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August 3/14 8:49 am - Commonwealth Games: Women Road race results

Posted by Editoress on 08/3/14

Results from the Women's road race in Glasgow, Scotland

Women, 98 km
1 Lizzie Armitstead (England) 2:38:43
2 Emma Pooley (England) 2:39:08
3 Ashleigh Pasio (South Africa) 2:39:54
4 Tiffany Cromwell (Australia) 2:39:54
5 Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) 2:39:57
6 Gracie Elvin (Australia) 2:41:02
7 Kate Archibald (Scotland) 2:41:02
8 Leah Kirchmann (Canada) 2:44:12
9 Joanne Kiesanowski (New Zealand) 2:44:12
10 Melissa Hoskins (Australia) 2:44:12
11 Dani King (England) 2:44:12
12 Hannah Barnes (England) 2:44:12
13 Amy Roberts (Wales) 2:44:12
14 Rushlee Buchanan (New Zealand) 2:44:12
15 Reta Trotman (New Zealand) 2:44:12
16 Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand) 2:44:12
17 Shara Gillow (Australia) 2:44:12
18 Anna Christian (Isle of Man) 2:44:12
19 Lucy Garner (England) 2:44:12
20 Laura Trott (England) 2:44:12
21 Lydia Helene Boylan (Northern Ireland) 2:50:55
22 An-Li Kachelhoffer (South Africa) 2:51:00
23 Gemma Neill (Scotland) 2:51:00
24 Tamiko Butler (ntigua and Barbuda) 2:51:00
25 Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 2:51:00
26 Chloe Hosking (Australia) 2:51:00
27 Annie Ewing (Scotland) 2:51:00
DNF K. Garfoot (Australia)
DNF N. Mitchell (Bermuda)
DNF Laura Brown (Canada)
DNF Steph Roorda (Canada)
DNF A. Christoforou (Cypress)
DNF A. Bowditch (Guernsey)
DNF K. Bowie (Guernsey)
DNF J. Watts (Guernsey)
DNF M. Bleasdale (Guernsey)
DNF C. Fraser-Green (Guyana)
DNF L. Wasley (Isle of Man)
DNF B. Hernould (Jamaica)
DNF J.N. Matara (Kenya)
DNF J.N. Mwangi (Kenya)
DNF J.M. Mwangi (Kenya)
DNF D.M. Lwimbuli (Kenya)
DNF A. Halbwach (Mauritius)
DNF V. Adrian (Namibia)
DNF I. Steyn (Namibia)
DNF C. Oakley (Northern Ireland)
DNF H. Dalton (South Africa)
DNF L. Olivier (South Africa)
DNF A. Schoeman (South Africa)
DNF C. Stander (South Africa)
DNF E. Roe (Scotland)
DNF C. Joiner (Scotland)
DNF C. Thomas (Scotland)
DNF S. Wickramasingha (Sri Lanka)
DNF Adikara Mudiyansel (Sri Lanka)
DNF L. Loffler (Swaziland)
DNF C. Du-Pont (Swaziland)
DNF D. Wilsch (Swaziland)
DNF E. Barker (Wales)
DNF K. Curtis (Wales)
DNF H. Jones (Wales)
DSQ E. Collins (New Zealand)


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