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February 28/14 10:01 am - Vuelta Independencia Nacional: Stage 8 report and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 02/28/14

Rob Britton Finishes 2nd Overall at Vuelta Independencia Nacional

The final stage of the Vuelta Independencia Nacional ended with a cancelled stage, the eight stage of the race, a circuit around the town of Santo Domingo was deemed unsafe after three laps.

Race organisers decided that the race would therefore be decided on the standings after stage seven the previous day. This put Team SmartStop's Rob Britton in second on the overall general classification (GC) behind Edwin Sanchez who won the GC for the second year running.

After a successful eight days of racing,Team SmartStop head home from of the Vuelta Independencia Nacional with half a dozen podiums including three stage wins, two second places, and top tens on each stage raced. Jure Kocjan, who won two stages, also finished third in the Points Classification and the team finished third overall in the Team Classification.





Starting off the stage race with two riders on the podium was a great debut for the team. Eric Marcotte was in the yellow jersey for four stages and the team did an awesome job protecting him and Rob Britton throughout the race.

"The team rode amazing all week and I think that's obvious with the results we had. Three stage wins and half a dozen podiums. The guys came here ready to race and show from day one we deserve to race with the best," said Rob after the final stage.

With an aggressive peloton all week, it was important for the guys to launch attacks, cover moves and keep Rob out of danger.

"Since out main goal was stages, for the beginning of most stages we would be launching attacks and I would just sit right and only hit the wind if there was a threat up the road. After we covered the break the guys did an amazing job keeping me safe, out of the wind and in great position all day, especially in some of the dicier finishes."

Rob is more than happy with how he finished in the Vuelta Independencia Nacional, stating: "I had a good feeling leaving camp and that was confirmed this week."

Directeur Sportif, Michael Creed, is impressed with the team's performance on their first outing of the year: "It was really good, everyone came here prepared to race hard and despite some logistical issues they did not let this hamper them and no one used this as an excuse not to perform."

"We have come out of this race knowing that we are a real team."

Defending the team's position on the GC and getting stage wins were the goals for the stage race and the team came out and did exactly that.

"It's really hard with only six guys, everyone always have to be on form, there is no room to have an off day," said Michael, "They really worked so well together."

"We were lucky to have the Colombians wanting to control most of the race, but the guys were always riding the front, managing to stay out of trouble."

The first race is always the hardest, it is unknown how the guys will gel and race together, but Michael has put together a great team of guys who have formed great bonds and are working well together.

"You can really see how the dynamics work with only six guys, if there are cliques or someone is getting left behind, but these guys fitted in really well together, they all go out for dinner together, they pay attention to each other.

"I am so happy with the group of guys."

The team now focuses their attention to the Vuelta Mexico, which starts next Wednesday.

