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July 11/00 8:22 am - Ontario & Nova Scotia News, NCCP course, Shep Report, Congrats & Birthday

Posted by Editoress on 07/11/00

La Bicicletta Novice Series, Event 10 - Ontario

20 laps, 44km, average speed 35.8kph


Primes: Geoff Wright, Racer Sportif (2)

32 starters, 25 finishers

Entry Breakdown
S3 - 16
W - 8
MA - 4
MB - 3
MC - 4
MD - 2
CAD - 1

Congratulations to Geoff Broughan on upgrading to Tuesday

Juvenile Event: 8 laps 17.6 km

1. Alana Thomas Ind. Peewee 32:35 - 32.4 kph
2. Robert Patterson Ind Minime
3. Nicole Patterson Ind Peewee

Thanks to Peter Hurley-marshalling, Jeff Archbold and the regular rider coaches and to Graham Thomas for coordinating the juvenile race.

Today, July 11th, is the third prestige event and the last chance for competition before the National Road Championships. See you there!

NCCP Level One Technical MTB in Ontario

July 15 - 16
9 AM - 5 PM each day. Open to anyone 16 and older. Ideal for someone who wants to work with racers! Contact the Adventure Mountain Bike School for registration form or more info.

705-445-0231 OR 416-869-3799 Ext. 6125

Adventure Mountainbike Bike School

The Shep Report

There's one cliche that seems to make it into every racer's life at least once. And that is, "the one that got away"! Instead of hanging in Canmore all week I went back to the 'Loops' for a little R and R as well as some much needed road training to get leg speed for what was supposed to be my great day!

The course in Canmore was a true test of every mountainbiker's skills (except for running thanks God)! Rough single track both fast and slow, climbing and descending and accouple of nice floater jumps for some to wow the crowd. The start loop was as hard as ever, although I some how managed to stay upright leaning on people as we funnelled around a bridge seven abreast. Up the climb shot the leaders which included Mig (Miguel Martinez), Dutch master-bas (Bas vanDooren), Cadel (Evans), Duphoey (Christophe Dupuoey) and our own Roland Green! Rollie worked hard all day chasing with help from teammate Roll Paulison (Roel Paulissen).....on went their battle leaving Rolli in 3rd by the end! Back in the smoking section I clung on with dear life hoping to get my last olympic qualifier.....sat in 25th after 40 minutes. My group gradually picked the pace up at the exact time my side decided to cramp! That threw me back to 31st and in dire straits until Dre (Andreas Hestler)saved me and coaxed me to sit on his wheel and recover! What a guy (owe you big pastry and coffee in whistler this weekend)! Came out relaxed and drove it hard with a slovenian guy for a lap then solo until I made contact with a group of seven. As I hit the group we started our last lap....through the feed zone I attacked breaking the group in half making (Jose Antonio) Hermida, (Travis) Brown, Jullien (Julien Absalon), and (Dominique) Arnould chase.....I thought for sure I was in there for the spot as I bore down on 17th place Tinker (Juarez)(whom I passed). It was not to be though! Spectators reported seeing a large mushroom cloud followed by a sonic boom and a burnt Haro jersey at the 1km remaining mark! Nearly cried as olympic hopes and dreams were crushed as the four chaser passed and spat me out with the finish line almost in site!

Eight Hours of Gore Mountain Bike Race

The third annual Cyclesmith Eight Hours of Gore mountain bike race was held Sunday July 9, 2000. With 402 registered competitors, this was the largest cycling event ever held in the Atlantic Provinces. The event was held at the Blois Family farm in Gore, Hants County, Nova Scotia.

This event is an eight hour endurance race, with riders competing as teams of three, team of two, and solo riders, competing in age and gender groups as follows.

Solo Male
1st Terry Tomlin (Halifax NS)
2nd Mark Campbell (Halifax NS)
3rd Eric Goss (Fredericton NB)

Solo Female
1st Lisa McInnis (Halifax NS)
2nd Heather Reid (Wolfville NS)
3rd Susan Hall (Halifax NS)

Team of 2 Male
1st Cory Jay & James Vantoever (Charlottetown PEI)
2nd Tim Brown & Trefor Nodwell (Halifax NS)
3rd Kevin Noiles & Scott Bonnell Lwr (Sackville NS)

Team of 2 Female
1st Erin Boyd & Marieke Wiersma (Halifax NS)
2nd Sherry Huybers & Laura Kindervater (Halifax NS)
3rd Robyn Cox & Kate Scallion (Windsor Jct NS)

Team of 2 Mixed
1st Dave Cleveland & Rardi Van Heest (Halifax NS)
2nd Trevor Porter & Sara Porter (Fredericton NB)
3rd Stephane Moulin & Cynthia Moulin (Halifax NS)

Team of 3 Women
1st Jean Jardine/Melanie Jardine/Dawn Jardine (Tantallon NS)
2nd Chantal Tardiff/Dana Cornea/Joanna McIntyre (Halifax NS)
3rd Julie Lesperance/Debbie Blois/Shelley Scothorn (Halifax NS)

Team of 3 Mixed
1st Glen Peach/Mike Knowlton/Krista Koval Mt (Uniacke NS)
2nd David Beck/Venetia & Marcel Hacquebard (Halifax NS)
3rd Paul Belhumeur/Mhairi Gilmore/Marnie Pardee (Halifax NS)

Team of 3 Male
1st Dustin MacBurnie/Jamie Lamb/Chris Graham (Truro NS)

Age group <50
2nd Steven Rush/Ben Crook-Hanna/Andrew Pickford (Charlottetown PEI)
3rd Chris Price/Matt Ellis/Aaron Rowlands (Lunenburg NS)

Team of 3 Male
1st Colin Gash/Andrew Walker/Jeff Bell (Dartmouth NS)
Age group 51-90
2nd Shawn Skelhorn/Scott Berrington/Rory Consalves (Dartmouth NS)
3rd Dana Wright/Tom Syvret/Dean Day (Dartmouth NS)

Team of 3 Male
1st Jason Simpson/Lewis Goulden/Robert Morrison (Halifax NS)
Age group 91+
2nd Steve Couse/Marcus Bowers/John Van Kroonenburg (Dartmouth NS)
3rd Richard Foy/Jim Bratrud/Filip Bohac (Berwick NS)

Congratulations to......Mandy Poitras and Jeremy Storie who are getting married today.

Happy Birthday to..... National team member Kim Davidge, tomorrow July 12th.


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