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July 5/00 10:44 am - Alberta & Ontario Midweeks, Sutton, Norba

Posted by Editor on 07/5/00

Soma Grand Prix Criterium Series - Alberta
(courtesy Marc)

Research Park, Calgary Alberta
July 4, 2000


The busy weekend kept the number of racers at a minimum and the strong winds worked hard on those who showed. The field stretched out at first prime leaving the followers thin for no attacking opportunities.

1 Jeff Smith - Bow Cycle / CMC
2 Rob Brandrick - Bicisport
3 Martin Machacek - Eurotech
4 Clayton Paradis - Pedalhead
5 Michael Bouwmeester - Soma Cycle


Throughout the race, the size of the lead pack kept the second pack struggling to keep the distance respectable. Many attacks failed to materialise and only thinned out the second pack.

The finish was spectacular with most of the riders showing the strength to increase the intensity. 10 metres from the finish, Wade Wallace gave out a wallow when Jere Hu and Rob Micklethwaite were coming on either side. All three were giving their all resulting in a finish deserving of a camera. With Wade separating Jere and Rob, we could not rely on our visuals and therefore we had a tie.

1 Wade Wallace - Pedalhead
tie Jere Hu - ERTC
tie Rob Micklethwaite - Bicisport
4 Trevor Smith - Soma Cycle
5 Tim VanGilder - G.S. Blauwkomp


Andrew Walker - Bicisport 243 points
Kees Sinke - Bicisport 124
Kris Heale - Independent 121
Kirk Schmiedge - Soma Cycle 116
Tom Ameriadis - MTN Bike City 103
Jeff Bolstad - Eurotech 100
Dan Ward - Team Bike Shop 99
Estaban Kahs-Garay - Independent 90
Rob Brandrick - Bicisport 85
Brian Mclennan - Bow Cycle / CMC 75


Wade Wallace - Pedalhead 131 points
Conan Cooper - Calgary Vets 106
Tim VanGilder - G.S. Bauwkomp 90
Mike Lawford - Pedalhead 80
Chris Hooper - Independent 68
Jack VanDyck - Ridley's 62
Ryan Mackenzie - NCTDC / Bike Shop 55
Lincoln Berg - Eurotech 53
Jere Hu - ERTC 52
Craig Borgland - Bicisport 50
Steve McCarthy - RMBn'B 50

La Bicicletta Midweek Club Points Race - Ontario
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

Handicap Race - July 4, 2000

For only the third time in 4 years, a rider from the handicap group managed to bridge to the scratch group and simply "sat in" for the balance of the race. Mark Shaw, who has had several top ten finishes this year, was one of a group of four that took almost 45 seconds out of the scratch group on a humid, blustery evening. Mississauga's Jeff Archbold had orchestrated the move but he and two others failed to join Shaw when he got across to the "fast guys".

Many of the top riders in the series had raced in Buffalo earlier in the day and were obviously very tired, giving a chance for some new faces to appear in the top ten. World class junior, Peter Mazur also had a quiet night, content to sit in the bunch.

Among the newcomers was ex-national team member and bike store owner, Eon D'Ornellas who looked very comfortable in the large field. The stiff Northwest wind made the going hard and split the riders into several packs, with most of the action taking place at the front. Ital Pasta's Andrew Pinfold was active in all the significant breakaway attempts and was joined by rapid vets., Don Zuck, Independent and Tony Abramavicius, Mississauga, along with Kevin Speacht and James Wadden, Kiro. Once Zuck and Pinfold put the hammer down, it was goodbye, first to Speacht, who totally blew up, and then to Abbo. And Wadden who managed to stay ahead of the pack until just before the line, when Paul Rego, Oakville, and Jet Fuel's Heath Cockburn overtook them just on the line. Chad Grochowina, Kiro, Gerard Yeates, GT Canada and Ben Ayson, Mississauga Gears, rounded out the top ten in one of the hardest Midweek events this season.

