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June 26/00 4:48 am - TDF TV Schedule, Yukon Provincial Road Champs, Ontario Track O-Cup, Birthday

Posted by Editoress on 06/26/00

Tour de France on TSN
(courtesy J. Cummings)

July 1 12:00 to 13:00 Tour de France 2000 - Preview Special
July 2 04:00 to 05:00
20:00 to 20:30
Tour de France 2000
Tour de France 2000 - Stage 2
July 3 19:30 to 20:00 Tour de France 2000 - Stage 3
July 4 19:30 to 20:00 Tour de France 2000 - Stage 4, Team Time Trial
July 6 01:30 to 02:00 Tour de France 2000 - Stage 5

Yukon Road Cycling Championships
June 24 and 25, 2000

Three events were run, including a 16km Time Trial, a 30 or 40km (optional) Criterium and the final Road Race, with an option of either 40km or 60km.

The weather for all three events was bright blue and sunny skies, incredibley warm temperatures (for the Yukon!) and lots of dry pavement.

Spectators turned out in droves for the downtown Criterium, lining all corners of the course and cheering loudly as the racers screamed around the turns.

This year, the Championships were truly an international event: with riders not only from various regions of the Yukon, two racers from Santa Barbara, California and a competitor from Haines, Alaska, the "local gang" had their hands full.

All in all, the racers, spectators, organizers and volunteers had a terrific time out in the warm sunshine, admist this mid-point of our 24 hours of daylight. What a great way to ride!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of those who participated, volunteered and cheered the racers on. Your presence and enthusiasm made the organization of the event all that more rewarding.

Geof Harries
Race Director

Event: Time Trial, Saturday, June 24, Takhini Hot Springs Rd.
Distance: 16km
Number of Competitors: 19

Junior F
1Natasha Trovato36:26:00
Junior M
1Isaac Holloway28:54:00
2Martin Owen31:30:00
Senior M
1Scott Stevens25:02:00
2Glenn Iceton30:18:00
Geof HarriesDNS
Veteran F
1Andrea Rodger29:16:00
2Trish Eccles32:37:00
Veteran M
1Paul Christensen25:37:00
2Randy Elliot26:26:00
3Bryant Gover26:35:00
4Ross Phillips27:49:00
5Keith Parkkari32:02:00
Masters F
1Marie Burrell33:22:00
2Mary Egan33:51:00
Masters M
1Dan Harrington25:22:00
2Mike McCann25:45:00
3Michael Barton29:39:00
4Bill Curtis31:52:00
Event: Criterium
Saturday, June 24, Main St.
30 laps (24km) or 40 laps (34km)
Men (40 laps)
1Randy Elliot
2Scott Stevens
3Bryant Gover
4Geof Harries
5Dan Harrington
Bob Boorman
Isaac Holloway
Allan Frostad
Ethan Plemel
Martin Owen
Keith Parkkari
Pat Ernst
Women (30 laps)
1Marie Burrell
2Natasha Trovato
Road Race
Junior F
1Natasha Trovato75:30:004laps
Junior M
1Isaac Holloway84:05:006laps
2Martin Owen67:52:004laps
3Ethan Plemel74:15:004laps
Senior M
1Scott Stevens83:47:006laps
2Alan Frostad83:59:006laps
3Chris Milner84:01:006laps
4Geof Harries84:18:006laps
5Glenn Iceton85:28:006laps
6Giroud Frostad91:31:006laps
Veteran F
1Andrea Rodger61:26:004laps
2Trish Eccles66:11:004laps
Veteran M
1Paul Christensen83:52:006laps
2Ross Phillips83:56:006laps
3Randy Elliot84:07:006laps
4Bryant Gover84:52:006laps
5Keith Parkkari70:25:004laps
Masters F
1Mary Egan71:47:004laps
2Marie Burrell79:01:004laps
Masters M
1Dan Harrington83:58:006laps
2Mike McCann84:02:006laps
3Bob Boorman84:10:006laps
4Michael Barton59:54:004laps
5Claude Chabot64:21:004laps
6Bill Curtis68:30:004laps
Junior F
1Natasha Trovato100100100300
Junior M
1Isaac Holloway100100100300
2Martin Owen907090250
3Ethan Plemel9080170
4Pat Ernst8080
Senior M
1Scott Stevens100100100300
2Alan Frostad9090180
3Glenn Iceton9060150
4Geof Harries8070150
3Chris Milner8080
6Giroud Frostad5050
Veteran F
1Andrea Rodger100100200
2Trish Eccles9090180
Veteran M
1Randy Elliot90100 + 20pts80290
2Bryant Gover809070240
3Paul Christensen100100200
4Keith Parkkari608060200
5Ross Phillips7090160
Masters F
1Marie Burrell10010090290
2Mary Egan90100190
Masters M
1Dan Harrington100100100300
2Mike McCann9090180
3Bob Boorman9070160
4Michael Barton8060140
5Bill Curtis7050120
6Claude Chabot5050

Source For Sports Ontario Cup Track Series #1

Sponsored by:
North American Bici, Schwinn Canada, Intersports Inc.,
Talamasca Management Inc.


Chariot Race
1. Keith Thorarinson - Hummingbirds
2. Brooks Rapley - Team Kiro
3. Mike McCorkell - Independent
4. Craig deVeer - Intersports Inc
5. Simon Small - Ital Pasta

4000m Individual Pursuit
1. Matt Hansen - Intersports Inc
2. Craig deVeer - Intersports Inc
3. Chris Reid - Independent
4. Simon Small - Ital Pasta
5. Peter Sanowar - Intersports Inc.

Combined Time Trial
1. Keith Thorarinson - Hummingbirds
2. Brooks Rapley - Team Kiro
3. Kyle Hudson - Intersports Inc.
4. Craig deVeer - Intersports Inc.
5. Mike McCorkell - Independent

Miss & Out
1. Matt Hansen - Intersports Inc
2. Simon Small - Ital Pasta
3. Keith Thorarinson - Hummingbirds
4. Peter Sanowar - Intersports Inc.
5. Craig deVeer - Intersports Inc

Points Race
1. Matt Hansen - Intersports Inc
2. Simon Small - Ital Pasta
3. Keith Thorarinson - Hummingbirds
4. Craig deVeer - Intersports Inc
5. Peter Sanowar - Intersports Inc.

1. Matt Hansen - Intersports Inc
2. Keith Thorarinson - Hummingbirds
3. Simon Small - Ital Pasta
4. Craig deVeer - Intersports Inc
5. Brooks Rapley - Team Kiro
6. Mike McCorkell - Independent
6. Peter Sanowar - Intersports Inc
8. Kyle Hudson - Intersports Inc
8. Chris Reid - Independent
10. Darren Rac - Hummingbirds
1. Julia Bradley - Independent
2. Michelle Perrier - Mad Dog Racing

1. Rob Cheskey - Hamilton
2. Rob Good - Waterloo Flying Dogs

1. Taras Kleban - Intersports Inc

Happy Birthday to....Downhiller (and current #1 in the Canada Cup rankings) Brant Lyon, today.


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