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March 16/14 22:45 pm - Bonelli Park Short Track results

Posted by Editoress on 03/16/14

Results from today's Short Track at Bonelli Park, San Dimas CA

Pro Women
1 Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) 20:45.38
2 Emily Batty (Trek Factory Racing) 20:46.05
3 Catherine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) 20:46.37
4 Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team) 20:47.14
5 Mary McConneloug (Kenda/Stans NoTubes) 20:47.57
6 Sandra Walter (Liv/Giant) 20:49.88
7 Maghalie Rochette (Luna Pro Team) 20:50.44
8 Christina Gokey-Smith (Colonels) 20:52.15
9 Larissa Connors (Marin Bikes Factory) 21:01.31
10 Evelyn Dong (Backcountry.Com) 21:01.96
11 Andreanne Pichette (Opus Ogc) 21:10.87
12 Rose Grant (Sportsman & Ski Haus) 21:13.34
13 Cindy Montambault (CVM 2 Vals) 21:29.52
14 Erica Tingey (Team Jamis) 21:35.15
15 Amy Beisel (Liv/Giant-Tuffshed) 21:35.92
16 Karlee Gendron (Trek Canada Mountain) 21:37.53
17 Nina Baum (Stans NoTubes Women) 21:52.68
18 Vicky Barclay (Stans NoTubes Elite) 22:17.10
19 Hannah Rae Finchamp (Luna Pro Team) Pulled
20 Erin Alders (LIV/Giant) Pulled
21 April Morgan (Independant) Pulled
22 Melissa Ross (Faster Performance C) Pulled
23 Emily Shields (Bmc Project Dirt) Pulled
24 Cayley Brooks (Independant) Pulled
25 Gabrielle April (Rocky Mountain/Pro C) Pulled
DNF Annie Last (Trek Factory Racing)
DNF Shayna Powless (BMC Project Dirt)
Pro Men
1 Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing)
2 Stephen Ettinger (BMCMountain Bike Racing)
3 Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory)
4 Todd Wells (Specialized Factory)
5 Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Trek Factory Racing)
6 Geoff Kabush (Scott 3 Rox Racing)
7 Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing)
8 Russell Finsterwald (SRAM/Troy Lee Design)
9 Troy Wells (Team Cliff Bar)
10 Kerry Werner (BNC Project Dirt)
11 Spencer Paxson (Kona)
12 Mitchell Hoke (The Pros Closet/Stan)
13 Carl Decker (Giant Factory Team)
14 Benjamin Sonntag (Stans NoTubes Elite)
15 Cole Oberman (Rare Disease Cycling)
16 Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale)
17 Cameron Jette (Scott-3 Rox Racing)
18 Jeremy Martin (Rocky Mountain Factory)
19 Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/T)
20 Barry Wicks (Independant)
21 Peter Glassford (Trek Canada)
22 Kris Sneddon (Kona)
23 Tom Sampson (Independant)
24 Alexandre Vialle (Espresso Sport)
25 Patrick Chartrand (Rocky Mountain Factory)
26 Tristan Uhl (787 Racing)
27 TJ Woodruff (
28 Joel Titius (Socal Endurance)
29 Kalan Beisel (Giant-Tuff Shed)
30 Payson McElveen (USA U23)
31 Ryan Woodall (The Pros Closet/Stans)
32 Michael Broderick (Kenda/Stans NoTubes)
33 Evan Guthrie (Norco Factory Team)
34 Christopher Hamlin (Independant)
35 Marc-Antoin Nadon (Scott 3 Rox Racing)
36 Bryan Alders (Marin Bikes Factory)
37 William Melone (Riverside Racing)
38 Michael Hosey (Marin Factory)
39 Colin Osborn (Honey Stinger/Bontrager)
40 Sepp Kuss (Bmc Project Dirt)
41 Ryan Geiger (Topix-Frm Factory Racing)
42 Alex Wild (Trail Head Racing)
43 Braden Kappius (Team Clif Bar)
44 Quinn Moberg (Rocky Mountain Factory)
45 Casey Williams (Whole Athlete/Specia)
46 Jarred Jordan (Independant)
47 Madison Matthews (Toasted Head Racing/)
48 Jakub Valigura (92fifty' Cyclery)
49 Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express/Kona)
50 Dan Wolf (Old Line Velo)
51 David Flaten (Giant Factory North)
52 Aaron Oakes (Bicycle Express)
53 Matthew Turner (Summit Utah Devo)
54 Derek Hermon (Bear Valley Bikes)
55 Trey Jarno (Bear Valley Bikes)
DNF Antoine Caron (Specialized Racing C)
DNF Stephane Roch (Swami's/Skliz)
DNF Brodie Stringer (Team Baghouse)
DNF Sam Schultz (Sho-Air/Cannondale)
DNF Ernest Watenpaugh (Independant)
DNF Nick Thomas (Az Devo)
DNF Emil Lindgren (Giant Pro Xc Team)
DNF Keegan Swenson (Cannondale Facotry Team)
DNF Rotem Ishay (Team Jamis Bikes)
DNF Adam Morka (Wfp Coaching/Trek Bikes)
DNF Ryan Trebon (Sho-Air/Cannondale)
DNF Max Plaxton (Cannondale Factory Team)
DNF Christopher Wieczorek (Total Cyclist)
DNF Lucas Newcomb (Bear Development Team


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