30 laps, 66 kilometers. Average speed (scratch group) 42.8 kph (hcp. Group) 41.6 kph

1Mark ShawIndeoendent31-34-3312
2Andrew PinfoldItal Pasta1at 39"11
3Don ZuckIndependentMBat 42"10
4Heath CockburnJet Fuel1at 1-049
5Paul RegoOakville1s.t.8
6James Wadden Kiro Steamwhistle1at 1-077
7Tony AbramaviciusMississauga GearsMBat 1-106
8Chad GrowochinaKiro Steamwhistle1at 1-175
9Gerard YeatesRNH/GT Canada MAs.t.4
10Ben AysonMississauga Gears1s.t.3

D'Ornellas Bike Shop Primes:
Raymond Lee Own D'Ornellas
Matt Chater Newmarket Eagles
Greg Borden Mississauga Gears
Kevin Speacht Kiro Steamwhistle
Jeff Hansen Ital Pasta

85 starters 54 finishers

Drew Harvie for Marshalling

Series Standings (after July 4th)

KevinSpeachtKiro90 points
JeffHansenItal Pasta76
James J.Wadden Kiro59
Peter MorseKiro52
HeathCockburnJet Fuel42
PiersDavidgeMississauga Gears36
TonyAbramaviciusMississauga Gears34
GregCavanaghMississauga Gears34
SimonSmallItal Pasta30
EnricoTrainiMississauga Gears29
AndrewPinfoldItal Pasta26
GarnettAbbeyHalton R&T24
AubreyBryce D'Ornellas24
GrahamThomasHalton R&T23
AndrewHickmanMississauga Gears20
SteveLesseyJet Fuel20
DuncanSalisburyHalton R&T20
RobinSuleChain Reaction20

L'équipe Volkswagen contrôle les mardis cyclistes de Lachine

Lachine (DIAPO) - L'équipe cycliste Volkswagen a contrôlé la 4e étape des Mardis cyclistes de Lachine en permettant à Alexandre Cloutier de gagner l'étape et à Charles Dionne de conserver son maillot de leader au classement général.

Parti en échappée avec trois autres cyclistes, dont son coéquipier Martin Saint-Laurent, Cloutier a gagné le sprint final pour mériter son premier gain aux Mardis de Lachine. " Ça fait trois ans que je participe aux Mardis de Lachine et je n'avais jamais gagné, a indiqué Cloutier. J'avoue qu'en fin de course, mon taux d'adrénaline a monté d'un cran. Comme nous étions deux coéquipiers dans le petit groupe de tête, nous avions la pression de gagner. Je suis bien content du résultat. "

Quant à Charles Dionne, il est demeuré dans le peloton principal et a protégé son avance au classement général. " Nous avons fait un excellent travail d'équipe, nous étions de toutes les échappées et avons contrôlé la vitesse du peloton, a-t-il expliqué. Le but était que je conserve mon maillot jaune. Non seulement le but est atteint, mais c'est un de mes coéquipiers a gagné la course. Je serai ici la semaine prochaine et je ferai tout pour garder mon maillot jaune. "

Entre-temps, Cloutier prendra part au championnat canadien sur piste, à Bromont, en fin de semaine, alors que Dionne sera à Chicago pour participer à une course UCI.

Daniel Aucoin

Des extraits sonores de Alexandre Cloutier et de Charles Dionne sont disponibles à L'Agence DIAPO.


Daniel Aucoin
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téléphone et télécopieur (514) 990-4500
téléphone sans frais 1-800-210-9510

2000 Norba National Championship

Hi, My name is Stacy Henry. I am helping Round and Round Productions as their Volunteer Coordinator for the upcoming NORBA Nationals at Crystal Mountain, Wa, August 3-6. This is going to be a huge and very exciting event. This event includes Downhill Racing, Dual Slalom, and Cross Country Racing for many different categories. I am in need of LOTS of volunteers. There are many different positions available: course marshals, medical assistants, registration help, feed zone help, awards volunteers, crowd control, trucks and drivers, and the list goes on! All volunteers will receive t-shirts, lunches, all supplies needed, and there will be a volunteer party on Sunday after the races. Any one who helps will find it to be a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet some neat people. Any help we could get would be greatly appreciated. Would you please pass this on and see if anyone is interested. Contact me at or call (509) 682-8683. Thanks a bunch!

Stacy Henry
Volunteer Coordinator


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