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August 4/00 2:18 am - Junior Track Worlds, Sydor, Specialized Drops DH, Wohlberg, 'Toona

Posted by Editor on 08/4/00

Junior Track Worlds - Italy

Olympic Sprint - Final
1. Australia
2. Russia
3. Italy
4. France

Men's 3000M Pursuit - Final
2. VAITKUS, TOMAS LTU 3:30.251

Sydor On Cheerios Box

Mountain biker Alison Sydor will appear on boxes of multi-grain Cheerios during the Olympics. This is Sydor's second appearance on a cereal box - she was on Frosted Flakes during the Atlanta Olympics.

Specialized Ditches Downhillers

Specialized has announced that it is going to discontinue sponsorship of its pro downhill team at the end of this season. Among the riders affected are Tara Llanes, David Vasquez, Oscar Saiz and Kirt Voreis. The cross-country team will continue.

Olympic Road Team Update

We have no further word on Eric Wohlberg's condition after his crash at Altoona (wrist and possible collarbone). However, the CCA is monitoring the situation, and says that at this time they feel confident Eric will be able to compete in Sydney. Since it is an injury, the CCA also has the ability to substitute an alternate up to the last minute, according to Kris Westwood at the CCA. At this time there is no alternate designated.

Tour de 'Toona

We just received a telephone call from Dave Cathcart of Team Elita, who was happy to report that team leader Sarah Ulmer has just won today's 4th stage (130 km circuit race) after the team shut down attempts by Saturn and Timex to break it open. Alison Sydor (Timex) was second in the sprint. Ulmer, because of a 15 second time bonus, has extended her lead over second place Lyne Bessette (Saturn) to 22 seconds.

Yesterday's Results:

Stage 3 Circuit Race 100 km

1. Gord Fraser Mercury 2:14:02
2. Antonio Cruz Saturn
3. Derek Bouchard-Hall Mercury
4. Chris Fisher Monsoon
5. Clark Sheehan 7-Up-Colorado Cyclist
6. Andrew Randell Jet Fuel
7. Kevin Monahan 7-Up-Colorado Cyclist
8. John Lieswyn Shaklee
9. Dean Meyer Lombardi Sports
10. Chris Wherry Saturn.

1. Lyne Bessette Saturn
2. Sarah Ulmer Elita at 0:04
3. Caren Spore Jane Cosmetics at 0:11
4. Naomi Williams
5. Suzanne Sonye Saturn
6. Marjan Huizing Bike Doctor
7. Jen Dial
8. Katrina Berger Charles Schwab
9. Odessa Osorio Trek
10. Julie Young all s.t.


1. Fraser
2. Cruz at 0:25
3. Bouchard-Hall 0:27
4. Wherry 0:32
5. Vassily Davidenko Navigators 0:33
6. Randell 0:34
7. Sylvain Beauchamp Shaklee 0:35

8. Michael Sayers Mercury 0:37
9. David McCook Shaklee 0:41
10. Fisher s.t.

1. Ulmer
2. Bessette at 0:07
3. Tracey Gaudry Timex 0:24
4. Pam Schuster 0:34
5. Ann Samplonious 0:35
6. Erin Carter Elita 0:38

7. Mina Pizzini Procter & Gamble 0:38
8. Anke Erlank s.t.
9. Berger 0:39
10. Kimberly Bruckner s.t.


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