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July 3/15 20:21 pm - Road Nationals: Master B, C, D E and F RR results

Posted by Editoress on 07/3/15

Results from the Master B, C, D, E and F road races in Thetford Mines, QC

Master B, 121.2 km
1 Francois Doyon (Scott / Rackulta) 3:04:25
2 John Malois (ACQUISIO -ACQ)
3 Jean-Francois Blais (Trek-Fiera)
4 David Desjardins (Collectif Parlee Cycles)
5 Steve McKee (Wheels of Bloor/ Graywood Developments)
6 Yannick Lemire (Laferté Bicycles)
7 Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor / Graywood Developments)
8 Justin Rogers (Nacsworld p/b WASPcam)
9 Rolston Miller (Morning Glory Cycling Club)
10 Chris Firek (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes)
11 Marc Boudreau (Cyclery Racing)
12 Paolo Eugeni (london honda / orthocare)
13 Mark Sherman (Langlois Brown Racing)
14 Brian McKeown (The Radical Edge)
15 Patrick Kings (Sound Solutions)
16 Charles Munger (Ultraviolet)
17 Chris Kirk (Independent)
18 Michael Caturay (True North Medical Road Corps)
19 Jocelyn Lachance (Laferté Bicycles)
20 Jason Valenti (B1 - EVO CYCLING) all s.t.
21 Maxime Hebert (Scott / Rackulta) 0:06
22 Phill Hodgkinson (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments) s.t.
23 Pierre Boilard (cc Québec Hype) 0:08
24 Andy Mill (Nacsworld pb Waspcam) 0:11
25 David Girard (Indépendant) 0:14
26 Brian Kelly (NACSWORLD.COM / NORCO) s.t.
27 Craig Hawkes (CYCLERY RACING) 0:16
28 Stephane Dodier (PowerWatts) 0:17
29 Alain Cadorette (ABC Cycles / Honda Centreville)
30 Yann Lavallee (Trek Fiera)
31 Sebastien Brassard (ABC Cycles / Honda Centreville)
32 Sylvain Thibeault (UltraViolet) all s.t.
33 Dominic Chalifoux (Treck-Fiera) 0:19
34 Charles B. Ostiguy (Collectif Parlee Cycles) 0:21
35 Bob Tomsic (Nacsworld p/b WASPcam) 0:22
36 Jeff Douglas (Wheels of Bloor) 0:24
37 Eric Migneron (maglia rosa) 0:25
38 René Bellemare (Équipe Brunet) 0:29
39 Dominic Picard (Scott-RackUltra) 0:31
40 Matthias Schmidt (Racer Sportif / Mattamy Homes) s.t.
41 Martin Vinet (Trek-Fiera) 0:44
42 Andrew Churchill (Martin Swiss) 2:22
43 Geoff Macdonald (Bicisport) 4:03
44 Steve Gardner (Trek-Fiera) 6:41
45 Simon-Pierre Germain (VéloGare Hélicodream)
46 Alexandre Boiteau (Trek-Fiera) both s.t.
DNF David Gazsi (TrueNorthMedicalRoadCorps)
DNF Marc-Wayne Addison (GARNEAU-QUÉBEC)
DNF Lawrence Akot (Nacsworld p/b WASPcam)
DNF Marc Alain (Jean-Maurice Vezina)
DNF Kourosh Arshi (Independent)
DNF Jean Ayotte (Paquette-Villemure Contruction)
DNF Mario Beauregard (Collectif Parlee Cycles)
DNF Luc Bellerive (Maglia Rosa)
DNF Martin Benoit (ABC Cycles / Honda Centreville)
DNF André Boisclair (Independent)
DNF Jean Boissonneault (Indépendant)
DNF Simon Brunette (VéloGare Hélicodream)
DNF Frédéric Chénard (Maglia Rosa p/b Partenaires)
DNF Rodney Clarke (Radical Edge)
DNF Greg Connor (Morning Glory Cycling Club)
DNF Dale Danner (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Éric Desjardins (Paquette Villemure construction)
DNF Jean Marc Dulac (Brunet)
DNF Nicolas Fortin (indépendant)
DNF Nicola Giancola (Acquisio/Acq)
DNF Bertrand Huppé (CYCLE POP)
DNF Christian Marcoux (Scott Rack Ultra)
DNF Justin Moore (WASPcam)
DNF Michael Nash (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Fred Perez (Indépendant)
DNF Leigh Quilliams (Trek-Fiera)
DNF Peter Tregunno (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNF Yvan Trudel (independant-rp)
DNF James White (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Eric Giroux (Jean Maurice Vésina Groupe Invertor)
Master C, 121.2 km
1 Ron Amos (Hammer/53x11) 3:10:55
