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June 21/00 9:08 am - Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario Midweek Results

Posted by Editor on 06/21/00

Alberta News
(courtesy Marc)

Soma Grand Prix Criterium Series
Research Park
Calgary Alberta
June 20, 2000

A Group

Average speed 39.9 kph

1 Jeff Bolstad - Eurotech
2 Jessie Collins - Bicisport
3 Andrew Walker - Bicisport
4 Dave Jetz - Eurotech
5 Rob Brandrick - Bicisport

B Group

Average Speed 39.8 kph

1 Michael Bouwmeester - Soma Cycle
2 Mike Lawford - Pedalhead
3 Mark Webster - Deadgoat Racing
4 Geoff Johns - Soma Cycle
5 Esteban Kahs-Garay - Independent

A GROUP - Top 10 Points Standings

Andrew Walker +IBM- Bicisport 200 points
Kees Sinke +IBM- Bicisport 105
Tom Ameriadis - MTN Bike City 102.5
Jeff Balstad +IBM- Eurotech 100
Kris Heale - Independent 95
Kirk Schmiedge - Soma Cycle 95
Dan Ward - Team Bike Shop 80
Esteban Kahs-Garay - Independent 77.5
Brian Mclennan - Bow Cycle/CMC 75
Dan Peters +IBM- Olympia 70

B GROUP - Top 10 Points Standings

Michael Bouwmeester - Soma Cycle 110 points
Tim VanGilder +IBM- G.S. Blauwkomp 75
Conan Cooper - Calgary Vets 70
Mike Lawford - Pedalhead 70
Chris Hooper - Independent 67.5
Ryan Mackenzie +IBM-NCTDC / Bike Shop 55
Lincoln Berg +IBM- Eurotech 52.5
Jack Vandyck - Ridley's 50
Steve McCarthy +IBM- RMBn+IBk-B 50
Shane Besler - Independent 45

Points awarded as follows
50 - first place
40 - second place
30 - third place
20 - fourth place
10 - fifth place
5 - show

Racers who change categories receive 1/2 of points from previous category

Manitoba News
(courtesy Dave Benson)

The fifth and final race in the Kids of Mud Series was held tonight (June 20th) at Bird's Hill Provincial Park. Undaunted by the rain that has plagued us the past two weeks, thirty four riders braved the weather to participate in a dirt criterium. Following the kids program a small field of riders picked up where the kids left off. This was a classic example of the "perks" of being a local race organizer. As everyone was bundling up into warm cars Lindsay Gauld was removing the last of the course marking tape in the pouring rain. Thanks Lindsay for hosting these midweek events! I know I got to listen to at least one rider say that was "Lots of fun" more than once, in spite of a face plant into "leaves of three"

Kids of Mud Race # 5 Dirt Criterium
20 Minutes Plus 1 Lap

1 Justin Enns U-17
2 Justin Stadnyk U-17
3 Philip Bietz U-17
4 Marc Foidart U-17
5 Collin Gagnon U-17
6 Adam Powney U-17
7 Jamie Biluk U-17
8 Kyle Wiebe U-17
9 Josh Ayers U-17
10 Jordan Letkeman U-17

1 Kathryn Ayers U-15
1 Chris Staniforth U-15
2 Eric Scheepers U-15
3 Jon Benson U-15
4 Cameron Skrypnyk U-15
5 Eric Foidart U-15
6 Drew Johnson U-15

1 Nicholas Lacko U-13
2 Paul Benson U-13
3 Daryl Dowsett U-13
4 Danyel Campeau U-13
5 Greg Hawcroft U-13
6 Mac Brentnall U-13
7 Jordan Kelsch U-13
8 Daniel Baldwin U-13

1 Mark Wiebe U-11
2 J-C Campeau U-11
3 Mike McLean U-11
4 Adrian Huemmer U-11
5 Christopher Houck U-11
6 Tyler Rutledge U-11
7 Wesley Poniera U-11
8 Blake Houston U-11
9 Zach Page U-11

