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July 18/00 11:25 am - Whistler Story, Abitibi, Chatham Photos

Posted by Editor on 07/18/00

Sydor and Green Take Whistler Titles

WHISTLER, B.C. (Canada) - Starting stage four of the Whistler International Classic Stage Race in second, Canada's best-known mountain biker, Alison Sydor, rallied to a nearly seven minute lead to win the final stage, a grueling cross-country race, and the overall title. Ahead of last year's champion, Amber Chorney, by nearly a minute and a half on the first lap, Sydor broadened her lead each time she went around the 6.5km circuit, which was dry and dusty on this, Whistler's hottest day so far this summer, which saw temperatures approaching 30 degrees Celsius, under cloudless blue skies.

"It was a very hard course but very fun. I played it safe and walked down the steepest part of the course," said Sydor, referring to a section of the mountain called P.O.L.P. (an acronym for "People Of A Lesser Pride"), but with the nickname of "Crack Addict".

Down by almost two minutes in the standings after three events, she crossed the line and had six minutes and 52 seconds to wait before Chorney, wearing the leader's jersey, pounded down the final section - a 40-step staircase, leading to the finish.

Sydor finished four laps in one hour, 50 minutes and two seconds. After Chorney, Christine Platt crossed the line in a time of two hours and 39 seconds; she was then sandwiched by another Chorney, Eron, Amber's sister, three minutes later for fourth place.

With plenty of time to spare, Sydor took the overall title, followed by the two Chorney sisters, Amber and Eron, respectively. Platt was fourth, and Linda Robichaud was fifth. In previous days, Sydor had won Friday night's Village Fat Tire Criterium, and Dirt Criterium. Amber Chorney who won all four stages in 1999, won the Time Trial on a highly technical course.

Trish Sinclair took the title for the pro women participating in the cross-country only, with a time of one hour and 58 minutes, and Marc Sonntag won the men's individual race in one hour and 59 minutes.

For those chasing the title for the men's stage race, though, it was a fight for first through most of the cross-country. Last year's overall winner and local hero Chad Miles (Corsa Cycles) led each lap thanks to a strong performance in the steep, technical downhill sections, which many of the other riders walked.

But on the last lap Andreas Hestler (Ford/Devinci), of Victoria overtook Miles in the singletrack section of the course to take first in the five-lap event with a time of one hour, 54 minutes and 59 second. Not to be outdone, Roland Green, wearing the leader's jersey, then squeaked past Miles coming down the last few meters to the line to capture second in a time of 1:55:14.53.

Like Sydor, Hestler also walked Crack Addict. "The course was almost seven kilometres - five up and one down. I didn't pre-ride the course so I was a little shocked at the downhill section." When asked if he rode the descent, he replied, "Of course I did, I'm from B.C., but I certainly wasn't flying like Chad. I knew I had to work him over and make up 20 seconds in the climb to win."

Despite leading through the first three stages and with a definite hometown advantage, Miles fell to third overall behind Hestler, with almost identical times. Green took the stage race title with less than a minute to spare. Chris Sheppard was fourth, and Lucas Curran was fifth.

"I really enjoyed the multi-stage format," commented Green after taking the overall title. "The Whistler International Classic is very unique. I hope the sport will move more in that direction in the future."

Team Management, organizers of the Summer Session which included the Gravity Tour of downhill events and the Whistler International Classic, were successful in their bid to host a triple event World Cup (downhill, dual and cross-country) in 2001. "I'm super excited as an athlete that the World Cup will be in Whistler," said Sydor who has been pre-selected to represent Canada at the Olympic Games in Sydney in September. "I'd love to win here, this course suits me well."

