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June 14/00 9:59 am - Beauce, National Team Info, HP Results, BC Results

Posted by Editor on 06/14/00

GP Beauce

Stage 1 - Levis to Beauceville 173.2 km

1. Vasily Davidenko Navigators 4:11:41
2. John Peters Mercury
3. Antonio Cruz Saturn both s.t.

No change to general classification

National Team Reps Reminder

The CCA will be running elections at the three National Championships/ Olympic Trials for positions on the to be newly formed Athletes Council that will reside within the CCA. The reason for the development of a Council is to recognize the ever-changing face of the sport and find a way to assist athletes to achieve their goals and for the system to effectively define their role in support.

The plan is to have an athlete to sit within all committees and boards that make decisions that affect High Performance and Development athletes. The terms of reference will be circulated as soon as possible.

Some of the Nominee eligibility requirements include:
- Recently retired Senior National Team Member (within last Four years)
- A, B or C carded within the last four years

Member of a Canadian Cycling Team at:
- Olympic Games
- Commonwealth Games
- Francophone Games
- Pan American Games
- World Cycling Championships (relative to your discipline)

You must have participated in the discipline that you are running for at the required level.

Eligible voters must hold a valid Elite/Senior/Pro Canadian National (UCI) license. Voting will only take place at and during competition through a defined process.

There are 5 Available positions (and date of elections):
- Track Rep (July 7-9)
- Men Road Rep (July 14-16)
- Women Road Rep (July 14-16)
- Downhill MTB Rep (July 21-23)
- Cross Country MTB Rep (July 21-23)

The defined process has yet to be determined, but look to have your nomination (you can nominate yourself) in the evening before the start of the first Elite/Senior/Pro event. Balloting (voting) will close one hour after the finish of the last Elite/Senior/Pro event (normally on the Sunday).

Estimated Dates:

The definite eligibility will be communicated as we build the overall communications plan to ensure that as many people (eligible nominees and voters) are aware of their right within this process.

If we want a more effective organization, this council will ensure effective athlete leadership and communication on all of the issues that affect us, the athletes.

Please begin talking amongst yourselves. Talk with other people. Talk, talk, talk.

Once again, this is a semi-formal reminder of the events that will take place. The final details will be communicated in the near future.

Thank you for your time.

Curt Harnett
Athlete REP, Road and Track.

Kung Fu Downhill - B.C.
(courtesy Jennifer Burton)

The first ever Kung Fu Downhill took place on Sunday at the Hartland Mountain Bike Park in near January temperatures. I think we maxed out at 10C! Anyway, despite the rain I think that everyone really had a great time on the awesome course designed by Jon Taylor and his crew at Oak Bay Bikes. The course was fast, tight through the trees and technical. Most of the crowd hung out at the Gay Patio section, which claimed only 4 casualties.

We'd like to thank all the sponsors for coming out with prizes and sharing the tents! And all our marshals and volunteers for standing out there in the rain, freezing and not complaining!

Expert/Pro Women
1 SIMMS, Wendy STEED CYCLES 5:09.25
2 BOEHRINGER, Christine SCARED WEAR 5:13.04
4 HANVOLD, Cherie 5:26.13

Pro Men
2 LYON, Brant COVE BIKE SHOP 4:03.78
3 SAUNDERS, Curtis 4:09.09
4 JONES, David OAK BAY BICYCLE 4:12.19
5 CHARLAND, Andre 4:15.03
6 MITCHELL, Steve 4:15.81
7 JONES, Trevor A.F. OAK BAY BICYCLE 4:17.87
8 HANVOLD, Bryan 4:29.54

Junior Men
4 WILSON, Ben D 4:42.05
6 MORRISON, Jackson 4:44.11

For complete results, go to

HP LaserJet International Women's Classic

Glenns Ferry, Idaho (June 14, 2000) -- Germany's Petra Rossner (Saturn) sliced through the powerful high-desert winds of the Snake River Valley to take her first stage win at the HP LaserJet Women's Challenge. The four-time Liberty Classic World Cup Champion edged out Italian Katia Longhin (Master Team - Carpe Diem), followed by Rossner's old teammate, Ina Teutenberg (German National) in a field sprint of over 60 riders.

