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August 4/00 10:38 am - Lots of Alberta News, Birthdays

Posted by Editor on 08/4/00

(courtesy Greg Flaaten)

Good weekend coming up in Canmorrrrre. (Roll those R's!). Canada Cup AND Cactus Cup.

Saturday is Cactus Cup day 1 (of two) with a full day's worth of racing. The Cactus Cup is a race where the combined results of 3 different events (Time Trial, Dirt Criterium and XC Race) determine an overall winner. There's also a fun to watch Team Relay Race.


9:00 - 12:00 AM: Time Trial. Racers start at 30 second intervals and attack a 5K single/double track course. Just like the Tour's Prologue, the Cactus Cup Time Trial is a good indication of who can ride fast over a short distance. This is the first event of the GC.

1:00 - 3:00 PM Team Relay. A short 1K stadium course where 4 person relay take turns and try to stay ahead of the other teams. 90 minutes of fierce but fun racing! Does not count toward GC.

4:00 - 8:00 PM Dirt Criterium. Survival of the fastest for 20 Minutes plus 3 laps. There's extra incentive to do well in the Dirt Crit so look forward to some of the best racing of the weekend. The race will feature breakaways, attacks, chases and sprints. The top five finishers get time shaved off of their overall (GC) time as follows:

1. 2 minutes
2. 1:30
3. 1:00
4. 0:45
5. 0:30

PLUS: There are special "Prime Laps" where riders can earn an additional 30 second time bonus.


1:00 (Elite Start) Canada Cup Cross Country Race. Also the final combined event to determine the overall Canmore Cactus Cup Champion. 9K of typically tough but beautiful Canmore Nordic Centre racing for all levels of racers. The Elite Pro races start at 1:00 PM. Riders compete for points in the Cactus Cup Race Series AND The Canada Cup Championship Series, the Canadian Cycling Association's premier mountainbike event.

Volunteers Needed
(courtesy Aaron McConnell)

We are looking for a few more volunteers for the Canmore Cactus Cup/Canada Cup. Please contact Jennifer at or call toll free 1-877-678-1635. Or come see us at the Canmore Nordic Centre this weekend!

Alberta Provincial Track Championships
(courtesy Troy Delfs)

The 2000 Arvid Geldsetzer Memorial - Provincial Track Championships was held on July 29 & 30,2000. Everything went well thanks to the riders, the officials, a great group of volunteers and of course the excellent weather.

Open Men Final Results

1st Madsen, SteenJuventus
2nd Ongaro, PaulJuventus
3rd Bentley, ChrisEurotech
4th Dubnicoff, TanyaShaklee
5th Alexander, GaryBicisport
1stVeroba, BobBicisport1:10.363
2ndAlexander, GaryBicisport1:10.603
3rdBentley, ChrisEurotech1:11.230
4thConlin, LenBicisport1:11.303
5thMachacek, MartinEurotech1:13.67
Pursuits- 4000m
1stVeroba, BobBicisport4:58.994
2ndConlin, LenBicisport5:1?.329
3rdBrandrick, RobBicisport5:17.636
4thBerg, LincolnEurotech5:24.272
5thWalsh, ColinEurotech5:24.095
1stMadsen, SteenJuventus1
2ndBentley, ChrisEurotech2
3rdAlexander, GaryBicisport3
4thRemenda, BradJuventus4
5thMackenzie, Ryan Bikeshop5
Points Race
1st Conlin, LenBicisport27
2nd Bentley, ChrisEurotech9
3rd Veroba, BobBicisport33
4th Walsh, ColinEurotech31
5th Brandrick, RobBicisport15
1st Veroba, BobBicisport25
2ndBentley, ChrisEurotech24
3rd Conlin, LenBicisport20*
4th Madsen, SteenJuventus20*
5th Alexander, GaryBicisport13
6th Ongaro, PaulJuventus7
7th Brandrick, RobBicisport6
8th Walsh, ColinEurotech4
9th Remenda, BradJuventus3
10thBerg, LincolnEurotech3

