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February 24/14 18:41 pm - Vuelta Independencia Nacional: Stage 5 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 02/24/14

SmartStop Loses Yellow But Britton Holds Onto Second

After an extremely aggressive day of racing that featured five categorized climbs, Carlos Galviz (Venezuela) has won stage five of the Vuelta Independencia Nactional (UCI 2.2), with second place going to Edwin Sanchez (Colombia) who also took over the top spot of the general classification from Team SmartStop's Eric Marcotte.

Rob Britton was the best of Team SmartStop's climbers finishing in fifth, down 3:01 from Galviz. Rob maintained his second placing on the general classification 1:50 behind Sanchez.

As expected once the climbs hit the race blew up with teams giving it their all, aggressively attacking the peloton, but Team SmartStop held strong, maintaining good positioning in the bunch and racing hard.

"The guys rode brilliant position into the base of the climb and then as we predicted all hell broke loose," said Rob, post stage. "The Colombian team launched plenty of attacks straight away and everyone else seemly doing their best to respond."

The team worked well to put some of the guys into the lead groups going over the major climbs, just as Director, Michael Creed, had hoped they would do.

Rob said: "I was able to make the front group over the first major climb and then with some exceptional help from Mike and the guys in the car I was able to stay hydrated, which was huge!"

"We lost the yellow today, but Rob stayed in 2nd. We were so close, maybe 20 seconds going over the top," said Michael, "But, it was what it was."

"Rob is just three seconds ahead of 3rd place, but hopefully he can hold him off."

Rob is happy with how he finished in today's stage chasing the four riders who were up the road: "I was able to limit the losses to the group of four ahead and come into 5th and hold onto my 2nd on GC."

Flavio de Luna also had an exceptional final climb finishing in 15th on the stage. With four stages in three days left to race, Team SmartStop are still in the race and are looking to be able to launch more attacks on the days to come.

"The guys are all looking really good as the week goes on and now with some solid time gaps hopefully we can start throwing some attacks and get ourselves up the road," said Rob.

"Five down, three to go."

Tuesday features a double stage day and Michael is hopeful of results in both the 111 kilometre road stage and 20 kilometre afternoon Individual Time Trial. "We will be looking for a good day, maybe two wins?" said Michael; "The morning stage is flat and quick so we are looking at Jure for the bunch sprint and Zach in the ITT."

Team SmartStop press release




Results from the fifth stage of the Vuelta Independencia Nacional in the Dominican Republic.

