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July 4/15 17:23 pm - Road Nationals: Junior Men RR results

Posted by Editoress on 07/4/15

Results from the Junior men's road race in Thetford Mines, QC

Junior Men, 141.4 km
1 Adam Roberge (L'Échappée Bob Cyclo) 3:32:31
2 Jordann Jones (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express) at s.t.
3 Pier Andre Cote (Equipe du Quebec)
4 Francis Barriault (Equipe du Quebec)
5 Willem Boersma (Team Manitoba)
6 Raphael Auclair (Equipe du Quebec)
7 Jean Francois Soucy (Equipe du Quebec) all s.t.
8 Antoine Côté (André Cycle Kaycan RDS) 0:21
9 Vivien Rindisbacher (NCCH / KMS Cycling)
10 Lukas Conly (Team Sask)
11 Mason Burtnik (Team Alberta)
12 Charles Roy (Iamgold-Specialized) all s.t.
13 Jake Allaire (Independent Rider) 0:23
14 Connor Byway (Team Ontario)
15 John Willcox (Cycling BC) both s.t.
16 Thomas Lajoie (Promutuel-VMBL-Alco TMI) 0:25
17 Antoine Massie (Polo Vélo - p/p Trek)
18 Cam Fitzmaurice (TaG cycling)
19 Félix-Antoine Trudel (Stingray / Ultime Vélo / Trek)
20 Graydon Staples (Team Ontario)
21 Simon Ouellette (André Cycle Kaycan RDS) all s.t.
22 Pierre-Olivier Santerre (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) 0:28
23 Jean-Denis Thibault (La Vie Sportive - Apogée - Opus) 0:30
24 Alex Cormier (Équipe Nouveau-Brunswick) s.t.
25 Massimiliano Duso (TaG cycling) 0:33
26 Lucas Taylor (Kallisto-FCV p/b Toyo Tires) 0:34
27 Derek Gee (Team Ontario) s.t.
28 James Grant (Luma/CMS Development Team) 0:36
29 Joel Taylor (Cycling BC)
30 Cameron Connor (NCCH p/b DEC Express) both s.t.
31 Ross Graham (Team Ontario) 0:40
32 Matt Staples (Team Ontario) 0:41
33 Josh Smith (NCCH p/b DEC Express)
34 Stephan Davidson (IAMGOLD-Spécialized) both s.t.
35 Garrett Belanger (Team Ontario) 0:43
36 Philippe Mireault (Stingray-Ultime Vélo-Trek) s.t.
37 Hubert Laferriere (Equipe du Quebec) 1:09
38 Izquierdo-Bernier, (velo club metropolitain - cycles ABC) s.t.
39 Fergus Horrobin (Cycling BC) 1:43
40 Aaron Carter (Team Manitoba) 1:57
41 Bayley Simpson (Team Ontario/Jet Fuel Coffee) 3:01
42 Evan Burtnik (Team Alberta) 3:35
43 Matan Guttmann (TaG Cycling) 3:51
44 Félix Dolbec (Club La Vie Sportive - Apogée - Opus) 3:56
45 Brendan Armstrong (TaG Cycling) 7:18
46 Christian Gomes (Team Alberta) 7:43
47 Antoine Bouchard (André Cycle Kaycan RDS) 8:21
48 Julien Cassou (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) 9:44
49 Mathieu Tremblay (velo club metropolitain - cycles ABC) 10:02
50 Philip Guimond (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) 10:16
51 Rowan Morris (TaG cycling) 10:19
52 Kirouac Marcassa, (Equipe du Quebec) 14:15
53 Laurent Gervais (Equipe du Quebec) 14:42
54 Simon Ouellet (Iamgold-Specialized) 14:43
55 Cameron Mason (Team Ontario) 18:15
56 Dustin King (OBC) 18:15
57 Léon Desgagnés (velo club metropolitain - cycles ABC) 18:15
DNF Charles Buisson (Promutuel-VMBL-Alco TMI)
DNF Émile Caron (Cyclosphère)
DNF Simon Cournoyer (velo club metropolitain - cycles ABC)
DNF Nicolas Courtemanche (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Ian Currie (Kallisto-FCV p/b Toyo Tires)
DNF Marc-Alexandre Delage (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Erik Diertens (Cycling BC)
DNF Marc Dupuis (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
DNF Alexis Gagné (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Martin Garneau (L'Échappée Bob Cyclo)
DNF Vincent Girard (Stingray Ultime Vélo Trek)
DNF Jean-Charles Grenier (L'Échappée Bob Cyclo)
DNF David Havill (Cyclesmith)
DNF Jacob Howard (Team Alberta)
DNF Joseph Kelly (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express)
DNF Alexandre Langlois (velo club metropolitain - cycles ABC)
DNF Alexis Legault (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Samuel Lemyre (L'Échappée-Bob Cyclo)
DNF Chris MacLeod (Dr Walker)
DNF Simon Mayne (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express)
DNF Brian Moore (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Kurt Penno (Team Manitoba)
DNF Marc-André Perrault (L'Échappée-Bob Cyclo)
DNF Laurent Provencher (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Mathieu Roy (Iamgold-Specialized)
DNF Robert Starrs (Kallisto-FCV p/b Toyo Tires)
DNF Guillaume Tousignant (Iamgold-Specialized)
DNS Charles Côté (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNS Marc-André Perron (Promutuel-VMBL-Alco TMI)/td>

Junior Women and Master A Men

Master B, C, D E and F


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