* Points race designated as the Omnium tie breaker

Women Final Results
1st Trew, JennyBike Shop
2nd Carter-Erdman, Kelly AnnBicisport
3rd Sutherland, SusanEurotech
4th Svedahl, KristaEurotech
5th Bladon, DianaSoma
1stSvedahl, KristaEurotech38.151
2ndCarter-Erdman, Kelly AnnBicisport39.263
3rdTuck, CarrieBike Shop39.476
4thSutherland, SusanEurotech41.029
5thBladon, DianaSoma41.604
1st JrYoisten, LauraBike Shop45.632
2nd JrPotter, YvonneBike Shop49.628
1stCarter-Erdman, Kelly AnnBicisport4:13.517
2ndTrevorrow, MarianneBicisport4:25.33
3rdTuck, CarrieBike Shop4:25.448
4thBladon, DianaSoma4:21.185
5thTulissi, PetrinaBike Shop4:35.424
1st JrYoisten, LauraBike Shop2:55.149
2nd JrPotter, YvonneBike Shop3:33.345
Points Race
1st Reed, JennyUPS35
2nd Carter-Erdman, Kelly-AnnBicisport19
3rd Tuck, CarrieBikeshop10
4th Yoisten, LauraBikeshop9
5th Bladon, DianaSoma2
1st Carter-Erdman, Kelly AnnBicisport31
2nd Tuck, CarrieBike Shop15
3rd Svedahl, KristaEurotech13
4th Trew, JennyBike Shop10
5th Reed, JennyUPS10
6th Sutherland, SusanEurotech8
7th Trevorrow, MarianneBicisport7
8th Bladon, DianaSoma5
9th Tulissi, PetrinaBike Shop1
1st JrYoisten, LauraOlympic Oval23
2nd JrPotter, YvonneBike Shop14

Junior Men Final Results
1st McKenzie, RyanBikeshop
2nd Jendzjowsky, NickJuventus
3rd Mackinnon, CamBikeshop
4th Parker, JustinBikeshop
5th Atkinson, SpencerBikeshop
1stMcKenzie, RyanBikeshop1:13.797
2ndJendzjowsky, NickJuventus1:15.279
3rdCorcoran, NickBikeshop1:17.977
4thAtkinson, SpencerBikeshop1:19.526
5thMackinnon, CamBikeshop1:20.161
Pursuits - 3000m
1stJendzjowsky, NickJuventus3:51.934
2ndMcKenzie, RyanBikeshop3:53.925
3rdCorcoran, NickBikeshop4:14.094
4thAbbott, PhilippeBikeshop4:17.986
5thMackinnon, CamBikeshop4:21.895
Points Race
1st Jendzjowsky, NickJeventus35
2nd McKenzie, RyanBikeshop26
3rd Mackinnon, CamBikeshop10
4th Abbott, PhilippeBikeshop9
5th Holland, EricBikeshop6
1stJendzjowsky, NickJuventus34*
2ndMcKenzie, RyanBikeshop34*
3rdMackinnon, CamBikeshop12
4thCorcoran, NickBikeshop10
5thAtkinson, SpencerBikeshop4
6thAbbott, PhilippeBikeshop3
7thParker, JustinBikeshop3
8thHolland, EricBikeshop1

* Points race designated as the Omnium tie breaker

Team Pursuit & Olympic Sprint
Team Pursuit
Veroba, BobBicisport4:49.148
Conlin, LenBicisport
Brandrick, RobBicisport
Alexander, GaryBicisport
Walsh, ColinEurotech5:13.104
Berg, LincolnEurotech
Machacek, MartinEurotech
Delfs, TroyEurotech
Holland, EricBikeshop5:37.895
Mackinnon, CamBikeshop
Davidson, AndrewBikeshop
Abbott, PhilippeBikeshop
Olympic Sprint
Mackenzie, Ryan Bikeshop1:22.990
Bentley, ChrisEurotech
Alexander, GaryBicisport
Remenda, BradJuventus1:25.835
Ongaro, PaulJuventus
Jendzowsky, NickJuventus
3Mix and Match
Reed, JennieUPS1:26.085
Walsh, ColinEurotech
Thebeau, NeilIndependent

Happy Birthday To...

Mountain bikers Mathieu Toulouse (yesterday) and Martin Nuckle (today), the Queen Mum (today), and to our own Editoress today.


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