Stage 5: Moca to Constanza, 112 Kms
1 Carlos Galviz (Ven) Tachira Concafe 2:58:47
2 Edwin Sanchez (Col) Formesan
3 Wilson Marentes (Col) Formesan
4 Felix Cardenas (Col) Formesan all s.t.
5 Rob Britton (Can) Team SmartStop 3:01
6 Addelyn Cruz (Dom) Finauto
7 Pedro Herrera (Col) Formesan both s.t.
8 Pedro Torres (Col) La Vega Cne 3:02
9 Zhandos Bizhigitov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 7:13
10 Barhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 7:34
11 Maxat Ayazbayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan
12 Boris Carene (Fra) Velo Vetiver
13 Jhorman Flores (Ven) Tachira Concafe
14 Jaime Roson (Esp) Team Ecuador
15 Flavio De Luna (Mex) Team SmartStop
16 Andres Diaz (Col) Incycle Predator
17 Didier Satoque (Col) Formesan
18 Michael Olheiser (USA) Incycle Predator
19 Ismael Sanchez (Dom) La Vega Cne all s.t.
20 Galym Akhmetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 10:26
21 Sergio Hernandez (USA) Incycle Predator 11:33
22 Diego Milan (Dom) Defferdange Inteja 11:58
23 Augusto Sanchez (Dom) Defferdange Inteja 13:33
24 Elvis Rodriguez (Dom) La Vega Cne s.t.
25 Coulton Hartrich (USA) Finauto 13:34
26 Daniel Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe
27 Alvaro Torres (Ven) Tachira Concafe both s.t.
28 Nurbolat Kulimbetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 14:00
29 William Guzman (Dom) Asocipe Moca s.t.
30 Ardrainzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 16:05
31 Juan Cueto (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 17:05
32 Rafael Meran (Dom) Finauto
33 Sebastian Novoa (Ecu) Team Ecuador both s.t.
34 Jorge Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe 19:55
35 Julian Rodas (Col) Formesan s.t.
36 Jorge Martinez (Dom) La Vega Cne 20:14
37 Calixto Bello (USA) Incycle Predator 20:30
38 Josiel Rodriguez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa
39 Efren Ortega (Pur) Incycle Predator
40 Juan Polanco (Dom) La Vega Cne all s.t.
41 Adrian Nuñez (Dom) Edenorte 21:14
42 Braulio Garcia (Dom) Edenorte s.t.
43 Zach Bell (Can) Team SmartStop 21:22
44 Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team SmartStop
45 Eric Marcotte (USA) Team SmartStop
46 Xavier Nieves (Ven) Tachira Concafe
47 Joaquin Sobrino (Esp) Defferdange Inteja
48 Antonio Cabello (Esp) Team Ecuador
49 John Llorens (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
50 Janis Dakteris (Lat) Defferdange Inteja all s.t.
51 Andres Mendoza (Dom) Finauto 24:36
52 Travis Mccabe (USA) Team SmartStop 24:49
53 Erberto Peña (Dom) Finauto 26:38
54 Carlos Quishpe (Ecu) Team Ecuador
55 Teemothy Naser (Isr) Galilee Cycles both s.t.
56 Kerane Barolin (Fra) Velo Vetiver 26:51
57 Enmanuel Nuñez (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 27:35
58 Greymer Arias (Dom) S. F. Macoris s.t.
59 Juan De Jesus (Dom) Arco Iris 28:15
60 Enmanuel Fernandez (Dom) Arco Iris 28:21
61 Robert Javier (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 28:23
62 Regev Peretz (Isr) Galilee Cycles 29:27
63 Franklin Bencosme (Dom) S. F. Macoris 30:26
64 Cristian Torres (Col) Aro Y Pedal 32:01
65 Deivy Capellan (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris
66 Geovanny Garcia (Dom) Finauto
67 Ramon Checo (Dom) Cocuyos2 Go
68 Maikol Evangelista (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba
69 Rigoberto Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
70 Anthony Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
71 Yordalis Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe Moca
72 Ismael Collado (Dom) Edenorte
73 Elvis Reyes (Dom) Asocipe Moca
74 Juan Pimentel (USA) Edenorte
75 Alejandro Guzman (Dom) S. F. Macoris all s.t.
76 Agustin Font (Pur) Incycle Predator 32:05
77 Josue Vasquez (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
78 Vytautas Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja both s.t.
79 Jorge Perez (Dom) Edenorte 32:07
80 Gedimias Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja
81 Daniel Junon (Fra) Velo Vetiver both s.t.
82 Rodry Minier (Dom) Fenix Universal 33:29
OTL David Astacio (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris 36:39
OTL Manuel Rodriguez (Dom) Arco Iris 42:03
OTL Jean Crispin (Dom) Team La Romana 44:31
OTL Carlos Lorenzo (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba s.t.
OTL Luis Medina (Dom) La Vega Cne 45:48
OTL Kevyn Pujols (Dom) Edenorte 45:52
OTL Adam Carr (USA) Team La Romana 45:57
OTL Erizon Peña (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris
OTL Jonathan Encarnacion (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba both s.t.
OTL Jonathan Ogando (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 46:16
OTL Carlos Tejada (Dom) Arco Iris 46:34
OTL Norlandy Taveras (Dom) Aro Y Pedal 48:39
OTL Maiky Llodra (Ddm) S. Pedro De Macoris
OTL Wilmi Gil (Dom) Aro Y Pedal both s.t.
OTL Luis Perez (Dom) Arco Iris 50:31
OTL Marcos Olivo (Dom) Fenix Universal
