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May 23/15 13:34 pm - World Ports Classic: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/15

On part of the route that the peloton will take in the Tour de France in July this year, it was not a case of hanging around across the dykes of Zeeland between Rotterdam and Antwerp. Over a stage run at an average speed of 48.112 km/h, Andrea Guardini (Astana) finished first on the first day of the World Ports Classic 2015. The Italian sprinter – who won a stage of the Tour de Picardie last week – is clearly in his best form in May. After getting rid of Bouhanni, victim of a bordure (peloton blocking), and Kittel, who was never really up for the final sprint, the Italian sprinter crossed the line ahead of Hutarovitch and Boeckmans in the port of Antwerp. Tomorrow he will have to defend his leader's blue jersey on the road back to Rotterdam.

5 riders in the wind
A threatening sky and a fine drizzle welcomed the peloton to Rotterdam at the start of the fourth edition of the World Ports Classic. At 11:40 am, 134 riders set off for Antwerp in Belgium with the programme for the day, the dykes of Zeeland and roads that suit the top cyclists. After several unsuccessful attempts at a breakaway, four riders finally managed to create a gap between themselves and the peloton: Van Zandbeek (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke), Stauff (MTN-Qhubeka), Kreder (Roompot Oranje Peloton) and Wallays (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise). The peloton put up some resistance at the beginning, but after Planckaert (Roubaix Lille Metropole) managed to join the group, the 5 riders moved even further ahead. On reaching Ouddorp, the peloton was 3:50 in front at kilometre 41.

The sprinter teams launch the pursuit
The first bonus sprint (km 74.5), in Zeeland on the finishing line of the 2nd stage of the Tour de France 2015, was won by Stauff ahead of Van Zandbeek and Kreder, while the gap to the five runaways started to narrow. After 2 hours' racing at around 48 km/h, Cofidis and Lotto-Soudal started to make inroads along the North Sea coast. The breakaway's advantage started to narrow and it was only 45'' at Goes (km 121), the place chosen by the most ambitious sprinters to launch their team against the wind.

Bouhanni caught
At km 132, the fast pace of the Lotto-Soudal team meant they were on the heels of the day's breakaway, who had to throw in the towel 63 kilometres from the finish line. Thanks to the wind in Zeeland and the strong pace of the Belgian team, the first splits occurred and the peloton spread out. Nacer Bouhanni was the first to pay the price. After being trapped in a "bordure", he found himself in a group out of touch with the leaders,1:50 from the peloton at km 155. He was not able to get back up and finally finished 8:10 behind the winner.

Giant-Alpecin headed the peloton in the finish sprint - Guardini wins the day

30 kilometres from the finish line, Tleubayev (Astana) and Mol Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke decided to go on the offensive. Thirty-five seconds ahead with 10 kilometres to go, they could not fend off a peloton on a roll that was looking for a bunch sprint in Antwerp. The Giant-Alpecin team took up their position well and caught the front two just 3 kilometres from the finish. In the port of Antwerp, the final sprint took place but Marcel Kittel was not strong enough to compete with the best sprinters in the final straight. Andrea Guardini (Astana) crossed the line first, in front of Yauheni Hutarovich (Bretagne - Seche Environnement) and Kris Boeckmans (Lotto-Soudal). Guardini, who is 4 seconds ahead of Hutarovitch and 6 of Boeckmans and Wallays, will defend his leader's blue jersey for the overall ranking tomorrow in the second stage of the World Ports Classic, which will take the peloton back to Rotterdam in a 164-kilometre stage.
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Antoine Duchesne (Team Europcar) finished 36th in the same time as the winner



