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July 28/00 8:35 am - Report From Colombia

Posted by Editor on 07/28/00

Report From Colombia

From Kurt Innes, National Coach

Today was a pretty long day. Sprinters left hotel at 4:30 am, then breakfast with women time trialists at 6 am , to course at 7 am. didn't have time for fancy report today or from last night. (Editors Note: for those of you who think coaching/managing is a laid back job...)

Here is summary of day 5 and 6.

Doug Baron finished an awesome 3rd in the mens Keirin. Rode very well and really did his job the best he could. Nothing to be ashamed with when you saw how awesome this field really was for the sprint events.

Jim Fisher came down with a flu or other kind of sickness. Rendered him pretty buggered for the day following night # 4. He was lookin like a ghost for most of the day, and was not able to see straight, or stand without being very dizzy ( not too good for riding at 75 km-hr with 6 other guys breathin down your neck). He was scratched from Keirin, and this also meant Olympic Sprint team was a scratch. Unfortunate here cause our team would have really done well in Olympic Sprint.

Womens Points Race was totally dominated by two Cuban riders. Erin Carter took one lap with them and was 3rd overall. A great ride for Erin. Mandy Poitras ended up 4th.

Womens time trial this morning was awesome. Sandy Espeseth won !!! Cubans 2nd and 3rd. Sandy won by over 35 seconds on the 22 km course. Erin was a scratch, she is totally blown from track events.- taking day off to get pumped for road on Saturday.

Mens time trial this am as well. Mike Barry 5th, and Paul Kelly 8 or 9th (sorry exact results were impossible to find, will get them at road race tomorrow).

We went thru a small town that Victor Pena (time trial winner ) lives in .... oh my god, you should have seen the people out at this place.

The course was amazing for time trial. 85 -90 km downhills !! and at least 100 thousand people lining the streets. The entire course was jam packed with people. Totally amazing !!!

Mike Barry had a full bucket of water chucked at him while on the course. I was in his follow vehicle and saw this guy winding up with a bucket of water .... and sure enough he launched it right at Mike. Luckily he ducked his head, and took it off of his back!!!

Did a pre drive of the road course this afternoon ... will be fun! 13 km loop, 4 km death climb with 8 km totally blazing downhills!

They shortened the womens race to 67 km, and the mens to 200 km.

More news after womens road race tomorrow.


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