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December 8/14 12:53 pm - Exciting Weekend of Racing at Forest City Velodrome

Posted by Editoress on 12/8/14

A total of 47 racers were on the infield and registered for the racing held last weekend, a combination of sprint and endurance races at the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario. The racers were split into three divisions based on the skill and ability of each racer. Many of the youth racers were preparing for the FCV Youth Championships on January 1st.

All races were competitive and all the racers were on the rivet until the final bell sounded. In the "A" Division, Ontario Junior man Bailey Simpson was on fire Saturday night. Simpson won the Points and Endurance races by lapping the field.

During the Points race Simpson put pressure on the rest of the field by gaining a lap with four other racers early in the event, however, the race did not shut down at that point.... it just got better. With the laps winding down, a break away with the second to fifth place racers was just heating up. Cam Mason, Lucas Taylor, Daniel Nesbitt and Chris Ernst attacked each other in the final 10 laps to see who would finish second ... as it turned out the battle was a good one. The difference was 5 points between the 4 riders.

In the Miss & Out, Simpson outdistanced Taylor in the final sprint to win the event... that made it 2 for 2 with the Scratch race to come.

In the 10k scratch race for the "A" Division, Simpson was under pressure from his teammate Lucas Taylor, who also rides for the Kallisto-FCV Cycling Team. The duo each took a lap on the field with the help of Kallisto-FCV teammate Ian Currie. It did come down to the final sprint with Simpson taking the final lung for the line by half a wheel. Excellent racing by all the competitors, with Paul Beit of the NCCH team finishing in third.

In the "B" division, Mark Buckaway, Rob McCarty and Nick Wammes, came out on top.

In the "C" division, Kobe Liberty and Kassandra Krairaka, were the two riders to always be at the front of the field.

The first sprint tournament was split into two divisions. The women had 6 racers going through two rounds and the finale. Young speedster Charlotte Creswicke made it to the final against Sara Byers. In a very competitive sprint the women took each other to the rail, with Byers out foxing her young competitor and finishing just ahead of Creswicke.

On the men's side, Daniel Nesbitt (NCCH) attacked Wisconsin-based Thomson Remo to come out on top of the Men's sprint tournament.

The final event of the night was the five team Madison. The event had several new riders taking part, the exchanges were clean and the team of Ian Currie and Cam Mason had the most fun, as they put the hurt on the others with a constant attacking formula. It was great to see a Madison with very few mistakes.

Racing continues at the FCV on Saturday, December 13th, at 7pm. For more information about the programs and the FCV annual Christmas camp, visit

Report Courtesy FCV


Full results (PDF)

Results highlights

Elite Points Race
1 Bailey Simpson 50 pts
2 Cam Mason 32
3 Lucas Taylor 31
4 Daniel Nesbitt 30
5 Christopher Ernst 27
6 Mark Palma 12
7 Paul Beit 8
8 Steve Grundy 6
9 James Orton 5
10 Garnet Abbey 3
11 Gary Wright 2
12 Ian Currie 1
13 Thomson Remo 0
14 Conrad Mrowiec 0
Elite Miss and Out
1 Bailey Simpson
2 Lucas Taylor
3 Paul Beit
4 Ian Currie
5 Garnet Abbey
6 Christopher Ernst
7 Mark Palma
8 Daniel Nesbitt
9 Gary Wright
10 James Orton
Ladies Sprint
Gold Sara Byers
Silver Charlotte Creswicke
Men Sprint
Gold Daniel Nesbitt
Silver Thomson Remo
Bronze Steve Grundy
Elite Endurance (60 laps)
1 Bailey Simpson
2 Lucas Taylor
3 Paul Beit
4 Christopher Ernst
5 Garnet Abbey
1 Team Red (Ian Currie/Cam Mason) 5 pts
2 Team USA (Chris Ernst/Mark Palma) 3
3 Team Grey (Garnett Abbey/Nick Wammes) 2 (-1 lap)
4 Team Green (Bailey Simpson/Paul Beit) 1 (-1 lap)
5 Team Yellow (Lucas Taylor/Justin Correa) (-2 laps)



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