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June 28/15 13:38 pm - Road Nationals: Para-cycling road race results

Posted by Editoress on 06/28/15

Results from the Para-cycling road races held this morning in Saint-Georges, QC



MT1-2-WT1-2, 24.4 km
1 Louis Albert Corriveau Jolin (QC) Equipe du Quebec MT2 0:55:36
2 Shelley Gautier (ON) Team Ontario WT1 at 18:36
3 Kas Duong (AB) Synergy Racing CC WT1 -1 lap
DNF Ashley Wilson (AB) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cy MT2
MH3-5, 42.7 km
1 Mark Ledo (ON) Real Deal/Gears p/b WaspCam MH4 1:28:13
2 Charles Moreau (QC) Equipe du Quebec MH3 at 1:01
3 Rico Morneau (QC) Equipe du Quebec MH3 7:28
4 Joey Desjardins (ON) Team Ontario MH3 8:43
5 Alex Hyndman (ON) Team Ontario MH3 9:15
6 Mark Beggs (QC) Equipe du Quebec MH3 10:13
7 Derek Zaplotinsky (AB) Velocity CC MH3 18:14
8 Kyle Shaw (SK) Team Saskatchewan MH4 20:52
9 Anthony Lue (ON) Team Ontario MH3 29:25
10 Richard Dufour (QC) NorcoPremierTech MH4 -2 laps
MC1-2 WC 4-5, 54.9 km
1 Michael Sametz (AB) Team Alberta MC3 1:38:43
2 Jay Milley (AB) Team Alberta MC1 at 2:57
3 Nicole Clermont (QC) Equipe du Quebec WC5 4:21
4 Marie Claude Molnar (QC) Equipe du Quebec WC4 23:33
MH1-2 WH1-5, 24.4 km
1 Robert Labbe (QC) Equipe du Quebec MH2 1:10:53
2 Myriam Adam (QC) Equipe du Quebec WH3 at 6:22
3 Annik Charron (QC) paracyclisme adapta WH3 -2 Laps
DNS Rene Daigle (QC) Para Performance MH2
DNS Luke Gingras (QC) Equipe du Quebec MH1
MC4/5, 73.2 km
1 Sébastien Héroux (QC) La Cordée MC4 2:16:31
2 Jeff Murphy (ON) Team PBR MC5 at 3:26
DNF Atilla Avsar (BC) Independent MC5
WC2, 42.7 km
1 Michelle Salt (AB) Team Alberta WC2 1:55:59
Men B Tandem, 85.4 km
1 Alexandre Carrier (s) Aroussen LaFlamme (p) (QC) Equipe du Quebec MB 2:16:5
2 Matthieu Croteau Daigle (s) Pierre-Olivier Boily (p) (QC) Equipe du Quebec MB at 0:02
3 Daniel Chalifour (s) Alex Cloutier (p) (QC) Equipe du Quebec MB 0:40
DNF Kevin Frost (s) Jean-Sebastien Peron (p) (ON) Team Ontario MB
Women B Tandem, 73.2 km
1 Robbi Weldon (s) Joanie Caron (p) (ON) Fort Langley Cyclery WB 2:20:23
2 Shawna Ryan (s) Audrey Lemieux (p) (SK) Team Saskatchewan WB at 0:09
3 Carla Shibley (s) Erin Ruttan (p) (AB) Bicisport Calgary Bi WB 8:40
4 Melissa Boisvert (s) Evelyn Gagnon (p) (QC) Equipe du Quebec WB 11:33
5 Annie Bouchard (s) Rachel Tremblay (p) (QC) Equipe du Quebec WB 11:46



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