2 Steve Bauer (independent) at 2:06
3 Eric Provost (Iris) 2:30
4 Miguel Sanchez (sports maguire) 2:47
5 Stéphane Demers (Équipe Brunet) 3:23
6 André Lamarche (TREK FIERA)
7 Mark Berger (Pedalinx Zuck Bikes)
8 Didier Chunlaud (NORCO PREMIER TECH CHEWPOD) all s.t.
9 Eric Magnoux (Indépendant) 3:29
10 Carlos Goncalves (To Wheels Epic Sports Performance/ BBC) s.t.
11 Simon Thibault (RBC VO2) 3:30
12 Marc Courtemanche (Espoirs Laval Primeau-Velo) 3:34
13 Normand Bertrand (Équipe Brunet) 3:38
14 Sylvan Adams (PowerWatts) s.t.
15 André Binette (Independant) 3:43
16 Claude Durocher (Club Cyclyste Québec Hype) 3:46
17 Joe Narciso (ToWheelsEpicSportsPerformenceBCC) 3:54
18 Benoit Nayet (Sports Maguire) 4:11
19 Ihor Hayda (Racer Sportif/ Mattamy Homes) 4:15
20 Stephen Harris (Radical Edge) 14:51
DNF Jon Gee (Ride with Rendall)
DNF Garnett Abbey (Erace Cancer)
DNF Tony Abramavicius (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments)
DNF Jedson Tommy Arthur (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Gervais Bernier (indépendant)
DNF Rick Clavir (B1 EVO Cycling Club)
DNF Charles Cormier (Mikes Bike Shop Cycling Club)
DNF Marc Couture (Acquisio-ACQ)
DNF Terence Dahms (Pedalhead Roadworks)
DNF Alain Fuchs (sports maguire)
DNF Philippe Gautier D'aulnay (indépendant)
DNF David Hendrycks (euro-sports)
DNF Daniel Lucier (Velo 2000 peak centre)
DNF Alain Major (Maglia Rosa p/b Partenaires Alpha)
DNF Brad Martel (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Robert Massicotte (ERASE CANCER Cycling Team)
DNF Luc Ostiguy (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais)
DNF André Paquette (Maglia Rosa)
DNF Marc Polsinelli (Pedalinx Zuck bikes / partenaire alpha)
DNF Michel Raymond (Véloselect)
DNF Robert Orange (Ride with Rendal p/b Biemme)
DNF Jean-Francois Soulieres (Espoirs Laval / Primeau vélo)
DNF Martin Ste-Marie (Maglia Rosa)
DNF Andrew Stewart (TrueNorth Medical Road Corps)
DNF Daniel Therer (Trek-Fiera)
Master D, 101 km
1 Robert Anderson (Team Specialized Racing Masters) 2:47:09
2 James Laird (Peak Racing / Gear Works Cyclery) at 0:22
3 Alain Goulet (independant) 1:44
4 Julien Rioux (Club Cycliste de Sherbrooke) 9:34
5 André Rodrigue (Équipe Brunet) 9:37
6 Glenn Miles (Crankmasters) 9:43
7 Roger Simard (Equipe Brunet) 10:17
8 Guy Marcotte (C.C. Sherbrooke) 14:00
OTL Michel Barbeau (Sudbury Cycling Club)
OTL Vincent Richard (Independant)
OTL Bruce Camacho (Full throttle Cycle Club)
OTL Gilbert Bessin (PEAK CENTRE MONTREAL - Berna)
DNF Alain Patrick Brault (Espoirs Laval/Primeau vélo)
DNF Tim Buckley (Morning Glory CC)
DNF Rob Cheskey (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)
DNF Gilles Gagnon (UCI. 50729)
DNF Gérard Louis Robert (ASEA SPORT)
Master E, 73.5 km
1 Chantal Gosselin (Les Rouleurs de l'outaouais) 2:22:52
2 Jodi Wendland (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
3 Leslie Horn (NovoFit Compass 360 Racing) both s.t.
4 Sandrine Quirion (Cycle Pop) 4:29
5 Judith Bourgault (Indépendant) 4:58
Master F, 80.8 km
1 Pier-Pascale Hutsebaut (Peak Centre) 2:22:52
2 Carole Vanier (Martin Swiss) at s.t.
3 Dawn Heinemeyer (Calgary Crankmasters) 0:11
4 Carol Deavy (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 0:13
5 Robyn Angeles (Independant) 0:26
6 Judith Hayes (Martin Swiss) 2:11
7 Katya Masun (CYKL - Junek Velodromes) 4:26
8 Sonia Tessier (indépendant) 4:45
9 Lisa Ulrich (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express) 11:15
DNF Mylène Kim Fortier (indépendant)
DNS Vicki Thomas (The Cyclery)


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