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July 9/00 12:39 pm - Canmore: Junior Results, Women have just started...

Posted by Editoress on 07/9/00

Canmore Sunlight World Cup

The Junior Men have just completed their race. Rocky Mountain rider Jaimie Douglas won with a gap of 1:09 on Kris Sneddon. Jaimie said that the course is "Fabulous.......super fast." The little bit of rain last night has had virtually no effect on the ridability of the surface.

Jaimie was very happy to win today. He had one minor crash, but this had no effect on his ride. "I set out riding my own pace, when I looked back...... there was no one with me."

Junior Expert Men - 3 laps
1. Jaimie Douglas (Rocky Mountain) 1:23:07
2. Kris Sneddon at 1:09
3. Keir Pittman (Eurotech) 4:01
4. Ben Sigston (Sobe/Cannondale) 4:13
5. Laird Grant (ERTC) 5:28
6. David Williams (USA- Specialized/Subaru) 5:28
7. Jarym Kowalchuk (Java Cycle) 7:51
8. Carl Morrisson (Sports/Fact/Croakers) 8:41
9. Fred McGuinness (Rocky Mountain) s.t.
10. Peter Steaerts 10:03
11. Graeme Wright (Rocky Mountain Bike and Board) 12:56
12. Mathew Harriman 14:08
13. Jay Acheson 15:50
14 Glenn Casey 20:07

Junior Women - 2 laps
1. Martina Feldman (FACT) 1:10:09
2. Chandra Crawford (Rebound Cycle) at 6:11
3. Holly Nusse 7:10
4. Anna Sneddon 8:57
5. Rachel Morris (Sobe/Headshox) 15:54
6. Rachel Boekel (Rebound) s.t.
Jean-Ann McKirdy (Olymia) DNS
Katie Hanson (ERTC) DNS

Race Notes:

Miguel Martinez bike has still not arrived. It is rumoured to be sitting in a UPS warehouse in Calgary. He will ride a Trek at the start of today's race.

The Junior Men's race was shortened at the last minute to 3 laps from the scheduled 4.

Seamus McGrath will NOT start today's race. Reason given is that since he has met his qualification for the Olympics and the next major race sor selections will be the Nationals in 2 weeks, he is better off spending his time training and preparing for Nationals.

There are 40 women competing today's race which has just started. As they finish the short start loop and head out onto the course it is Blatter, Sydor, Redden, Dunlap.


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