OTL Carlos Cespedes (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go both s.t.
OTL Joshua Friedman (USA) Galilee Cycles 50:46
OTL Shadi Halabi (Isr) Galilee Cycles s.t.
OTL Charli Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 50:53
OTL Geremias Ortega (Dom) S. F. Macoris 58:07
OTL Kenny Darmyn (Fra) Velo Vetiver 58:58
OTL Shiomi Lev (Isr) Galilee Cycles 1:01:07
OTL Leonardo Mazara (Dom) Team La Romana 1:01:13
DNF Luis T. Mendez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa
DNF Michelle Smith (Cay) Cocuyos 2 Go
DNF Fabrice Cornelie (Fra) Velo Vetiver
DNS Jose Rodriguez (Dom) Fenix Universal
DNS Grant Potter (USA) Fenix Universal
DNS Ido Syrkin (Isr) Galilee Cycles
DNS Brian Babilonia (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
DNS Eduardo Colon (Pur) Team Puerto Rico
1 Edwin Sanchez (Col) Formesan 14:30:08
2 Rob Britton (Can) Team SmartStop 1:50
3 Pedro Torres (Col) La Vega Cne 1:59
4 Carlos Galviz (Ven) Tachira Concafe 5:14
5 Andres Diaz (Col) Incycle Predator 6:24
6 Felix Cardenas (Col) Formesan 6:25
7 Wilson Marentes (Col) Formesan 6:25
8 Pedro Herrera (Col) Formesan 8:25
9 Addelyn Cruz (Dom) Finauto 8:25
10 Maxat Ayazbayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 12:34
11 Zhandos Bizhigitov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 12:37
12 Barhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 12:58
13 Jaime Roson (Esp) Team Ecuador 12:58
14 Flavio De Luna (Mex) Team SmartStop 12:58
15 Jhorman Flores (Ven) Tachira Concafe 12:58
16 Ismael Sanchez (Dom) La Vega Cne 12:58
17 Michael Olheiser (USA) Incycle Predator 12:58
18 Boris Carene (Fra) Velo Vetiver 12:58
19 Galym Akhmetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 15:47
20 Diego Milan (Dom) Defferdange Inteja 17:16
21 Sergio Hernandez (USA) Incycle Predator 17:35
22 Didier Satoque (Col) Formesan 17:46
23 Julian Rodas (Col) Formesan 18:47
24 Augusto Sanchez (Dom) Defferdange Inteja 18:53
25 Alvaro Torres (Ven) Tachira Concafe 18:54
26 Elvis Rodriguez (Dom) La Vega Cne 18:57
27 Daniel Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe 18:58
28 Coulton Hartrich (USA) Finauto 18:58
29 Nurbolat Kulimbetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 19:16
30 William Guzman (Dom) Asocipe Moca 19:24
31 Eric Marcotte (USA) Team SmartStop 19:57
32 Ardrainzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 21:29
33 Sebastian Novoa (Ecu) Team Ecuador 22:25
34 Rafael Meran (Dom) Finauto 23:39
35 Jorge Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe 25:19
36 Calixto Bello (USA) Incycle Predator 25:43
37 Janis Dakteris (Lat) Defferdange Inteja 26:20
38 Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team SmartStop 26:32
39 Antonio Cabello (Esp) Team Ecuador 26:46
40 Josiel Rodriguez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa 27:32
41 Efren Ortega (Pur) Incycle Predator 27:47
42 Braulio Garcia (Dom) Edenorte 28:03
43 Joaquin Sobrino (Esp) Defferdange Inteja 28:10
44 Zach Bell (Can) Team SmartStop 28:11
45 John Llorens (Pur) Team Puerto Rico 28:11
46 Travis Mccabe (USA) Team SmartStop 30:18
47 Gedimias Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja 31:33
48 Juan Cueto (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 32:34
49 Carlos Quishpe (Ecu) Team Ecuador 32:53
50 Erberto Peña (Dom) Finauto 34:46
51 Juan De Jesus (Dom) Arco Iris 34:53
52 Ismael Collado (Dom) Edenorte 38:03
53 Cristian Torres (Col) Aro Y Pedal 38:14
54 Vytautas Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja 38:43
55 Juan Pimentel (USA) Edenorte 39:41
56 Juan Polanco (Dom) La Vega Cne 39:56
57 Anthony Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 42:10
58 Andres Mendoza (Dom) Finauto 45:49
59 Agustin Font (Pur) Incycle Predator 46:14
60 Greymer Arias (Dom) S. F. Macoris 46:56
61 Enmanuel Nuñez (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 46:59
62 Xavier Nieves (Ven) Tachira Concafe 47:25
63 Kerane Barolin (Fra) Velo Vetiver 48:08
64 Enmanuel Fernandez (Dom) Arco Iris 48:45
65 Jorge Martinez (Dom) La Vega Cne 50:52
66 Yordalis Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 51:27
67 Robert Javier (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 51:46
68 Elvis Reyes (Dom) Asocipe Moca 52:20
69 Ramon Checo (Dom) Cocuyos2 Go 52:25
70 Daniel Junon (Fra) Velo Vetiver 52:50
71 Maikol Evangelista (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 58:42
72 Adrian Nuñez (Dom) Edenorte 1:00:34
73 Regev Peretz (Isr) Galilee Cycles 1:01:33
74 Josue Vasquez (Pur) Team Puerto Rico 1:06:16
75 Franklin Bencosme (Dom) S. F. Macoris 1:06:17
76 Geovanny Garcia (Dom) Finauto 1:06:51
77 Rigoberto Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 1:12:50
78 Jorge Perez (Dom) Edenorte 1:17:08
79 Teemothy Naser (Isr) Galilee Cycles 1:17:31
80 Rodry Minier (Dom) Fenix Universal 1:18:45
81 Deivy Capellan (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris 1:23:31
82 Alejandro Guzman (Dom) S. F. Macoris 1:27:28

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