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March 31/15 17:45 pm - Sunny King Criterium results

Posted by Editoress on 03/31/15

The women of the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team won in style this past weekend, taking a convincing victory and second place at the Sunny King Criterium in Anniston, Alabama on Saturday. The women went to Anniston following a week of intense and focused training in preparation for next month's USA Cycling Professional Criterium and Team Time Trial National Championships.

The women's team dominated the National Criterium Calendar race. Coming into the last five laps, the Blue Train took command of the race, controlling the front of the peloton. A five-strong lead out delivered Hannah Barnes to the line in first place. Coryn Rivera crossed the line second, pumping her fist in satisfaction at the perfect teamwork.

Said Rachel Heal, Sporting Director, "I couldn’t be happier with how today’s race went, the team rode a near perfect race, taking control when they needed to, and executing a textbook lead out to take 1st and 2nd."

At Sunny King, the women's team saw a new addition in the form of Linda Villumsen. Heal added, "Linda slotted in really well in her first race with the team, and it's great to have Alexis [Ryan] back racing with the team after last year's injury."

Courtesy UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team


Canadian Jamie Gilgen (Rise Racing p/b Cyclepath Woodbridge) finished 9th at 4 sec back.


Pro 1/2/3 Women
1 Hannah Barnes (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 1:00:04
2 Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) at s.t.
3 Erica Allar (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking) 0:01
4 Skylar Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice) 0:02
5 Yussely Soto (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)
6 Samantha Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)
7 Tina Pic (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) all s.t.
8 Cari Higgins (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 0:03
9 Jamie Gilgen (Rise Racing p/b Cyclepath Woodbridge) 0:04
10 Morgan Brown (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking) 0:05
11 Jessica Cutler (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking) 0:10
12 Vanessa Drigo
13 Mary Elizabeth Maroon (ACADEMY)
14 Debbie Milne ( all s.t.
15 Jessica Prinner (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking) 0:11
16 Nicole Mertz (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice) s.t.
17 Sara Tussey (Carolina Cycling Team) 0:13
18 Erica Zaveta (Amy D RAcing) s.t.
19 Jan Bennett (FCS|Cycling: p/b Visit Dallas Cycling) 0:16
20 Whitney Schultz (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking)
21 Amy Phillips (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) both s.t.
22 Sara Yancovitz (Stan's NoTubes p/b Velo Classic) 0:17
23 Cinthia Lehner (PainPathways Cycling Team)
24 Ashlyn Woods (PainPathways Cycling Team) both s.t.
25 Arden Stelly (Carolina Cycling Team) 0:19
26 Nina Laughlin (PainPathways Cycling Team) 0:20
27 Amy Floyd (Argon 18 Racing p/b November & Gas) s.t.
28 Mary Zider (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking) 0:21
29 Alicia Allenbuerger (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels Racing)
30 Alexis Ryan (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) both s.t.
31 Katherine Shields (PainPathways Cycling Team) 0:22
32 Julie Kuliecza (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)
33 Amber Pierce (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling p/b The Happy Tooth) both s.t.
34 Jeannie Kuhajek (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice) 0:23
35 Lauren Tamayo (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 0:27
36 Linda Villumsen (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) s.t.
37 Jennfier Caicedo (Finish Strong) 0:51
38 Sarah Fader (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) 1:49
DNF Samantha Bendt (Carolina Cycling Team)
DNF Megan Heath (Frazier Cycling)
DNF Julie Hunter
DNF Kira Maicke (Argon 18 Racing p/b November & Gas)
DNF Meghan Korol (Cycle Logic Race Team Inc.)
DNF Cheryl Fuller-Muller (DelaFina)
DNF Antje Thamm (Happy Tooth Women's Racing)
DNF Magdalena Cichon (Infinity Racing/Tom Williams BMW)
DNF Caroline Moakley (Mellow Mushroom Racing)
DNF Jennifer Wagner (PCP Race Team)
DNF Laura Van Gilder (PCP Race Team)
DNF Diana Ramos (Scarlet Fire presented by Matth)
DNF Abigail Aldridge (Team Belladium p/b Lane Motor M)
DNF Sierra Siebenlist (Team WE)
DNF Kailin Acheson
DNF Rachel Hart
Pro 1/2 Men
1 Tyler Magner (Hincapie Racing) 1:31:18
2 Luke Keough (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) at s.t.
3 Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 0:02
4 Ruben Companioni (Colavita Racing Inc.) s.t.
5 Andrew Dahlheim (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenplace) 0:03
6 Clay Murfet (Astellas Cycling Team) s.t.
7 Mac Brennan (Hincapie Racing) 0:05
8 Dion Smith (Hincapie Racing) 0:01
9 Alexander Ray (Silber Pro Cycling) 0:03
10 Adam Myerson (Astellas Cycling Team) 0:04
11 John Balmer (Century Road Club Of America)
12 Sebastian Morfin (Stradalli Cycle Safftti Smart W)
