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August 31/14 22:56 pm - Para-Cycling Road World Championships: Day 4 results

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/14

The fourth day of competition at the 2014 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships featured the road races for the C and B classes.

The reunited women’s tandem of Robbi Weldon (Thunder Bay, ON) and Lyne Bessette (Bromont, QC) posted Canada’s top performance of the day, in ninth place, crossing the finishing line a mere 4 seconds off the winning time after more than two hours of racing.

The race for the two Canadian tandems entered in the event was influenced by the unfortunate puncture around mid-race of Shawna Ryan (Saskatoon, SK) and Audrey Lemieux (Montreal, QC) which left the Weldon/Bessette tandem to fend for themselves. Had it not been for this puncture effectively taking Canada’s second team out of the race, the outcome could have been quite different.

The men tandem of Matthieu Croteau-Daigle (Thetford Mines, QC) and Pierre-Olivier Boily (Sherbrooke, QC) finished in ninth place, in the sprint with eight other tandems for the bronze medal.

The men’s race unfolded with an early break from the eventual winners that quickly took more than a minute on the rest of the field. With three laps to go of the 10-lap race, the French tandem caught up to the leaders, meaning that this 2-tandem breakaway had enough fuel to stay away from a peloton seemingly content with racing for the third position. The Croteau-Daigle/Boily tandem attacked with two laps to go, but their attempt was trumped by a reaction from the peloton.

Canada’s second tandem made up of Alexandre Carrier (Bromont, QC) and Aroussen Laflamme (St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC) was looking very solid and were covering attacks, but with one lap to go, the heat took its toll, and they eventually lost contact with the main field.

Nicole Clermont (Sherbrooke, QC) posted another excellent performance for Canada, taking the fifth position in the women C5 race, just 40 seconds off the winning time which was posted by Sarah Storey (GBR), a multiple Paralympic Games champion. Ross Wilson (Sherwood Park, AB) ended his first World Championships with a good result in seventh place of the men C1 race.

The event comes to an end Monday with the road races for the T and H categories. Shelley Gautier, the reigning World Champion, is a strong hopeful for her second World Title of the weekend in the T1 class, while Marie-Eve Croteau will also be in contention for a medal, in the T2 race. In the H4 class, Mark Ledo is vying for the top honours as his speciality is the road race event.

