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July 25/00 9:49 am - Ottawa GP, Mississauga Midweek, Redden Report

Posted by Editor on 07/25/00

The Ottawa Bicycle Club Grand Prix

Sat July 29, 2000, Gatineau Park, Quebec

Quebec North American Sanction and Quebec Cup and Quebec Veterans' Association Super Prestige points event. Over $4,000 in prize money. $2,400 Sr. Men, $900 Sr. Women. Riders ride 21km closed circuit one to five times according to category. Categories for all.

One day licences ($10) available for all categories.
Non-licenced racers ride novice categories.
Entrance fees $18 to $20 (was $13 to $15 for early registration).
Starts from 8.00am through 9.35am
Race day registration starts at 7am
Awards banquet at Camp Fortune around 1.30pm following arrival of last
finisher. All are welcome. $10.

Full details including race map and profile at:

Volunteers still needed. Phone Rosmarie at (613) 230-1064.

Avery Burdett
Ottawa Bicycle Club
(for Bob Hicks, race organizer still in hospital recovering from his Elgin Street crash)

La Bicicletta Novice Midweek Novice Series
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

Event 12 - 19 laps, 41.2 k, time 1:10:26, Av. Speed: 35.6 kph
Race shortened because of lightning.

Team - Points - Total
Blue - 2,6,9 - 17 (2nd.)
Red - 4,7,8 - 19 (1st.)
Yellow - 1,5,14 - 20 (3rd.)
Green - 3,10,11 - 24 (4th.)

34 starters, 29 finishers

Entry Breakdown:
S3 - 14
W - 6
MA - 2
MB - 4
MC - 3
MD - 3
CAD - 2

Thanks to Peter Hurley-marshalling, Jeff Archbold and the regular rider coaches
Lorne Thompson- lap scoring

August 22nd. The Tuesday criterium wil be held on a 2km circuit at Downsview Park North York. Watch for details!!

Redden Report

The race course was, without a question, a disaster. The 6.5 km loop had about 3km of very muddy, barely ridable single track with about 3 or 4 mud bogs that were at least 6 inches deep and 10 feet across. This course is quite technical when it is dry, so yesterday was crazy! I probably ran about 1km per lap. The only saving grace was the fact that the mud was really wet and sand based, so it didn't cling to the bike and clog it up. The race organization was also working hard at shoveling the extremely muddy sections and laying down gravel and straw.

There were 3 key factors involved in the race, 1) Relax your upper body and surf the mud and technical sections, 2) Don't be afraid to get off your bike and run, but also know when to get back on and ride, and 3) Don't crash and hurt yourself. Well, two outa three ain't bad. Why is it that whenever a cyclist has a recently healed wound, that's the exact spot that one crashes! That rule stinks cause now I have another skinned area on my shin where I had my puncture wound from world's! Ba humbug! But, all in all, the race was challenging and entertaining for me because of the terrain.

The women's race was fairly straight forward. There was a strong field from across the nation attempting to take away my national champion title. I wanted nothing to do with that so I attacked the first road climb and dropped the pursuiting duo of Marie Helen Premont and Melanie McQuaid. Leslie Tomlinson (RLX Polo Sport) had an unfortunate flat in the first 2km and eventually dropped out. I then did a lot of surfing, laughing, running and gradually gained over 8 minutes from the next competitor.

The men's race was really exciting in that not only was a national champion crowned, but the 2000 Olympic Men's Mountain Bike team was selected. I didn't see all of the race, because of the women's podium and the Tim Horton's Timbit Challenge (a fun ride for kids where all competitors receive a medal, t-shirt and a small box of timbits). Note that I think I signed all 100 of those t-shirts, hero cards and gave away an entire stack of temporary tattoos.

Back to the men! (For a complete play by play I would suggest logging onto My teammate Ryder took an early lead, then fairly newcomer Chad Miles took over, gradually gaining a 4 minute gap, Roland Green dropped out, Geoff Kabush and Seamus McGrath stayed together for 5 of 6 laps until Seamus had a mechanical, Ryder flatted, did a quick fix and catapulted himself back up to 3rd by the last lap, Andreas Hestler rode strong and steady through out the day. Ryder won the Espoir National Champion Title as well as finishing third overall!

Special thanks to the boyz at Outdoor Gear Canada, and the gang at Oakley for their amazing support!


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