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February 20/14 22:30 pm - Britton Third in Dominican Republic

Posted by Editoress on 02/20/14

Team SmartStop has started off the 2014 season exactly how they wanted to with a win on the opening stage of the Vuelta Independencia Nacional (UCI 2.2) today.

Eric Marcotte opened up his season sprinting to victory from a seven-man break, which included his teammate, Rob Britton who finished in third.

The stage ran smoothly for Team SmartStop who had the goal of putting riders into the early breaks and being present throughout the whole 141 kilometre stage. The conditions were perfect with clear skis and little wind, and the stage was pancake flat on an out and back course starting and finishing in Santo Domingo, with the final 50 kilometres of racing along the main highway. The break formed at the 43 kilometre mark and by 70 kilometres the original four man break had increased to seven and had a lead of two minutes.

"It was attack after counter attack," said Eric, "we were always represented in a breakaway and that was the goal. As long as there were some strong riders like those from the Colombian teams we needed to make sure we had representation."



The break    photo: Chris Kreidl


Eric was happy to have his teammate Rob with him in the breakaway group, knowing that there was a good chance the break would be able to stay away.

"I was very happy to have Rob with me, there was four Colombians, one Latvian, one Canadian and one American, as the pace stayed hard and steady we lost a rider," said Eric of the final 70 kilometres of the stage, "the pace stayed high and I began to think of the scenarios that would not be good for Rob or I to have a good shot at winning."

"As we hit the 5 kilometre to go mark all together, I began to realize that we would have a good shot at winning."

The peloton was content with letting the breakaway gather a lead of over seven minutes, and after a flurry of attacks within the breakaway, Rob was able to hold the gaps and eventually launched his own attack with 2 kilometres to but was chased by a Colombian rider. While they marked each other, Eric made his move around the two to take the win with a five second lead.



Eric Marcotte wins     photo: Luis Barbosa


"I let loose around the outside knowing that if I could get the headwind I could get the win."

Directeur Sportif, Michael Creed, is extremely impressed with the team's first outing. "I'm really happy. While trying to contain myself as to what this can mean for the team," he said.



Podium    photo: Chris Kreidl


With a start like this, Team SmartStop is looking forward to seeing where this success can take them throughout the year, Michael says: "I'm just really excited that we started the year right. And hopefully that raises the bar within the team to a level we can maintain for the rest of the year."

The remaining Team SmartStop riders finished safely in the bunch and will be preparing for a tough day tomorrow defending the yellow jersey. Stage two, the longest of the tour, is 177 kilometres from Santo Domingo to Samama.

"As for yellow, it's going to be so hard. Those Colombians are flying."