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Women B Tandem, 81.6 km
1 Great Britain (Lora Turnham/Corrine Hall P) 2:08:28
2 Ireland (Katie-George Dunlevy/Eve Mccrystal P)
3 Spain (Jozefa Benitez Guzman/Judit Masdeu Cort P)
4 Japan (Yurie Kanuma/Mai Tanaka P)
5 New Zealand (Emma Foy/Laura Fairweather P)
6 Netherlands (Odette Van Deudekom/Kim Van Dijk P)
7 Poland (Iwona Podkoscielna/Aleksandra Wnuczek P) all s.t.
8 Greece (Adamantia Chalkiadaki/Argyro Milaki P) 0:04
9 Canada (Robbi Weldon/Lyne Bessette P) s.t.
10 United States (Shawn Cheshire/Mackenzie Woodring P) 0:09
11 New Zealand (Phillipa Gray/Kylie Young P) 0:46
12 United States (Karissa Whitsell/Lisa Turnbull P) 8:20
13 New Zealand (Amanda Cameron/Gabrielle Vermunt P) -1 lap
DNF Canada (Shawna Ryan/Audrey Lemieux P)
Men B Tandem, 102 km
1 Spain (Carlos Gonzalez Garcia/Noel Martin Infante P) 2:23:07
2 France (Damien Debeaupuits/Mickaël Dhinnin P) at s.t.
3 Netherlands (Rinne Oost/Cor Van Leeuwen P) 2:49
4 Spain (Ignacio Avila Rodriguez/Joan Font Bertoli P)
5 Italy (Ivano Pizzi/Lucca Pizzi P)
6 Poland (Marcin Polak/Michal Ladosz P)
7 Poland (Piotr Kolodziejczuk/Artur Korc P)
8 Germany (Timo Kleinwaechter/Erik Mohs P)
9 Canada (Matthieu Corteau-Daigle/Pierre-Olivier Boily P)
10 Australia (Matt Formston/Michael Curran P)
11 Slovakia (Vladislav Janovjak/Robert Mitosinka P) all s.t.
12 Italy (Emanuele Bersini/Riccardo Panizza P) 2:54
13 Colombia (Nelson Serna/Sebastian Durango P) 2:56
14 United States (Clark Rachfal/David Swanson P) s.t.
15 Canada (Alexandre Carrier/Aroussen Laflamme P) 6:04
16 Poland (Przemyslaw Wegner/Piotr Czopek P) 7:36
17 Ireland (James Brown/Bryan Mccrystal P) 8:02
18 Argentina (Raul Villalba/Ezequiel Romero P) s.t.
19 Hungary (Arnold Csaba Butu/Gergely Ivanics P) -1 lap
DNF Finland (Arttu Makinen/Aki Turunen P)
DNF South Korea (Jong-Giu Kim/Daehong Chun P)
DNF Malaysia (Mohd Yusaini Yusop/Muhamad Nur Syafiq Suhaimy P)
DNF Netherlands (Vincent Ter Schure/Timo Fransen P)
DNF United States (Lance Footer/Shawn Olin P)
Women C1, 30.6 km
1 Jieli Li (China) 1:14:59
2 Jayme Richardson (Australia) at s.t.
Women C2, 51 km
1 Allison Jones (United States) 1:36:20
2 Raquel Acinas Poncelas (Spain) 2:12
3 Alyda Norbruis (Netherlands) 6:35
4 Sini Zeng (China) 6:35
5 Yvonne Marzinke (Germany) 00:11:53
6 Cristina Liliana Otero (Argentina) -1 lap
7 Miho Fujii (Japan) -2 laps
Women C3, 51 km
1 Jamie Whitmore Cardenas (United States) 1:35:54
2 Denise Schindler (Germany) at s.t.
Women C4, 61.2 km
1 Shawn Morelli (United States) 1:32:52
2 Susan Powell (Australia) at s.t.
3 Jianping Ruan (China) 00:15:58
4 Megan Fisher (United States) s.t.
5 Alexandra Green (Australia) 00:16:33
6 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) -1 lap
7 Patricia Collins (United States) -2 laps
Women C5, 61.2 km
1 Sarah Storey (Great Britain) 1:32:12
2 Anna Harkowska (Poland) at 0:01
3 Mariela Analia Delgado (Argentina)
4 Samantha Heinrich (United States) both s.t.
5 Nicole Clermont (Canada) 0:40
6 Greta Neimanas (United States) 0:40
7 Kerstin Brachtendorf (Germany) 7:15
8 Jennifer Schuble (United States) 8:58
9 Jufang Zhou (China) -1 lap
Men C1, 61.2 km
1 Pierre Senska (Germany) 1:32:14
2 Michael Teuber (Germany)
3 Arnoud Nijhuis (Netherlands) both s.t.
4 Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez (Spain) 0:07
5 Erich Winkler (Germany) 0:09
