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March 26/14 13:04 pm - Dwars door Vlaanderen women's results, Todd 17th

Posted by Editoress on 03/26/14

Amy Pieters wins women's Dwars door Vlaanderen

Amy Pieters has won the semi-classic, Dwaars door Vlaanderen beating her three breakaway companions to the line. This is Amy’s third win of the season after her stage victory in Qatar and Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and the Team Giant-Shimano women’s team’s eighth win.

Last year it was Kirsten Wild who took the win here and so Amy keeps the win within the team for another year.

The race was a short one compared to most, at just short of 80km – seven laps of an 11km circuit. After 30km a group of four riders got away with Julia Soek there for Team Giant-Shimano. Amy then attacked out of the peloton when the gap was around 40 seconds and bridged across on her own, however it took her nearly 15 kilometres to do so, costing a lot of energy.

At the end the break had over a minutes advantage and it came down to a sprint with Julia setting the finish up for Amy.

“We nailed it as a team today, and I have to thank Julia and the others for being confident in me today,” said Amy after the finish.

“I had to fight pretty hard to get across the gap but it meant that Julia could ease up a bit and also that we didn’t need to chase at all behind, leaving Kirsten Wild (NED) to save her energy behind.

“I was in time trial mode going across, and having such a smooth ride as the Envie Liv bike really helps at times like this. Once across we were confident as we had the numbers and Julia set me up to take the sprint.

“I worked hard over the winter with the trainers and coaches to improve my sprint and general power and this is really paying off this season.”

Coach, Dirk Reuling said after the race: “The team did a great job today and Amy was really strong to get across to the break on her own then still have enough to win.

“The plan was to get Amy and Julia to go with the attacks and then to ride for Kirsten if things came back together for a sprint. Julia got in the early move and then Amy jumped across on her own but had to use a lot of energy to get across.

“She did a really good job and then at the end Julia set her up well for the sprint. Behind, Kirsten won the bunch sprint completing a good day out for the team.”

Team Giant-Shimano press release



1 Amy Pieters (Team Giant-Shimano)
2 Kim de Baat (Parkhotel Valkenburg Ct)
3 Amy Cure (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
4 Thea Thorsen (Hitec Products)
5 Julia Soek (Team Giant-Shimano)
6 Kirsten Wild (Team Giant-Shimano)
7 Jolien D´Hoore (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
8 Kelly Markus (Team Rytger)
9 Christina Siggaard (Firefighters Upsala Ck)
10 Fiona Dutriaux (Vienne Eurosport)
11 Veerle Goossens (Restore Cycling)
12 Shana van Glabeke (Autoglas Wetteren Cycling Team)
13 Kirsten Coppens (Futurumshop.Nl - Zannata)
14 Emilie Moberg (Hitec Products)
15 Evy Kuijpers (Futurumshop.Nl - Zannata)
16 Irene San Sebastian Lasa (Bizkaia - Durango)
17 Anika Todd (TIBCO/To The Top)
18 Sarah Inghelbrecht (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
19 Janine van der Meer (Futurumshop.Nl - Zannata)
20 Valerie Demey (Keukens Redant Cycling Team)
21 Linnea Sjoblom (Cramo Go Green)
22 Steffy van Den Haute (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
23 Eveline Dergent (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
24 Cynthia Huygens (Pedale Madeleinoise)
25 Annelies van Doorslaer (Futurumshop.Nl - Zannata)
26 Lensy Debboudt (Keukens Redant Cycling Team)
27 Carolien Haers (Wielervereniging Zeeuwsvlaanderen)
28 Kaat Hannes (Topsport Vlaanderen Produo Ridley)
29 Noortje de Kort (Restore Cycling)
30 Kyara Stijns (Team Giant-Shimano)
31 Liesbeth Verbiest (Napoleon Games - St Martinus Ct - Kerksk)
32 Kirsten Peetoom (Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team)
33 Anja Nobus (Feestcomiteit Drogenboom)
34 Margriet de Beus
35 Hanne Nilsson (Staffansdorp)
36 Nel de Crits (Topsport Vlaanderen Produo Ridley)
37 Lucy Garmer (Team Giant-Shimano)
38 Sofie van Horik (Rtv de Bollenstreek)
39 Melanie Machu (Pedale Madeleinoise)
40 Chantal Verstraten
41 Céline van Severen (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
42 Anouk Rockx (Restore Cycling)
43 Ingeborg Bremmers (Twc de Kempen)
44 Tone Hatteland Lima (Hitec Products)
45 Chloe Turblin (Pedale Madeleinoise)
46 Demmy Druyts (Topsport Vlaanderen Produo Ridley)
47 Senna Feron (Twc de Kempen)
48 Terry Fremineur (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
49 Marion Rousse (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
50 Ymke Stegink
51 Chantal Hoffmann (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
52 Eltina van Wijk (Wv Avanti)
53 Alexandra Nessmar (Firefighters Upsala Ck)
54 Liliane Leenknegt (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
55 Lisa Vermeire (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
56 Grace Verbeke (Futurumshop.Nl - Zannata)
57 Elke Bolangier (Autoglas Wetteren Cycling Team)
58 Mieke Leeman (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
59 Sylvia Debboudt (Keukens Redant Cycling Team)
60 Aurore Flament (Pedale Madeleinoise)
61 Kelly van Den Steen (Topsport Vlaanderen Produo Ridley)
62 Nicky Zijlaard (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
63 Michelle Geoghegan (Endura Lady Force)
64 Evelien Debboudt (Keukens Redant Cycling Team)
65 Dunja Ceulemans (Wielerclub de Sprinters Malderen)
66 Kim Wouters (Restore Cycling)
67 Naika Deneef (Endura Lady Force)
68 Gaelle Baesen
69 Sara Olsson (Hitec Products)
70 Anisha Vekemans (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
71 Lauren Arnouts (Restore Cycling)
72 Anne Ewing (Breastcancercare)
73 Veronika Kormos (Bizkaia - Durango)
74 Maaike Polspoel (Team Giant-Shimano)
75 Liesbet de Vocht (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
76 Sara Fletcher
77 Tessa Veen (Wv Avanti)
78 Kirstie James
79 Céline Vanelverdinghe (Isorex Cycling Team)
80 Adeline El Hosni (Isorex Cycling Team)
81 Wendy Venge (Wv Zeeuws Vlaanderen)
82 Daniëlla Verstraten (Zuid-West)
83 Nancy Wittock (Wsc Hoop Op Zegen - Beveren)
84   (Unknown)
85 Jeannine Laudy (Wv Avanti)
86 Simone van der Star (Wv Avanti)


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