13 Nicola Dalsanto (Amore & Vita-USA Racing)
14 Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)
15 Frank Travieso (Team United Healthcare Georgia/) all s.t.
16 Brendan Cornett (Litespeed-BMW) 0:05
17 Benjamin Renkema (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)
18 Thomas Brown (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)
19 Martin Vecchio (Netherland Rubber p/b MVP) all s.t.
20 Mehdi Benhamouda (Team Novo Nordisk) 0:06
21 Steven Perezluha (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenpl) s.t.
22 David Guttenplan (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenpl) 0:07
23 Chad Burdzilauskas (Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc)
24 Christopher Uberti (Astellas Cycling Team) both s.t.
25 Colton Barrett (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str) 0:08
26 Fletcher Lydick (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)
27 Corey Davis (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenpl) both s.t.
28 Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 0:12
29 Stephen Vogel (Hearts Racing Club) 0:13
30 Rolly Weaver (Pioneer Mortgage pb 0:14
31 Zack Kratche (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses) 0:24
32 Andzs Flaksis (Hincapie Racing) s.t.
33 Hogan Sills (Astellas Cycling Team) 0:40
34 Quentin Valognes
35 Adam Koble (Team United Healthcare Georgia/) both s.t.
36 Peter Olejniczak (Astellas Cycling Team) 0:41
37 John Pratt (SBR Quantum Racing)
38 Nathan Labecki (Athlete Octane Cycling) both s.t.
39 Michael McBrien (Team LaS'port) 0:42
40 Bradley White (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
41 Parker Kyzer (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)
42 Jamie Anderson (Netherland Rubber p/b MVP)
43 Andrew Hammond (Palmer Cycling)
44 Andrew Buntz (Credite Velo - Trek) all s.t.
45 Dylan Postier (EVOKE Racing) 0:43
46 Andrew Reardon (Sonic Cycling)
47 Alfredo Balloni (Amore & Vita-USA Racing) both s.t.
48 Mark Fisher (Village Volkswagen Cycling Team) 0:44
49 Jonathan Atkins (Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc) 0:48
50 Toms Skujins (Hincapie Racing)
51 Michael Stone (Lupus Racing Team) both s.t.
52 Winston David (Lupus Racing Team) 0:50
53 Kyle Perry (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str) 0:51
54 Artur Sagat (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses) 0:52
55 Michael Olheiser (Lupus Racing Team) 1:05
56 Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 1:12
57 Oliver Flautt (Lupus Racing Team) 1:15
58 Oscar Clark (Hincapie Racing)
59 Tim Savre (Credite Velo - Trek)
60 Zach Reed (The Cyclery & Fitness Center)
61 Spencer Oswald (Colorado Mesa University)
62 Ryan Dewald (Delaware Valley Racing)
63 Jason Chatham (Litespeed-BMW)
64 Dustin Morici (EGO p/b Sammy's Bikes)
65 Jake Buescher (EGO p/b Sammy's Bikes)
66 Justin Williams (Astellas Cycling Team)
67 Shawn Gravois (Lupus Racing Team)
68 Yosvany Falcon (Stradalli Cycle Safftti Smart W)
69 Patrick Walle (Village Volkswagen Cycling Team)
70 David Duquette (
71 Matt Moosa (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)
72 Andrew Scarano (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)
73 Ryan Shean (Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc)
74 Jack Mccann (Netherland Rubber p/b MVP)
75 Shane Braley (
76 Brock Denis (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)
77 Fredd Matute (Performance Team by Rossetti)
78 Alexander Voitik (EGO p/b Sammy's Bikes)
79 Stephen Mire (Team LaS'port)
80 Brais Alvarez
81 Ross White (Credite Velo - Trek)
82 Jacob Hill (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenpl)
83 David Dawson (Team Skyline) all s.t.
84 Daragh Campbell 1:16
DNF Emile Abraham (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str)
DNF Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str)
DNF Michaelee Bowes (Village Volkswagen Cycling Team)
DNF Evan Hartig (Credite Velo - Trek)
DNF Allan Rego (Lupus Racing Team)
DNF William Guillen (Finish Strong)
DNF Hank Booth (Finish Strong)
DNF Billy Jones (Intelligentsia Coffee)
DNF Travis Sherman (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
DNF Benjamin Weaver (ZIPP Masters Team)
DNF Jake Andrews (Cherry St. Cycles)
DNF Brad Parkerson (Nouveau Velo Cycling Team)
DNF Carlos Alzate Escobar (Silber)
DNF Dylan Degan
DNF Christian Parrett (Athlete Octane Cycling)
DNF James Vandeven (Dogfish/Team Noah)
DNF Trevor Rolette (EGO p/b Sammy's Bikes)
DNF Thomas Schubert ( - Rocket Espress)
DNF Mathew Meunier ( - Rocket Espress)
DNF Justin Lowe (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses)
DNF Henry Willis (Orlando Velo pb
DNF Jesse Siemen (SBR Quantum Racing)
DNF Matt Brophy (SBR Quantum Racing)
DNF Shane Feehery (SBR Quantum Racing)
DNF Yosmani Pol Rodriguez (Team Coco's)
DNF John Brizzard (Team LaS'port)
DNF John Woods (Team Upland Brewing)
DNF Joshua Carter (The Cyclery & Fitness Center)
DNF Andrew Lister (The Cyclery & Fitness Center)
DNF Grant Erhard (SBR Quantum Racing)
DNF Anthony Dust (The Cyclery & Fitness Center)
DNF Nathan Robinson (Think Green-Pedal the Planet)
DNF Matthew Russell (Village Volkswagen Cycling Team)
DNF Ulugbek Saidov
DNF Reid McClure
DNF Andrew Crater (
DNF Diego Garavito


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