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May 10/15 12:51 pm - Hell of the North

Posted by Editoress on 05/10/15

Brief results from the 7th annual Hell of the North. The HoN is a 90+ km spring classic that includes rail trail, MTB double track, farmers’ fields, the most amazing dirt/gravel roads and the areas nicest climbs to make this truly one of the hardest events around.






Photo gallery



90km Hell of the North
1 Nigel Roedde
2 Andrew Merrick
3 Mark Palma
4 Peter Morse
5 Trevor O'Donnell
6 Oaken Work
7 Kevin Lockhart
8 Ben de Bray
9 Dino Pop
10 Christopher Prendergast
11 James Cook
12 Grahame Rivers
13 Gregory Conner
14 Myke Seppa
15 Jeff Moote

Women 90km Hell of the North
1 Jennifer Crake

70 km Heck of the North
1 Darren Mathews
2 Mathias Schmidt
3 Rol Miller
4 Adam Bird
5 Carlos Rodriguez
6 Unknown (TBD)
7 Vito Barbara
8 Jeff Weber
9 Shane Lavell
10 Brad Parsons
11 Unknown
12 Gaetano Cafaro
13 Vincenzo Libertucci
14 Brian Moore

Women 70km Heck of the North
1 Paolina Allan
2 Liz Grootenboer
3 Barbie Hope


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