"I knew I must push and win the stage", said Olympic medalist Rossner. "Nothing was going to get away today because of the winds. It was brutal out there."

The strong headwinds slowed down the pace of the field to barely 20 mph, forcing a finishing time of almost one hour slower than the predicted three hours for the Twin Falls To Glenns Ferry Road Race presented by Cavanaugh's Hotels. The maddening pace and the brutish winds have forced 17 cyclists from the 11-day event in the last two stages. Most of the cyclists cut from the race have dropped from developmental teams leaving their teammates to suffer the physical punishment of the course and the savage attacks of the full-roster teams alone.

"This is a good win for Saturn. It gives us points for the team competition", said Bobby Livingston, Saturn team manager. When asked how the Saturn Stage win might help Rossner's second-place teammate, Anna Wilson, Livingston responded, "There's strategy in patience."

Top overall positions remain the same going into tomorrow's Payette Valley to Firebird Raceway Road Race presented by Office Depot. This stage, which is new to the HP LaserJet Women's Challenge, was designed to simulate the Olympic road course in Sydney. Riders will do three laps of tough 19.2-mile course before heading out to famous Freeze Out Hill to finish on the Firebird Raceway, a drag raceway. Lithuanian leader, Diana Ziliute and her HP Lithuania/France team will be racing near the front of the field in an effort to keep attacks in check. Teams who haven't had podium appearances yet will be looking for a stage win. And Anna Wilson, and her strong Saturn team, will be looking for ways to take time out of Ziliute.

