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July 28/00 10:12 am - Saskatchewan Canada Cup, Kelso, BMX

Posted by Editor on 07/28/00

Saskatchewan Canada Cup XC #3
(courtesy Brett Stewart, CCA)

Total pre-registrations are approaching 200 and we are looking for another 80 to 100 more registrations between now and sunday morning. Day of registrations will be accepted between 6:00 to 8:00 AM. Race kits can be picked up after 8:00 AM for pre-registered individuals only.

The long term forcast is indicating sunny with cloudy periods and HOT!!! 31 degrees. The Saskatchewan terrain is very unique. There is not much rock to contend with and NO MUDDY SECTIONS. This will be a relief after Fortune and Tremblant. Saskatchewan is generally flat, but this course offers a few climbs that will truly test the top riders. There are also a couple of high speed descents that will put your heart in your throat. As well, there are some fast twisty single track sections through the wooded thicket... a bit like the Blair Witch experience or something out of Sleepy Hollow.

Spectators will be able to easily spot riders at five or six points on the course by climbing to the top of the main ski trail. The course also comes back near the start/finish area several times per lap. Riders will also follow the crest of several hills and have a panoramic view of the Buffalo Pound vally and the lake while they bake in the late July sun. The feed zone will seem like a welcome oasis this weekend.

I think the course design will be both appealing and challenging to the athletes. The race organization is working very hard to deliver a high quality event and there is a lot of community support that is evident. Should be an event to remember!

Boh's Cycle Prairie Pride Canada Cup XC #3 - Buffalo Pound Provincial Park


Note: Canada Cup categories have an 8 km lap, non-Canada Cup laps are 6 or 7 km long.

08 h 45Under 15 men (Minime)16 km40 min
08 h 45Under 15 women (Minime)16 km40 min
08 h 47Under 13 men (Pee Wee)16 km30 min
08 h 47Under 13 women (Pee Wee)16 km30 min
10 h 00Master Sport men (30-39)321 km1 h 30
10 h 02Master Sport men (40-49)214 km1 h 00
10 h 02Senior Beginner men214 km1 h 00
10 h 02Master Beginner men (30-39)214 km1 h 00
10 h 02Master men 50+214 km1 h 00
10 h 04U-17 Sport men (Cadet)214 km1 h 00
10 h 04U-17 beginner men (Cadet)17 km0 h 45
10 h 06Senior Sport women214 km1 h 00
10 h 06Master Sport women (30-39)214 km1 h 00
10 h 06Master women 40+214 km1 h 00
10 h 06U-17 Women (Cadet)214 km1 h 00
10 h 06Senior Beginner women17 km0 h 45
10 h 06Master Beginner women (30-39)17 km0 h 45
11 h 30Senior Elite / Espoir men540 km2 h 15
11 h 32Senior Elite women432 km2 h 00
11 h 34Junior Expert men432 km2 h 00
11 h 36Master Expert men (30-39)432 km2 h 00
11 h 38Senior Expert men432 km2 h 00
14 h 30Senior Sport men321 km1 h 30
14 h 32Senior Expert women321 km1 h 30
14 h 32Master Expert women (30-39)321 km1 h 30
14 h 32Junior Women321 km1 h 30
14 h 34Junior Sport men321 km1 h 30
14 h 34U-17 Expert men321 km1 h 30
14 h 34Master Expert men (40-49)321 km1 h 30

Kelso Ontario Cup MTB Race - July 29,30

The Evolution Continues! One of the oldest MTB race venues in Ontario is back as an OCUP. Don't expect "the same old thing". There is a new DH with some serious drops, a monster double, and for the first time ever at a Kelso bike race, the chairlift will be open on Saturday. Local downhillers from Spokes 'N Slopes (the race sponsor) have been tweaking the course all week and they are seriously stoked about their new creation.

The cross country course is completely different. We've got a long lap (12.5 km for Elite & Sport, 10.5 km for Beginners), a brand new climb (remember the old, old downhill? You're going up part of that!), new sections of single track and a brand new start/finish at the Steeles Avenue Summit Entrance. From that you should be able to tell that the XC race won't start with the gravel road, in fact it's not in use at all. It's still a tough course though, with several technical sections. We think that you'll like the changes.

Cross country course conditions at the moment are dry and dusty. Going out on a very shaky limb based on this summer's racing weather, the course could actually use some rain. If it does rain, and who knows with the unreliable forecasts of this week, make sure to have some tires with good grip. The clay at Kelso gets very slippery. We have rain routes all planned out just in case it turns ugly.

There are lots of other attractions. Drop by the Spokes 'N Slopes booth at the race and fill out a ballot to win a DEVINCI Cactus Mountain Bike. Neat bonus for being there. Aluminum frame, Rock Shox, the works. Don't forget to fill out a ballot. On Sunday the NORCO Trials Team will be there. The sacrificial wrecked Ford Taurus is already in place, just waiting to be jumped on.

With all of the changes to the Kelso there are a couple of things you should be aware of regarding registration and pre-rides. For Friday and Saturday, all registration and pre-rides begin at the Chalet. The Summit Entrance will not be open until Sunday. Please do not park on Steeles Av. outside the gate. You will be ticketed and/or towed. For Friday, the registration will open at 5pm instead of 4pm. XC pre-rides are available all day since the DH does not cross it. DH pre-rides will start at 4pm as scheduled. For Saturday, DH registration opens at 7am and closes at 11am, XC registration open from 11am to 3pm. Once more, you can do XC pre-rides all day.

On Sunday, all activities move to the Summit Entrance on Steeles Avenue. Do not attempt to enter at the Main Gate. The tunnel to the Chalet will be closed. The easiest way to get to the Summit is to exit the 401 at Regional Road 25 (Exit 320) and head south to Steeles. Turn right and follow it to the top of the hill. The entrance will be to your right. Hope to see you there!

For start times, directions, course maps and other info, visit the W.O.W. web site at

Canadian Second at BMX World Cup

Andre Lecompte, mamager for Team Marin, just notified us that Canadian Melanie Desrochers (guess who she rides for..) finished second in the Pro Women category at the Argentine BMX World Cup last weekend. Desrochers will compete in the BMX World Championships this coming weekend.

New Management for

John Wordin Sports, Inc. will take over and run the women's team for the 2001 season. The Title Sponsorship will not change and Mike Neel will remain as coach. The Team is currently ranked 2nd in the NRC standings for the 2000 season.

"It is an exciting opportunity to be able to finally be involved with a Women's Team. To be able to run a team with a great Title Sponsor and have such competitive riders is tremendous." states Director John Wordin.

"I am now in the process of evaluating the program and its overall sponsorship package. I am looking for ways to improve the package and bring in additional sponsors that will really make this the premier women's program."

"Mike Neel will handle the coaching and will be the main person for the make up of the team. The Mercury Cycling Team, in conjunction with Manheim Auctions, and our goal of racing the Tour de France next year will be my primary focus. John Wordin Sports will provide leadership and a solid foundation for the team to be the best."


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