Report and photos courtesy Team SmartStop


Stage 1: Santo Domingo to Santo Domingo, 141 km
1 Eric Marcotte USA) Team SmartStop 3:08:08
2 Gedimias Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja at 0:05
3 Rob Britton (Can) Team SmartStop
4 Edwin Sanchez (Col) Formesan
5 Andres Diaz (Col) Incycle Predator all s.t.
6 Julian Rodas (Col) Formesan 0:08
7 Pedro Torres (Col) La Vega Cne 0:12
8 Maxat Ayazbayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 6:29
9 Xavier Nieves (Ven) Tachira Concafe 6:35
10 Rafael Meran (Dom) Finauto
11 Ismael Collado (Dom) Edenorte
12 Deivy Capellan (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris
13 Jean Crispin (Dom) Team La Romana
14 Jose Rodriguez (Dom) Fenix Universal
15 Diego Milan (Dom) Defferdange Inteja
16 Yordalis Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
17 Sebastian Novoa (Ecu) Team Ecuador
18 Jonathan Ogando (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba
19 Galym Akhmetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
20 Barhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan
21 Wilson Marentes (Col) Formesan
22 Jorge Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe
23 Alvaro Torres (Ven) Tachira Concafe
24 Augusto Sanchez (Dom) Defferdange Inteja
25 Norlandy Taveras (Dom) Aro Y Pedal
26 Didier Satoque (Col) Formesan
27 Ramon Checo (Dom) Cocuyos2 Go
28 Pedro Herrera (Col) Formesan
29 Greymer Arias (Dom) S. F. Macoris
30 William Guzman (Dom) Asocipe Moca
31 Rigoberto Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
32 Felix Cardenas (Col) Formesan
33 Erizon Peña (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris
34 Nurbolat Kulimbetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
35 Travis Mccabe (USA) Team SmartStop
36 Zhandos Bizhigitov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
37 Flavio De Luna (Mex) Team SmartStop
38 Ardrainzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
39 Michael Olheiser (USA) Incycle Predator
40 Carlos Tejada (Dom) Arco Iris
41 Marcos Olivo (Dom) Fenix Universal
42 Braulio Garcia (Dom) Edenorte
43 Ismael Sanchez (Dom) La Vega Cne
44 Grant Potter (USA) Fenix Universal
45 Juan De Jesus (Dom) Arco Iris
46 Juan Polanco (Dom) La Vega Cne
47 Daniel Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe
48 Agustin Font (Pur) Incycle Predator
49 Higinio Fernandez (Esp) Team Ecuador
50 Luis Perez (Dom) Arco Iris
51 Enmanuel Fernandez (Dom) Arco Iris
52 Jonathan Encarnacion (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba
53 Jaime Roson (Esp) Team Ecuador
54 Elvis Rodriguez (Dom) La Vega Cne
55 Jeison Dorado (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba
56 Franklin Bencosme (Dom) S. F. Macoris
57 Carlos Cespedes (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go
58 Jhorman Flores (Ven) Tachira Concafe
59 Kevyn Pujols (Dom) Edenorte
60 Leonardo Mazara (Dom) Team La Romana
61 Enmanuel Nuñez (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go
62 Juan Cueto (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba
63 Andres Mendoza (Dom) Finauto
64 Maiky Llodra (Ddm) S. Pedro De Macoris
65 Coulton Hartrich (USA) Finauto
66 Carlos Lorenzo (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba
67 Jorge Montenegro (Ecu) Team Ecuador
68 Efren Ortega (Pur) Incycle Predator
69 John Llorens (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
70 Zach Bell (Can) Team SmartStop
71 Charli Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
72 Cristian Torres (Col) Aro Y Pedal
73 Addelyn Cruz (Dom) Finauto
74 Teemothy Naser (Isr) Galilee Cycles
75 Erberto Peña (Dom) Finauto
76 Juan Pimentel (USA) Edenorte
77 Michelle Smith (Cay) Cocuyos 2 Go
78 Adrian Nuñez (Dom) Edenorte
79 Vytautas Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja
80 Anthony Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
81 Brian Babilonia (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
82 Antonio Cabello (Esp) Team Ecuador
83 Josiel Rodriguez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa
84 Janis Dakteris (Lat) Defferdange Inteja
85 Eduardo Colon (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
86 Josue Vasquez (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
87 Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team SmartStop
88 Jorge Perez (Dom) Edenorte
89 Joaquin Sobrino (Esp) Defferdange Inteja
90 Carlos Galviz (Ven) Tachira Concafe
91 Elvis Reyes (Dom) Asocipe Moca
92 Sergio Hernandez (USA) Incycle Predator
93 Joshua Friedman (USA) Galilee Cycles
94 Joel Capellan (Dom) Fenix Universal
95 Enmanuel Fernandez (Fra) Velo Vetiver
96 Adam Carr (USA) Team La Romana
97 Regev Peretz (Isr) Galilee Cycles
98 Calixto Bello (USA) Incycle Predator
99 Wilmi Gil (Dom) Aro Y Pedal
100 Daniel Junon (Fra) Velo Vetiver all s.t.
101 Carlos Quishpe (Ecu) Team Ecuador 6:48
102 Fabrice Cornelie (Fra) Velo Vetiver s.t.
103 Kerane Barolin (Fra) Velo Vetiver 6:50
104 Jorge Martinez (Dom) La Vega Cne s.t.
105 Kenny Darmyn (Fra) Velo Vetiver 7:09
106 Shiomi Lev (Isr) Galilee Cycles 7:34
107 Rafael Ramos (Dom) Santiago Asocisa 7:46
108 Luis T. Mendez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa 8:10
109 Joel Garcia (Dom) Aro Y Pedal 8:16
110 Jose Guzman (Dom) Team La Romana s.t.
111 Michael Johnson (Dom) Aro Y Pedal 8:18
112 Boris Carene (Fra) Velo Vetiver 6:35
113 Robert Javier (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 9:27
114 David Astacio (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris 10:04
115 Rodry Minier (Dom) Fenix Universal 10:42
116 Shadi Halabi (Isr) Galilee Cycles 10:48
117 Ido Syrkin (Isr) Galilee Cycles 10:49
118 Maikol Evangelista (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 12:40
119 Jose Cartazio (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris
120 Wilbin Felix (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go
121 Edward Benitez (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris
122 Manuel Rodriguez (Dom) Arco Iris all s.t.
123 Luis Medina (Dom) La Vega Cne 15:53
124 Jason Guzman (Dom) Team La Romana 18:28
125 Braulio Serrata (Dom) Arco Iris 18:35
126 Geovanny Garcia (Dom) Finauto 18:37
127 Jean Tejada (Dom) Fenix Universal 18:41
128 Eduardo Galvez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa 21:20
129 Alejandro Guzman (Dom) S. F. Macoris s.t.
130 Moises Selman (Dom) Aro Y Pedal 24:57
131 Geremias Ortega (Dom) S. F. Macoris 28:08
132 Julio C. Peralta (Dom) Santiago Asocisa 31:41
133 Miguel A. Peña (Dom) Santiago Asocisa s.t.


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