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March 19/14 23:25 pm - Stuckeylife Gentlemen's Race report and results

Posted by Editoress on 03/19/14

Stuckeylife Gentlemen's Race , March 16th in Victoria BC

The weather gods were indeed kind with this one.

Version three of the infamous Stuckylife Gentlemen's Race went down last Sunday. Framed by monsoon rains the day before, and an eruption of spring the following week, the '14 Gents Race acted as a harbinger for the changing seasons.

As an exploration in early-season form, 41 racers, and about a dozen volunteers & hangers-on, rolled down to the start at Recyclistas. Orienteering, fitness, and team dynamic were all equally required, as was a healthy appreciation for the ridiculousness of the task at hand.

13 teams contested a far-reaching 115-120km route, and covered around 1300m in elevation. The racers were tasked with stringing together six checkpoints, manned by volunteers waiting with food and enthusiasm, while maintaining a cohesive team of three.

In addition to the cracked and battered pavement that covers Van Island's back roads, the route included a number of gravel short cuts, and stretches of hard packed dirt.

There were flats, some minor spills. Racers dug deep, and cracked spectacularly. It was a great start to the road season.
One team of fixed gears riders set off on an abridged route of 100km, and finished in great style. Props.

A special mention should again be made of our sponsors. The Gent's Race is the biggest race on the Stuckylife calender, and never is support from local businesses more important.

Bubby's Kitchen came on board with a trio of gift cards. Perfect for a romantic recovery meal, or stockpiling cinnamon buns.

Bubby Rose's Bakery & Cafe provided fresh baked bars, available at the finish and at one of our mid-route checkpoints. The Bubby Bars literally disappeared before all of the hungry riders rolled in.

CLIF Bar continues to support. Thanks for the fuel!

Prizing for this event came courtesy of Van's Cima Coppi, who offered up a sweet $50 certificate for some handmade wool cycling gear.

Lastly, two institutions of grassroots racing, Broad Street Cycles, and Wayne & Pam's Performance Bicycles fielded teams in the race, and put up some sweet swag as prizing.

A last word of "thanks" to the dedicated volunteers. Ya'll make it happen.

Photos by Eiry Bartlett

Photos by geoff robson


Courtesy Paul Skinner



1 Tom Skinner, "Chopper" Dan Nanninga, Trevor McKenzie 3:44
2 "Meat" Hornland, James Weeks, T. Pick 3:54
Vegan Dave, Mark Haughey, (Blake Crouch) 3:57 *
Jamie Cameron, Isaac Leblanc, Mike Dawson 3:59 **
3 Austin Horn, Andrew Russell, Matt Paone 4:04
4 David Hillhorst, David Perrin, Simon Norris 4:05
5 Halldor Gunnarsson, Fabian Merino, Lief Keithley 4:16 ***
6 Sylvia Story, Mical Dyck, Scotty Mitchell 4:19
7 Rob Parkin, Nicholas Kupiak, Mark Doucette 4:20
8 Clay Webb, The Regan Pringle, CURBWZRD (Mark Karau) 4:32
9 Rory O'Connell, Brett Klassen 4:33
10 Justin Bailey, Will Maartman, Stefan Hill 5:04
11 Kristjan Joubert, Phillipe Janicki, Dan Owen 5:05
12 Aiden Sullivan, Tervor Gilbertson, Vincent Pungente 5:17 ****
* - Completed the race a rider down,
after Blake succumbed to a slashed sidewall
** - Completed the race after losing their manifest
*** - H & M raced the full 117km on brakeless track bikes
**** - Fixed team, these three completed a 100km fixed-specific route


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