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February 20/14 13:48 pm - News Links of the Day

Posted by Editoress on 02/20/14

Every day we post links on our Twitter page (@cdncyclist) to interesting items from around the world. For our readers who are not on Twitter, we have reproduced the headlines and links here.



A Sad Day for Cycling in Canada - Montreal Velodrome Closes
25 years ago this year the Olympic velodrome in Montreal was closed, a victim of costing cutting. Two riders - Yannick Cojan and Richard Young - filed an injunction to stop the demolition, but lost the appeal and the first cuts in the track happened November 15, 1989. Here is an article from the Summer 1990 issue of Canadian Cyclist.
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Public learns Bixi lost $6.5 million in 2012
Bixi posted a net loss of almost $6.5 million in 2012, a figure the bike-sharing company has kept secret until it was compelled to make it public during a bankruptcy hearing.
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Group sees future for Windham Centre velodrome
A Hamilton cycling group says it would make good use of the outdoor velodrome in Windham Centre if town hall decides to bring it back to life.
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When a SUV swerved to hit me, I realized riding a bike in a car-dominated culture is an inherantly political act.
What riding a bike taught me about prejudice, poverty, and designed exclusion
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How the Buffalo Bicycle symbolizes Africa's potential
An affiliate of SRAM, the world’s second-largest cycle-components maker, based in Chicago, is aiming to invest in Ethiopia. Its Buffalo Bicycles look ungainly but have puncture-resistant tires, a heavy frame and a rear rack that can hold 100kg. They are designed and assembled in Africa, and a growing number of components are made there from scratch, creating more than 100 manufacturing jobs.
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Handling Olympic Sized Pressure?
Most of us can’t even begin to imagine the pressure some athletes feel while competing at the Olympics
Editorial by Danelle Kabush
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Vive les Quebec medallists
More medals are indeed being hung around Québécois necks, the fruit of a PLAN hatched some 40 years ago....
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The Seductive Lure of Supplements
Why do top athletes keep turning to unproven and ineffective boosters?
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How cycling's chiefs helped doper Armstrong off the hook
The woman who first exposed Lance Armstrong’s drug-taking has made further claims of complicity between cycling’s ruling body and the sport’s dope culture.
Emma O’Reilly’s evidence highlights the need for Armstrong to give evidence to the UCI’s investigation into doping.
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The best urban bike infrastructure plan on the Great Plains comes straight from the top: Calgary, Alberta.
The booming oiltown expects its population to leap 15 percent in the next four years, and it just unveiled a plan to deal with the traffic with a simple grid of protected bike lanes that would be the envy of almost any downtown in North America.
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Vitamins C and E May Lessen Fitness Gains From Workouts
Pain pills, vitamins, and supplements are found in nearly every athletes’s home, but in recent years one of the hottest areas of exercise research has questioned their value. In particular, some studies have concluded that the pills might interfere with biological processes that help us get healthier, fitter, and faster. Much of the research has been conducted on animals, and the findings are anything but conclusive.
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Bikers on Ice
Listen up, bike commuters. It’s time to get over your fear of the cold and snow.
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Video: A participant at the 2014 Winnipeg Winter Cycling Conference shares his experience Here


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