Stage 7 - Twin Falls to Glenns Ferry

1Petra RossnerGermanySaturn3:47:34
2Katia LonghinItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem
3Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanyGerman National
4Sara SymingtonGreat BritainBritish National
5Vera HohlfeldGermanyGerman National
6Sigrid CorneoItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem
7Judith ArndtGermanyGerman National
8Karen KurreckThe United StatesUS National
9Zita UrbonaiteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France
10Tina MayoloThe United
11Elizabeth EmeryThe United StatesCharles Schwab
12Lara RuthvenThe United StatesUS National
13Jennifer EyermanThe United Statesjane Cosmetics
14Catherine CardwellThe United StatesCharles Schwab
15Annie GariepyCanadaElita
16Pam SchusterThe United
17Kori KellyThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health
18Megan HughesGreat BritainBritish National
19Ceris GilfillanGreat BritainBritish National
20Sandy EspesethCanadaBoise Cascade Office Products
21Sanna LehtimakiFinlandTimex
22Kimberly SmithThe United StatesTimex
23Karine DalmaisFranceOffice Depot
24Mina PizziniThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health
25Juanita FeldhahnAustraliaJayco Australia
26Katie MactierAustraliaJayco Australia
27Leigh HobsonCanadaCharles Schwab
28Gail LongeneckerThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles
29Tracey GaudryAustraliaTimex
30Stacey PetersThe United States800.COM
31Kristin ArmstrongThe United StatesGoldy's
32Mari HoldenThe United StatesTimex
33Cybil DiguistiniCanadaElita
34Marcia Eicher-VouetsSwitzerlandMaster Team - Carpe Diem
35Yvonne McGregorGreat BritainBritish National
36Sarah UlmerNew ZealandElita
37Erin CarterCanadaElita
38Anna WilsonAustraliaSaturn
39Trixi WorrackGermanyGerman National
40Diana ZiliuteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France
41Julie YoungThe United
42Margaret HemsleyAustraliaJayco Australia
43Liz TadichAustraliaJayco Australia
44Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France
45Clara HughesCanadaSaturn
46Odessa GunnCanadaTimex
47Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National
48Katrina BergerThe United StatesCharles Schwab
49Susy PrydeNew ZealandSaturn
50Dede Demet BarryThe United StatesSaturn
51Sarah KonradThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles
52Jeannie LongoFranceOffice Depot
53Melanie McQuaidCanadaOffice Depot
54Erin Veenstra-MirabellaThe United StatesTimex
55Lyne BessetteCanadaSaturn
56Cheryl BinneyThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health
57Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France
58Anke WichmannGermanyGerman National
59Leah GoldsteinCanada800.COM
60Sue CarterGreat BritainBritish Nationalall s.t.
61Lysle WilhelmiThe United States800.COMat 0:16
62Nicole FreedmanThe United StatesCharles Schwab0:50
63Ljudmila CorneoItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem1:09
64Kimberly BrucknerThe United StatesAutoTrader.com6:24
65Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandOffice Depot9:42
66Brenda BlackThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles
67Kerry HellmuthThe United StatesMaster Team - Carpe Diem
68Andrea RatkovicThe United
69Sophie St. JacquesCanadaElita
70Heather ColeCanadajane Cosmetics
71Stacey SpencerCanadajane Cosmetics
72Annabelle VowelsAustraliaBoise Cascade Office Productsall s.t.
73Kathleen Scully WienerThe United StatesVoler14:52
74Sally BoydenGreat BritainBoise Cascade Office Products
75Becky BjorkThe United StatesGoldy's
76Kathleen LennoThe United StatesTeam Anaerobia
77Rhonda QuickThe United StatesVoler
78Andrea FosterThe United States800.COM
79Cindy CarrollThe United StatesTeam Anaerobia
80Daphne WilhelmThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health
81Jen DialThe United StatesOffice Depot
82Gina HallThe United StatesUS National
83Brooke BlackwelderThe United StatesGoldy's
84Emily ThorneThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products
85Naomi WilliamsAustraliaJayco Australia
86Ashley McCulloughThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health
87Maureen VergaraEl Salvador800.COM
88Samanta LoschiItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem
89Rebecca McClintockThe United Statesjane Cosmetics
90Simone KlewitzGermanyjane Cosmetics
91Nicole GinglesCanada800.COM
92Leah ToffolonThe United StatesUS National
93Carmen RichardsonThe United StatesGoldy'sall s.t.
94Deirdre MurphyIrelandVoler24:12
95Weatherly StrohThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles24:12
Sue LatshawThe United StatesOffice DepotDNF
Jenna LoydThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's HealthDNF
Alison BergesonThe United StatesGoldy'sDNF
Erika Nelson-WongThe United StatesCure/Schwab CyclesDNF
Rene MarshmanThe United StatesUS NationalDNF
1Diana ZiliuteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France17:29:51
2Anna WilsonAustraliaSaturnat 1:38