Whistler International Classic Overall Results, July 14-16, 2000

1. Alison Sydor, (North Vancouver, B.C.) 3:27:58
2. Amber Chorney, (Vancouver, B.C.) 3:31:51
3. Eron Chorney, (Vancouver, B.C.) 3:43:59
4. Christine Platt, (North Vancouver, B.C.) 3:46:40
5. Linda Robichaud, (Victoria, B.C.) 3:48:43
6. Sandra Walter (Coquitlam, B.C.) 3:52:24
7. Charlene Waldner (Victoria, B.C.) 3:58:15
8. Tara Laycock (North Vancouver, B.C.) 4:00:07
9. Selena Lawrie (North Vancouver, B.C.) 4:05:17
10. Amy Tipler (Kamloops, B.C.) 4:05:29

1. Roland Green, (Victoria, B.C.) 3:36:18
2. Andreas Hestler, (Victoria, B.C.) 3:37:08
3. Chad Miles, (Whistler, B.C.) 3:37:09
4. Chris Sheppard, (Kamloops, B.C.) 3:40:26
5. Lucas Curran, (Whistler, B.C.) 3:46:34
6. Eric Tourville, (Ste. Foy, Quebec) 3:50:28
7. Marc Cousineau (Whistler, B.C) 3:50:58
8. Ricky Federau (Abbotsford, B.C.) 3:51:29
9. Geoff Large (Victoria, B.C.) 3:56:36
10. Carter Hovey (Victoria, B.C.) 3:57:48

Saskatchewan Canada Cup Correction

Early registration for the Canada Cup #3 XC race is until July 22nd, not July 15th. So, hurry up and get your registration in through our online service before the price goes up $10.

Tour de l'Abitibi

Stage 1 - Val d'Or TTT 40.4 km

1 Hot Tubes 46:29.8
2 Hollande at 0:15
3 États-Unis 1:14
4 Canada 1:24
5 Afrique du Sud 1:53
6 Slovenie 1:56
7 Québec 2:33
8 Arizona Select Team 2:39
9 Midwest (Illinois) 3:14
10 Texas 3:32
11 C-B/Alberta 3:32
12 Mexique 3:38
13 Eastern Regional 3:57
14 Merlin USA 3:57
15 Japon 4:02
16 France 4:12
17 North Atlantic 5:25
18 Ontario 5:28
19 PROCO/Espoirs Laval 5:36
20 Club Cycliste Ste-Foy 5:46
21 Saeco V. B. 6:14