6 Matthew Bigos (United States) 0:28
7 Ross Wilson (Canada) 9:00
8 Andrea Pusateri (Italy) 00:13:49
9 Jaye Milley (Canada) s.t.
10 Zhangyu Li (China) 15:22
11 Georg Schwab (Austria) 15:30
12 Giancarlo Masini (Italy) 15:33
13 Todd Key (United States) 16:45
14 Rodrigo Fernando Lopez (Argentina) 19:46
Men C2, 61.2 km
1 Alvaro Galvis Becerra (Colombia) 1:32:13
2 Ivo Koblasa (Czech Republic)
3 Victor Hugo Garrido Marquez (Venezuela)
4 Aaron Keith (United States)
5 Arslan Gilmutdinov (Russia)
6 Israel Hilario Rimas (Peru) all s.t.
7 Maurice Eckhard Tio (Spain) 0:15
8 Roger Bolliger (Switzerland) 0:17
9 Michal Stark (Czech Republic)
10 Colin Lynch (Ireland) both s.t.
11 Guihua Liang (China) 14:08
12 William Lister (United States) 16:39
13 Mumuni Alem (Ghana) -2 laps
DNF Arnout Matthys (Belgium)
DNF Fabrizio Macchi (Italy)
DNF Mohd Saifuddin Rosli (Malaysia)
DNF Anfi Gregorio Jorge Delgado (Dominican Republic)
Men C3, 71.4 km
1 Eoghan Clifford (Ireland) 1:47:46
2 Steffen Warias (Germany) at 1:52
3 Fabio Anobile (Italy)
4 David Nicholas (Australia)
5 Masaki Fujita (Japan)
6 Esneider Munoz Marin (Colombia)
7 Henrik Marvig (Sweden)
8 Sergey Ustinov (Russia)
9 Diedrick Schelfhout (Belgium)
10 Michael Sametz (Canada)
11 Eduardo Santas Asensio (Spain)
12 Jefferson Spimpolo (Brazil)
13 Roberto Bargna (Italy)
14 Joseph Berenyi (United States) all s.t.
15 Glenn Johansen (Norway) 1:58
16 Alexsey Obydennov (Russia) 2:21
17 Jerome Lambert (France) 2:53
18 Matthias Schindler (Germany) 14:32
19 Yong Sik Jin (South Korea) 16:21
20 Jason Kimball (United States) -1 lap
21 Kris Bosmans (Belgium) -3 laps
DNF Arnaud Georges (France)
DNF Sergey Batukov (Russia)
Men C4, 81.6 km
1 Michele Pittacolo (Italy) 1:54:24
2 Sergey Pudov (Russia)
3 Jiri Bouska (Czech Republic)
4 Roberto Alcaide Garcia (Spain)
5 Jonathan Copsey (United States)
6 Diego German Duenas Gomez (Colombia) all st.
7 Cesar Neira Perez (Spain) 0:04
8 Morten Jahr (Norway)
9 Leonel Solis (Costa Rica)
10 Jeremy Crepeliere (France)
11 David Calmon (France)
12 Jeffrey Scott Martin (United States) all st.
13 Thomas Schafer (Germany) 0:07
14 Gianluca Fantoni (Italy) 0:20
15 Oskars Gailiss (Latvia) 6:11
16 Aaron Trent (United States) s.t.
17 Guoping Wei (China) 11:35
18 Mohd Najib Turano (Malaysia) 11:37
19 Damian Lopez Alfonso (Cuba) 13:39
20 Guilermo Prieto Hortelano (Spain) s.t.
21 Jose Aureliano Valenzuela (Mexico)
DNF Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)
DNF Carol-Eduard Novak (Romania)
DNF Jozef Metelka (Slovakia)
Men C5, 81.6 km
1 Alistair Donohoe (Australia) 1:54:24
2 Lauro Cesar Chaman (Brazil)
3 Jose Frank Rodriguez (Dominican Republic)
4 Daniel Abraham Gebru (Netherlands)
5 Elia Botosso (Italy)
6 Soelito Gohr (Brazil)
7 Cedric Ramassamy (France)
8 Andrea Tarlao (Italy)
9 Robinson Jaramillo (Colombia) all st.
10 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria) 0:04
11 Damien Severi (France) s.t.
12 Tomas Kajnar (Czech Republic) 0:09
13 Rodny Minier Castillo (Dominican Republic) 0:10
14 Pierpaolo Addesi (Italy) 0:16
15 Michael Gallagher (Australia) 5:08
16 Christopher Murphy (United States) 14:18
17 Mark Gyulafia (United States) -1 lap
18 Baobin Duan (China) -2 laps
DNF Patrick Hagenaars (Austria)
DNF Carlos Mario Aricila (Colombia)
DNF Yehor Dementyev (Ukraine)


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