Stage 1: Rotterdam to Antwerp, 195 km
1 Andrea Guardini (Astana Pro Team) 4:03:11
2 Yauheni Hutarovich (Bretagne - Seche Environnement)
3 Kris Boeckmans (Lotto-Soudal)
4 Barry Markus (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo)
5 Dylan Groenewegen (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
6 Rudy Barbier (Roubaix Lille Metropole)
7 Edward Theuns (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
8 Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg (MTN-Qhubeka)
9 Roy Jans (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
10 Sam Bennett (Bora-Argon 18)
11 Michael Carbel Svendgaard (Cult Energy Pro Cycling)
12 Remco Te Brake (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
13 Danilo Napolitano (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
14 Geoffrey Soupe (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
15 Coen Vermeltfoort (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
16 Michael Van Staeyen (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
17 Jens Debusschere (Lotto-Soudal)
18 Antoine Demoitie (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
19 Johim Ariesen (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
20 Robert Förster (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
21 Marcel Kittel (Team Giant-Alpecin)
22 Romain Feillu (Bretagne - Seche Environnement)
23 Thomas Boudat (Team Europcar)
24 Christophe Laporte (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
25 Pieter Van Speybrouck (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
26 Mike Teunissen (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo)
27 Jelle Wallays (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
28 Wesley Kreder (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
29 Gijs Van Hoecke (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
30 Alessandro Bazzana (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
31 Laurens De Vreese (Astana Pro Team)
32 Laurent Evrard (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
33 Loïc Pestiaux (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
34 Raymond Kreder (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
35 Jurgen Roelandts (Lotto-Soudal)
36 Antoine Duchesne (Team Europcar)
37 Jimmy Turgis (Roubaix Lille Metropole)
38 Jetse Bol (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
39 Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev (Astana Pro Team)
40 Matthieu Boulo (Bretagne - Seche Environnement)
41 Oliver Naesen (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
42 Baptiste Planckaert (Roubaix Lille Metropole)
43 Jef Van Meirhaeghe (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
44 Bert Van Lerberghe (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
45 Tiesj Benoot (Lotto-Soudal)
46 Jasper Hamelink (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
47 Stef Krul (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
48 Taco Van Der Hoorn (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
49 Youcef Reguigui (MTN-Qhubeka)
50 Christopher Jones (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
51 Angelo Tulik (Team Europcar)
52 Kobus Hereijgers (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
53 Zico Waeytens (Team Giant-Alpecin)
54 Ronan Van Zandbeek (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
55 Dex Groen (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
56 Shane Archbold (Bora-Argon 18)
57 Jan Ghyselinck (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
58 Dries Hollanders (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
59 Timo Roosen (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo)
60 Jarno Gmelich (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
61 Alex Kirsch (Cult Energy Pro Cycling)
62 Fréderique Robert (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
63 Borut Bozic (Astana Pro Team)
64 Jesper Asselman (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
65 Sjoerd Van Ginneken (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
66 Wouter Mol (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
67 Tim De Troyer (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
68 Daniel Schorn (Bora-Argon 18)
69 Tom Veelers (Team Giant-Alpecin)
70 Robert Wagner (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo)
71 Vincent Jerome (Team Europcar)
72 Phil Bauhaus (Bora-Argon 18)
73 Julien Morice (Team Europcar)
74 Frederik Veuchelen (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
75 Florian Senechal (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
76 Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
77 Matthew Harley Goss (MTN-Qhubeka) all s.t.
78 Zakkari Dempster (Bora-Argon 18) 0:14
79 Thomas Leezer (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo) 0:15
80 Marcel Sieberg (Lotto-Soudal)
81 Berden De Vries (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
82 Brian Van Goethem (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
83 Ramon Sinkeldam (Team Giant-Alpecin) all s.t.
84 Matt Brammeier (MTN-Qhubeka) 0:23
85 Ruslan Tleubayev (Astana Pro Team) 0:32
86 Clément Venturini (Cofidis, Solutions Credits) 0:37
87 Gerald Ciolek (MTN-Qhubeka) 0:48
88 Brian Bulgac (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo) 0:54
89 Andreas Stauff (MTN-Qhubeka) 1:53
90 Gert Dockx (Lotto-Soudal) 2:30
91 Albert Timmer (Team Giant-Alpecin) 5:17
92 Romain Pillon (Roubaix Lille Metropole) 8:10
93 Michael Schwarzmann (Bora-Argon 18)
94 Ludwig De Winter (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
95 Jens Wallays (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise)
96 Jeremy Leveau (Roubaix Lille Metropole)
97 Jordi Talen (Cyclingteam Join's - De Rijke)
98 Thomas Wertz (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
99 Thomas De Gendt (Lotto-Soudal)
100 Christoph Pfingsten (Bora-Argon 18)
101 Martin Mortensen (Cult Energy Pro Cycling)
102 Frederico Zurlo (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
103 Kevin De Weert (Team Lotto Nl - Jumbo)
104 Davide Frattini (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
105 Daniele Ratto (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
106 Joel Zangerle (Cult Energy Pro Cycling)
107 Troels Ronning Vinther (Cult Energy Pro Cycling)
108 Maxat Ayazbayev (Astana Pro Team)
109 Tom Devriendt (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
110 Arman Kamyshev (Astana Pro Team)
111 Morgan Lamoisson (Team Europcar)
112 Thierry Hupond (Team Giant-Alpecin)
113 Alexandre Pichot (Team Europcar)
114 Jimmy Engoulvent (Team Europcar)
115 Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
116 Anthony Turgis (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
117 Gaëtan Pons (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
118 Oscar Riesebeek (Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam)
119 Kenneth Hanson (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)
120 Kenny De Haes (Lotto-Soudal)
121 Rasmus Christian Quaade (Cult Energy Pro Cycling)
122 Roy Curvers (Team Giant-Alpecin)
123 Ivar Slik (Roompot Oranje Peloton)
124 Dieter Bouvry (Roubaix Lille Metropole)
125 Maxime Vantomme (Roubaix Lille Metropole)
126 Benoit Jarrier (Bretagne - Seche Environnement)
127 Adrien Niyonshuti (MTN-Qhubeka)
128 Daniel Mclay (Bretagne - Seche Environnement)
129 Julien Stassen (Wallonie - Bruxelles)
130 Russell Downing (Cult Energy Pro Cycling) all s.t.
DNF Lars Van Der Haar (Team Giant-Alpecin)
DNF Loïc Chetout (Cofidis, Solutions Credits)
DNF Ralf Matzka (Bora-Argon 18)
DNF Maxime Cam (Bretagne - Seche Environnement)



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