3Jeannie LongoFranceOffice Depot2:43
4Kimberly SmithThe United StatesTimex7:23
5Ceris GilfillanGreat BritainBritish National7:38
6Clara HughesCanadaSaturn8:10
7Mari HoldenThe United StatesTimex8:33
8Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France8:34
9Sarah UlmerNew ZealandElita8:38
10Lyne BessetteCanadaSaturn8:52
11Judith ArndtGermanyGerman National9:01
12Zita UrbonaiteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France9:17
13Yvonne McGregorGreat BritainBritish National9:30
14Juanita FeldhahnAustraliaJayco Australia10:30
15Lara RuthvenThe United StatesUS National11:10
16Karen KurreckThe United StatesUS National11:22
17Trixi WorrackGermanyGerman National11:25
18Pam SchusterThe United StatesAutoTrader.com13:10
19Julie YoungThe United StatesAutoTrader.com13:13
20Sandy EspesethCanadaBoise Cascade Office Products13:19
21Vera HohlfeldGermanyGerman National13:20
22Cybil DiGuistiniCanadaElita13:51
23Marcia Eicher-VouetsSwitzerlandMaster Team - Carpe Diem13:56
24Lysle WilhelmiThe United States800.COM13:56
25Leigh HobsonCanadaCharles Schwab14:05
26Catherine CardwellThe United StatesCharles Schwab16:47
27Karine DalmaisFranceOffice Depot16:59
28Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaHP Lithuania/France19:43
29Susy PrydeNew ZealandSaturn24:12
30Andrea RatkovicThe United StatesAutoTrader.com24:14
31Katia LonghinItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem24:24
32Tina MayoloThe United StatesAutoTrader.com24:39
33Sarah KonradThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles25:22
34Sara SymingtonGreat BritainBritish National26:15
35Stacey PetersThe United States800.COM27:13
36Tracey GaudryAustraliaTimex28:03
37Sanna LehtimakiFinlandTimex28:39
38Jennifer EyermanThe United Statesjane Cosmetics29:11
39Margaret HemsleyAustraliaJayco Australia29:22
40Annie GariepyCanadaElita29:33
41Kimberly BrucknerThe United StatesAutoTrader.com29:44
42Megan HughesGreat BritainBritish National31:12
43Erin Veenstra-MirabellaThe United StatesTimex33:12
44Leah GoldsteinCanada800.COM33:58
45Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandOffice Depot35:16
46Odessa GunnCanadaTimex38:08
47Sigrid CorneoItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem39:49
48Kerry HellmuthThe United StatesMaster Team - Carpe Diem40:13
49Simone KlewitzGermanyjane Cosmetics41:03
50Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National42:34
51Dede Demet BarryThe United StatesSaturn42:47
52Melanie McQuaidCanadaOffice Depot43:13
53Liz TadichAustraliaJayco Australia43:23
54Cheryl BinneyThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health44:28
55Sue CarterGreat BritainBritish National45:44
56Kori KellyThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health47:29
57Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanyGerman National48:22
58Katie MactierAustraliaJayco Australia48:28
59Katrina BergerThe United StatesCharles Schwab49:10
60Elizabeth EmeryThe United StatesCharles Schwab49:19
61Mina PizziniThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health50:28
62Sophie St. JacquesCanadaElita53:33
63Becky BjorkThe United StatesGoldy's54:02
64Carmen RichardsonThe United StatesGoldy's1:00:20
65Jen DialThe United StatesOffice Depot1:00:50
66Nicole GinglesCanada800.COM1:01:32
67Petra RossnerGermanySaturn1:01:34
68Anke WichmannGermanyGerman National1:04:00
69Gail LongeneckerThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles1:04:17
70Kristin ArmstrongThe United StatesGoldy's1:04:57
71Gina HallThe United StatesUS National1:05:04
72Ljudmila CorneoItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem1:05:07
73Maureen VergaraEl Salvador800.COM1:09:16
74Heather ColeCanadajane Cosmetics1:11:53
75Erin CarterCanadaElita1:12:44
76Nicole FreedmanThe United StatesCharles Schwab1:14:33
77Emily ThorneThe United StatesBoise Cascade Office Products1:16:39
78Daphne WilhelmThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health1:18:55
79Leah ToffolonThe United StatesUS National1:23:20
80Rhonda QuickThe United StatesVoler1:26:07
81Sally BoydenGreat BritainBoise Cascade Office Products1:26:36
82Brooke BlackwelderThe United StatesGoldy's1:27:03
83Annabelle VowelsAustraliaBoise Cascade Office Products1:28:29
84Kathleen LennoThe United StatesTeam Anaerobia1:30:09
85Brenda BlackThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles1:30:41
86Andrea FosterThe United States800.COM1:31:43
87Stacey SpencerCanadajane Cosmetics1:40:54
88Kathleen Scully WienerThe United StatesVoler1:41:53
89Samanta LoschiItalyMaster Team - Carpe Diem1:43:45
90Ashley McCulloughThe United StatesProcter & Gamble Women's Health1:48:41
91Rebecca McClintockThe United Statesjane Cosmetics1:50:18
92Naomi WilliamsAustraliaJayco Australia2:03:01
93Cindy CarrollThe United StatesTeam Anaerobia2:14:43
94Deirdre MurphyIrelandVoler2:17:06
95Weatherly StrohThe United StatesCure/Schwab Cycles2:27:39


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