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June 27/00 7:35 am - RAAM, Whistler, Shep Report

Posted by Editor on 06/27/00

Race Across America

Final results from the 4775 kilometre RAAM.

1. Bishop and Maida (Team) 8 days, 2 hours and 55 minutes
2. Wolfgang Fasching (Individual) 8 days, 10 hours and 19 minutes

Summer Session Registration

The organizer has extended early registration to June 30th. After that date $10 will be added to each registration.

Shep Report

Well it took a long time and it may not have been a cross country but I finally saw the front of a race for the first time since the Sea Otter! Short track day saw the riders face a 25 minute course that contained five sharp corners and one jump. The pace was high from the start as the reigning short track champ (Roland) punched it for a couple laps. In tow were Pavel, me, Dry ryder and Saucer. The pace slowed so I tried to go for a few but was countered by Pavel then Randolf. Shamoe worked up from a slow start and turned the screws for two and a half laps. The real racing started with about eight minutes left when some more canucks appeared from the pack. Kabush and Wedge swapped leads until others' testosterone kicked in and bad passing started. The corners were really hairy as we battled for the front spots. I was probably the first to get squashed by an overly aggressive elbow! Second to eleventh in about half a time to be pissed so I hopped back on and chased them like a rabid dog. Meanwhile, another crash would occur in one of the corners bringing the pack back to me and letting me move up as Steve Larson attacked. When he made his jump his bike swung wildly side to side causing a stack up in the ranks! Damn ewvery lap was a head ache! We chased more, Larson faded then Saucer crashed on the second to last lap leaving a string of riders that ended with Cadel, Pavel, Rowney, Shamoe, Green then me. Sixth - not bad no complaints - should bring me out of my depression and bring the confidence up. Mt s anne next for a little world cup action....i'll be back!


Roland - Roland Green
Pavel - Pavel Tcherkassov
Dry ryder - Ryder Hesjedal
Saucer - Christoph Sauser
Randolf - Greg Randolph
Shamoe - Seamus McGrath


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