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June 25/00 11:39 am - Fraser wins BMC San Jose

Posted by Editoress on 06/25/00

Fraser wins BMC San Jose
courtesy Mercury

Mercury Cycling Team used great teamwork to win the 3rd stop of the BMC Cycling Series held in San Jose Saturday on a beautiful day. Fraser's win means he is only 1 win away from winning a $250,000 bonus from the software giant.

The 50 mile event, started out aggressive with constant attacks from the visiting Mexican team. The warm weather and slight wind made it difficult for any successful breakaways. The race was for Fraser's rear wheel and the fight for that would prove the most interesting this day.

The Mercury Train took over at 19 laps to go and kept the field under control except for a solo move made by Eric Wohlberg. He was only able to gain 9 seconds and his effort would prove to be in vain.

With 1 lap to go, Fraser had his usual leadout men of Henk Vogels and Derek Bouchard-Hall to bring him to the last corner in the lead. From there, it was only a short 150 meters to the line. Fraser won going away. Ventura won the battle for Fraser's wheel and was 2nd, with Tony Cruz 3rd.

BMC Software Tour of San Jose

1. Gord Fraser, Mercury - 2:04:26
2. Eddie Gragus, Jelly Belly
3. Tony Cruz, Saturn
4. Graeme Miller, Shaklee-Marin
5. Oscar Pineda, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
6. Jonas Carney, Shaklee-Marin
7. Michael Johnson, Net Zero
8. Frank VanHaesbroucke, Navigators
9. Kevin Monohan, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
10. Greg Medinilla, Net Zero
11. Jamie Paolinetti, Net Zero
12. Jaun Pineda, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
13. John Lieswyn, Shaklee-Marin
14. Paul Martin, Navigators
15. Henk Vogels, Mercury
16. Trent Klasna, Saturn
17. Pelle Kil, L'Eequipe Cheval
18. Matt Koshara, Navigators
19. Tim Larkin, Lombardi Sports
20. Roberto Gaggioli, De Feet
21. Ryan Lane, Net Zero
22. Ryan Guay, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
23. David McCook, Shaklee-Marin
24. Steve Speaks, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
25. Sean Watkins, Team Dare
26. Eric Wohlberg, Shaklee-Marin27. Clark Sheehan, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
28. Richard Del Valle, Spokesman USA
29. Florencio Ramos, Team Tecos
30. Peter DeVeor, Lombardi Sports
31. Jose Jimenez, Team Tecos
32. Derek Bouchard-Hall, Mercury
33. Mark Walters, Navigators
34. Mat Anand, Alto Velo

35. Brendan Vesty, Navigators
36. Josh Collingwood, Jelly Belly
37. John Glover, L'Equipe Cheval
38. James Mattis, Alto Velo
39. Steve Chrpachynski, Net Zero
40. Jose Garcia, Team Tecos
41. John Walrod, L'Equipe Cheval
42. Nathan Dahlberg, Village Ped
43. Chad Gerlach, De Feet
44. Michael Sayers, Mercury
45. Norm Carter, Jelly Belly
46. JD Dursu, Lombardi Sports
47. James Hodnett, Lombardi Sports
48. Dean Meyer, Lombardi Sports
49. Robbie Ventura, Saturn
50. Mark McCormack, Saturn

1. Nicole Reinhart, Saturn - 1:34:02
2. Tina Mayolo,
3. Nicole Freedman, Charles Schwab
4. Tracy Gaudry, Timex
5. Karen Dunne, Elita
6. Anne Samplonious, Independent
7. Belem Guerrero, Independent
8. Laura Van Gilder, Charles Schwab
9. Anna Wilson, Saturn
10. Karen Kurreck, Independent
11. Cheryl Binney, Procter & Gamble
12. Brenna Wolford, Independent
13. Jennifer Eyerman, jane Cosmetics
14. Catherine Cardwell, Charles Schwab
15. Pamela Schuster,
16. Suzie Marshall, Independent
17. Desira Uteg, Independent
18. Meredith Miller, Independent
19. Odessa Gunn, Timex
20. Heather Cole, jane Cosmetics
21. Kim Davidge, Elita

22. Michele Rickert, Independent
23. Annelie Chapman, jane Cosmetics
24. Aileen Loe, jane Cosmetics
25. Annie Gariepy, Elita
26. Andrea Ratkovic,
27. Julie Hansen, Saturn
28. Megan Troxel, Independent
29. Lauren Smith, Independent
30. Kimberly Bruckner,
31. Julie Young,
32. Suzanne Sonye, Saturn
33. Suzy Pryde, Saturn
34. Shannon Hutchinson,
35. Chloe Black, Independent


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