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June 23/00 8:59 am - NORBA XC#2

Posted by Editoress on 06/23/00

Mount Snow Norba XC #2

Women's Lap Reports

9:40 am - Women have completed one lap

At the end of the first lap Chrissy Redden has a 45 second lead on Alison Sydor. Alison Dunlap is sitting 3rd, 10 seconds behind Sydor with Ruthie Matthes a further 15 seconds. Amber Chorney is 12th and Trish Sinclair is 15th.

The weather is overcast, with sunny periods and temperature is 23 degrees C. The course was shortened to 4 laps (6 km per lap) from the initial 5 due to the muddy conditions. The riders were taking much longer to complete a lap in training than was expected. A section was also removed due to the unridable state of wet roots and rocks.

11:50am - Women are Completing lap 2
... and Chrissy Redden has extended her lead to 1:15. In second and third are Alison Dunlap and Ruthie Matthes. Alison Sydor in 4th at 1:25 and Mary Grigson at 1:35. Trish Sinclair is 15th, Amber Chorney is 16th and Melanie Dorian in 20th.

12:05pm - Starting 3rd lap
... Chrissy Redden has opened the gap to 1:30 on Dunlap and Matthes. Sydor is at 1:55 and Grigson at 2:10.

Ending 3rd lap
... Chrissy Redden is still solidly in the lead with a 1:35 gap on Dunlap who has taken over 2nd position by gapping Matthes by 15 seconds. Grigson is in 3rd at 2:15 and Alison Sydor is 5th at 3 minutes.

Final Lap at Half-way Point
... Chrissy Redden is still out in front at 1:40 over Dunlap. Matthes has been joined by Grigson, they are at 2:10 and Alison Sydor is at 3:40.

1:30pm - Redden Wins Mount Snow

1. Chrissy Redden(Can) Gary Fisher/Saab
2. Alison Dunlap (USA) Team GT
3. Ruthie Matthes (USA) Trek
4. Mary Grigson (Aus) Gary Fisher/Saab
5. Alison Sydor (Can) Volvo/Cannondale

Chrissy Redden was very excited about her win today. "This is my biggest win ever, with the field here today. At the start I tried for the hole-shot, but lost it to Alison (Sydor), which was good because it gave me someone to chase for the first part of the lap."

Alison Sydor was pleased with her finish. "My preparation for and competition at the Worlds has left me drained. I started today feeling off."

Men's Lap Reports

2:40pm - Men's Reports from Mount Snow

The men are on their 2nd of 5 laps. Ryder Hesjedal was the early leader in this race. He lead from the gun and 1/3 of the way through the first lap, when Kashi Leuchs took over.

As the riders start lap 2, Christoph Sauser (Volvo/Cannondale) has moved into the number 1 position by 15 seconds over Pavel Tcherkassov (Gary Fisher/Saab). Then it is Cadel Evans (Volvo/Cannondale) at 32 seconds, Tinker Juarez (Volvo/Cannondale), and Roland Green (Team GT) at 45 seconds. 9th is Seamus McGrath (Haro/Lee Dungarees), 10th Chris Sheppard (Haro/Lee Dungarees), 11th Andreas Hestler (Ford Devinci) and 19th Geoff Kabush (Kona).

2:50 pm - At the end of lap 2

Christoph Sauser (Volvo/Cannondale) has opened up his lead to 26 seconds on Cadel Evans who has moved into the #2 position. Then it is Juarez at 31 seconds, Tcherkassov 40 seconds, Kirk Molday at 1:15, Roland Green at 1:25. McGrath in 9th at 2:10, Sheppard 10th, Hestler 12th, Kabush 15th and Hesjedal 16th.

3:20pm - At the end of lap 3

Sauser still has the lead over Juarez at 44 seconds, Tcherkassov 3rd at 1:01, Molday 4th 1:43, Green 5th - 2:20. McGrath has moved into 8th and is 2:50 back. Kabush is in 11th at 4:20. Then it is Hestler and Sheppard riding in 12th and 13th.

3:40pm - Men are Starting 5th Lap

Juarez at 1:18
Molday & Tcherkassov 1:55
MrcGrath, Gillicksen, Leuchs 3:10
Green 3:20

Kabush in 11th
15th Hestler
16th Sheppard & Wedge
20th Mathieu Toulouse
21st Hesjedal
25th Eric Tourville

4:20pm - Men are Starting Their 6th and Final Lap

Molday at 1:30
Juarez & Tcherkassov 3:03
Leuchs & Green 4:00

7th McGrath 4:30
8th Kabush


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