony.


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