MCA - Olympia Mid Week Race:
Dirt Criterium - 35 Minutes Plus 1 Lap

1 Lindsay Gauld Expert
1 Lee Ann Benson Sport W
1 Rainer Jabs Sport
2 Dominak Podkowiak Sport
3 Gordon Dalling Sport
4 Ed Blanchette Sport
5 Neil Schofield Sport
6 Peter Dolinka Sport

La Bicicletta Midweek Criterium Series - Ontario
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

Event 8 - June 20th, Handicap 75km - 34 laps
speed 44.0 kph, Time: 1:42:15

This week's La Bicicletta Handicap criterium had the largest number of starters in the event's 4 year history, with 99 riders in two almost equal packs. Most of the top Ontario teams were represented, with entries from Intersports, Ital Pasta, Jet Fuel, Kiro, Mississauga Gears (15 riders!), RNH, Woodbridge Italia, et al.

The handicap group had a 2 minute start on a fairly calm, humid night and set off at a higher speed than normal, actually pulling in the scratch group for the first few laps. When they were only three hundred meters behind the 1-2 bunch, it at last came to life and picked up the pace a few notches - but not before wily vet. Don Zuck, managed to bridge the gap and latched onto them.  He was now a lap up on the rest of the field and stayed tucked away in the middle of the peloton for the rest of the race, with very few of the other competitors aware he was there.

At about the same time, a break of four - wunderkind Peter Mazur, Heath Cockburn (Jet Fuel), Jeff Hansen (Ital Pasta) and Kevin Speacht (Kiro) pulled away and in a short time had taken 40 seconds out of the scratch group. Eventually, they caught and passed the handicap group, with Brampton's Greg Borden valiantly trying to hang on to the speedy quartette.  Soon afterwards, the rest of the scratch group caught the remains of the handicap bunch but the break was still moving quite a bit faster.

Eventually, Kevin Speacht ran out of steam and dropped off, to be followed a couple of laps later by Heath Cockburn. Hansen and Mazur continued to ride strongly and gained more time on the bunch.

With six laps to go, Peter put down the hammer and simply rode away from the tiring Hansen. He continued to lap at a steady 44 kph and eventually crossed the finish line over a minute up on the chasers, showing the spectators and the 43 riders who had abandoned why he is the number one ranked junior rider in the world. He didn't place first though. That honour went to Don Zuck who finished with the main group but a lap up on them. The bunch sprint was won by Heath Cockburn, who just pipped RNH's David Fry for third place overall.

A special thanks to Kit McCaffery, who did her usual excellent job at registration, despite recent minor surgery.

1Don ZuckInd.MB1:42:20 minus 1 lap*12
2Peter MazurKissenaJUN1:41:3111
3Heath CockburnJet FuelI1:42:2010
4David FryRNH1s.t.9
560? s.t.8
6Greg Palmer??? (99)Mississauga GearsMAs.t.7
7Peter MorseKiro1s.t.6
8Andrew CroutchKiro2s.t.5
9James WaddenKiro1s.t.4
10Greg CavanaghMississauga Gears1s.t.3

99 starters 54 finishers

Series Standings to date:

Kevin SpeachtKiro186 points
Jeff HansenItal Pasta158
Paul RegoOakville151
James J. WaddenKiro150
Peter MorseKiro143
David FryRNH138
Don ZuckIndMB35
Piers DavidgeMississauga Gears134
Simon SmallItal Pasta130
Bruce KripRNH229
Jason ValentiBrampton129
Dave BritnellHummingbirds228
Mark ShawIndMB28
Tony AbramaviciusMississauga GearsMB26
Greg CavanaghMississauga Gears126
Enrico TrainiMississauga Gears323
Roy ZucchettoInd223
Graham ThomasHalton R&TMB21
Heath CockburnJet Fuel121
Garnett AbbeyHalton R&TMA20
Aubrey BryceD'OrnellasMB20
Robert FletcherIndMA19
Matt HansenIntersports118
Duncan SalisburyHalton R&T318


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