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May 12/14 10:42 am - Review - Catlike Mixino Helmet

Posted by Editoress on 05/12/14

The Catlike Mixino helmet tends to elicit a visceral reaction - people either like the look or they hate it.  With its incredible 39 vents, it looks like someone went nuts with a drill.  Of course, it meets CSA standards for safety, as do all helmets sold in Canada, so the question becomes:  what sets it apart from other helmets?








Nairo Quintana (Movistar Team)


First is the ventilation.  I haven't noticed much of a problem with any other helmet I've tried, but the Mixino had noticeably more air rushing through than others.  I know this because when I first started testing it, it was still during the cold spring we have been suffering through in Eastern Canada this year, and with the Mixino I had to wear a hat underneath because my head got considerably colder than with other helmets.  The seven internal channels efficiently sent that cold air rushing over my follically-challenged head...  So, if that has been a concern for you in the past, then this is definitely the helmet for you.

Other than that, it offers similar features to other top end helmets:

- it is light (241 grams)
- it has a ratcheting dial for the retention system, which works well
- the strap system is fully adjustable, allowing a precise fit

Really, there is nothing bad to say about the Mixino, other than the look will immediately turn off some people.  If you are not one of those people, then check it out.

MSRP:  $299.99


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Below: Lex Albrecht (Team TWENTY16 Professional Cycling)



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