1 GILBERT, Martin Canada 0:39:13
2 De KORT, Koen Hollande at 0:05
3 ROLLIN, Dominique Canada 0:07
4 PONCE-ROSALES, Mexique 0:13
5 DE LA Mexique
6 VAN HUMMEL, Kenny Hollande
7 ELIJZEN, Michiel Hollande
8 ARASSUS, David France
9 PETERS, Steven Hollande
10 BARTH, Emmanuel France
11 MAGNELL, Sterling États-Unis
12 MILETTE, Frédéric Saeco V. B.
13 VUILLIER, Adrien France
14 STEENBERGEN, Kor Hollande
15 WALTERS, Scott Midwest (Illinois)
16 GALLOWAY, Jeremy Texas
17 CARTER, Murray Canada
18 McCarty, Jonathan Arizona Select Team
19 COLE, Wesley Afrique du Sud
20 ATKINSON, Scott Afrique du Sud
21 GANDARA, Jaime Texas
23 LANGE, Michael Midwest (Illinois)
24 HANNAM, Ryan Afrique du Sud
25 WILLIAMS, Jason Hot Tubes
26 KRAKER, Miha Slovenie
27 GERBER, Clinton Afrique du Sud
28 OLIVIER, Jérémie Québec
29 PARISIEN, François Canada
30 KSIAZKIEWICZ, Midwest (Illinois)
31 FERGUSON, Walker Hot Tubes
32 TAYLOR, Abraham Midwest (Illinois)
33 TILBROOK, Warren Ontario
34 MAHEU, Québec
35 RADEMACHER, Hot Tubes
37 WISWELL, David North Atlantic
38 NOTENBOOM, Leon Hollande
39 RETSEEK, John États-Unis
40 COLLINS, Michael Merlin USA
42 TREMPE, Olivier Club Cycliste Ste-Foy
43 CONDRON, Jam C-B/Alberta
44 BOILY, Pierre-Olivier Québec
45 NOSE, Tomaz Slovenie
46 BOMHOT, Marc C-B/Alberta
47 TRETO, Nathan États-Unis
48 PRACHNAU, Ryan C-B/Alberta
49 REINHART, Tim États-Unis
50 WILSON, Matt Hot Tubes
51 VIAU-DUPUIS, Québec
53 MARION, Canada
54 HOULE, Jonathan Saeco V. B.
55 DOI, Yukihiro Japon
56 YOST, Robbie Texas
57 MAZUR, Peter Hot Tubes
58 CONDON, Clay Arizona Select Team
59 MILLER, Buck Ontario
61 SIGSTON, Benjamin Ontario
62 CORY, Jay Canada
63 HAWKINS, Matthew Eastern Regional
64 THOMAS, Darby Eastern Regional
65 MERRIT, Bryan Merlin USA
66 MANART, Audrew Merlin USA
67 FRIEDMAN, Michael Eastern Regional
68 ROTH, Ryan Ontario
69 LAMBERTS, Afrique du Sud
71 LAWLER, Peter Eastern Regional
72 JEANNIN, Vincent France
73 WOLFSON, Dan Hot Tubes
74 BEPPU, Fumiyuki Japon
75 DZIEWA, Brian Midwest (Illinois)
76 YOUNG, David Merlin USA
77 HAGNER, Travis Texas
78 SULATYCKY, Thomas Ontario
79 IWAMOTO, Ryutaro Japon
80 SAINT-AMAND, PROCO/Espoirs Laval
81 BROCHET, Alex Club Cycliste Ste-Foy all s.t.
82 SARABIA-DIAZ, Mexique 0:14
83 ROZMAN, David Slovenie
84 HIDALGO, Arnaud France
85 MAYES, Trevor Merlin USA
86 BAHATI, Rahsan États-Unis
87 YOUNGBLOOD, North Atlantic all s.t.
88 TREMBLAY, Éric Club Cycliste Ste-Foy 0:15
89 JENSEN, Ron Arizona Select Team
90 BURN, Collin PROCO/Espoirs Laval
91 MUROI, Yusuke Japon
92 CHARLEBOIS, Saeco V. B.
93 CHARBONNEAU, Club Cycliste Ste-Foy
94 GAVIN, Duncan C-B/Alberta
95 POWELL, Cody North Atlantic all s.t.
96 GATHWRIGHT, Tom Texas 0:16
97 KREVS, Luka Slovenie
98 FINSGAR, Matjaz Slovenie
99 ANTHONY, Josh North Atlantic
100 BYRD, Ian North Atlantic
101 TAVARES-FINSON, Eastern Regional
102 WOOLCOCK, Waylon Afrique du Sud all s.t.
103 LAPOINTE, Hughe Saeco V. B. 0:17
104 CHARLES, Aidan North Atlantic
105 ZRIMSEK, Jure Slovenie
106 SZTUKE, Saeco V. B.
107 CABELLO-GOMEZ, Mexique
108 IRITANI, Hisaki Japon all s.t.
109 ANDO, Hirotaka Japon 0:18
110 QUILLMAN, William Texas
111 McDONOUGH, Seth Arizona Select Team
112 THOMAS, Trevor Midwest (Illinois) all s.t.
113 PENNAROYA, Québec 0:22
114 TRUCHON, Anael PROCO/Espoirs Laval 0:29
115 ROY, Félip PROCO/Espoirs Laval 0:30
116 MOREAU, Mathieu PROCO/Espoirs Laval 0:33
117 MEZA-MORALES, Mexique 0:54
118 COOLMAN, Zac Arizona Select Team 2:07
119 RACINE, Club Cycliste Ste-Foy 3:31
120 KETCHELL, Rob Eastern Regional 4:06
121 RUSSEL, Jamie Saeco V. B. 4:10
122 CHARTIER, Marc Club Cycliste Ste-Foy 8:45
123 HALE, Justin Arizona Select Team 45:19

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