Team SmartStop press release

Final GC
1 Edwin Sanchez (Col) Formesan 20:19:34
2 Rob Britton (Can) Team SmartStop 1:54
3 Pedro Torres (Col) La Vega Cne 2:17
4 Carlos Galviz (Ven) Tachira Concafe 5:10
5 Wilson Marentes (Col) Formesan 6:13
6 Andres Diaz (Col) Incycle Predator 6:28
7 Felix Cardenas (Col) Formesan 7:09
8 Pedro Herrera (Col) Formesan 8:17
9 Addelyn Cruz (Dom) Finauto 9:01
10 Zhandos Bizhigitov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 13:13
11 Ismael Sanchez (Dom) La Vega Cne 13:17
12 Maxat Ayazbayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 13:18
13 Jaime Roson (Esp) Team Ecuador 13:44
14 Boris Carene (Fra) Velo Vetiver 13:58
15 Michael Olheiser (USA) Incycle Predator 14:01
16 Jhorman Flores (Ven) Tachira Concafe 14:04
17 Barhtiyar Kozhatayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 14:26
18 Flavio De Luna (Mex) Team SmartStop 14:27
19 Galym Akhmetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 17:23
20 Diego Milan (Dom) Defferdange Inteja 17:35
21 Sergio Hernandez (USA) Incycle Predator 19:00
22 Augusto Sanchez (Dom) Defferdange Inteja 19:27
23 Coulton Hartrich (USA) Finauto 19:28
24 Didier Satoque (Col) Formesan 19:29
25 Elvis Rodriguez (Dom) La Vega Cne 19:36
26 Nurbolat Kulimbetov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 20:05
27 William Guzman (Dom) Asocipe Moca 20:14
28 Alvaro Torres (Ven) Tachira Concafe 20:22
29 Eric Marcotte (USA) Team SmartStop 20:24
30 Julian Rodas (Col) Formesan 20:28
31 Daniel Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe 20:52
32 Ardrainzhan Ishanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 21:38
33 Sebastian Novoa (Ecu) Team Ecuador 23:35
34 Rafael Meran (Dom) Finauto 24:41
35 Janis Dakteris (Lat) Defferdange Inteja 25:38
36 Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team SmartStop 26:00
37 Jorge Abreu (Ven) Tachira Concafe 26:38
38 Calixto Bello (USA) Incycle Predator 27:26
39 Zach Bell (Can) Team SmartStop 28:06
40 Antonio Cabello (Esp) Team Ecuador 28:48
41 Efren Ortega (Pur) Incycle Predator 29:02
42 John Llorens (Pur) Team Puerto Rico 29:23
43 Joaquin Sobrino (Esp) Defferdange Inteja 29:41
44 Josiel Rodriguez (Dom) Santiago Asocisa 30:01
45 Braulio Garcia (Dom) Edenorte 30:15
46 Gedimias Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja 32:10
47 Travis Mccabe (USA) Team SmartStop 32:29
48 Juan Cueto (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 34:14
49 Carlos Quishpe (Ecu) Team Ecuador 34:22
50 Erberto Peña (Dom) Finauto 36:29
51 Juan De Jesus (Dom) Arco Iris 36:51
52 Cristian Torres (Col) Aro Y Pedal 39:03
53 Ismael Collado (Dom) Edenorte 39:17
54 Vytautas Kaupas (Lit) Defferdange Inteja 40:01
55 Juan Polanco (Dom) La Vega Cne 41:43
56 Anthony Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 44:33
57 Andres Mendoza (Dom) Finauto 47:12
58 Agustin Font (Pur) Incycle Predator 48:41
59 Greymer Arias (Dom) S. F. Macoris 48:43
60 Xavier Nieves (Ven) Tachira Concafe 49:40
61 Enmanuel Nuñez (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 49:47
62 Kerane Barolin (Fra) Velo Vetiver 51:26
63 Enmanuel Fernandez (Dom) Arco Iris 51:32
64 Jorge Martinez (Dom) La Vega Cne 51:34
65 Yordalis Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 53:14
66 Robert Javier (Dom) Cocuyos 2 Go 54:00
67 Ramon Checo (Dom) Cocuyos2 Go 54:26
68 Elvis Reyes (Dom) Asocipe Moca 55:20
69 Daniel Junon (Fra) Velo Vetiver 56:05
70 Maikol Evangelista (Dom) Dionisio S. Cristoba 1:01:57
71 Adrian Nuñez (Dom) Edenorte 1:02:59
72 Regev Peretz (Isr) Galilee Cycles 1:03:58
73 Josue Vasquez (Pur) Team Puerto Rico 1:08:28
74 Geovanny Garcia (Dom) Finauto 1:08:30
75 Franklin Bencosme (Dom) S. F. Macoris 1:09:10
76 Rigoberto Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe Moca 1:15:28
77 Jorge Perez (Dom) Edenorte 1:18:24
78 Rodry Minier (Dom) Fenix Universal 1:19:55
79 Teemothy Naser (Isr) Galilee Cycles 1:20:00
80 Deivy Capellan (Dom) S. Pedro De Macoris 1:28:03
81 Alejandro Guzman (Dom) S. F. Macoris 1:29:41


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