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August 8/00 4:14 am - Northumberland Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 08/8/00

Northumberland Challenge

Courtesy Rob Naish, Cobourg CC Cobourg CC


Stage 1
PlaceRiderTeamPointsBonus Total
1Sue PortengenKiro40646
2Donna LocketIndependent3636
3Ann TurrinIntersport341347
4Julia BradleyIndependent33134
5Amy JarvisIntersport321446
6Chloe BlackIntersport312455
7Amanda KellettOGC3030
8Jenny BrownGiant Sports Exchange10212
9Kirsten RobbinsKHS1010
10Maogosha PyjorKiro1010
11Trisha WestmanLondon CW1010
12Lori PolLondon CW1010
Stage 2
1Amy JarvisIntersport25.4750
2Chloe BlackIntersport25.5746
3Donna LocketIndependent26.1344
4Julia BradleyIndependent28.0243
5Ann TurrinIntersport28.0442
6Amanda KellettOGC28.141
7Kirsten RobbinsKHS28.3440
8Sue PortengenKiro28.5139
9Trisha WestmanLondon CW29.4638
10Lori PolLondon CW30.0137
11Maogosha PyjorKiro31.0736
12Jenny BrownGiant Sports ExchangeDNS
Stage 3
Rider TeamPointsBonus Total
1Donna LocketIndependent501262
2Amy JarvisIntersport461763
3Ann TurrinIntersport441559
4Julia BradleyIndependent43750
5Amanda KellettOGC10717
6Sue PortengenKiro10212
7Jenny BrownGiant Sports Exchange10111
7Lori PolLondon CW1010
9Trisha WestmanLondon CW1010
10Maogosha PyjorKiro1010
11Kirsten RobbinsKHS10111
DNFChloe BlackIntersport022
Stage 4
Rider TeamTimePoints
1Amy JarvisIntersport26.3550
2Donna LocketIndependent27.0646
3Julia BradleyIndependent28.0544
4Amanda KellettOGC28.1843
5Ann TurrinIntersport29.0142
6Kirsten RobbinsKHS29.4441
7Sue PortengenKiro30.2540
8Trisha WestmanLondon CW30.3739
9Maogosha PyjorKiro31.1338
10Lori PolLondon CW31.1437
11Jenny BrownGiant Sports ExchangeDNS
12Chloe BlackIntersportDNS
Stage 5
Rider TeamPoints
1Donna LocketIndependent50
2Ann TurrinIntersport46
3Amy JarvisIntersport44
4Sue PortengenKiro10
5Julia BradleyIndependent10
6Amanda KellettOGC10
7Trisha WestmanLondon CW10
8Maogosha PyjorKiro10
9Kirsten RobbinsKHS10
10Lori PolLondon CW10
DNSJenny BrownGiant Sports Exchange
DNSChloe BlackIntersport
PlaceRider TeamOverall
1Amy JarvisIntersport253
2Donna LocketIndependent238
3Ann TurrinIntersport236
4Julia BradleyIndependent181
5Sue PortengenKiro147
6Amanda KellettOGC141
7Kirsten RobbinsKHS112
8Trisha WestmanLondon CW107
9Maogosha PyjorKiro104
10Lori PolLondon CW104
11Chloe BlackIntersport103
12Jenny BrownGiant Sports Exchange23

Best Sprinter
Amy Jarvis 34pts
Ann Turrin 32
Chloe Black 26
Donna Locket 20
Sue Portengen 11
Julia Bradley 8
Amanda Kellett 7
Jenny Brown 3
Kirsten Robbins 1

Best TT Rider
Amy Jarvis 100pts
Donna Locket 90
Ann Turrin 84
Julia Bradley 87
Sue Portengen 79
Amanda Kellett 84
Kirsten Robbins 81
Trisha Westman 77
Maogosha Pyjor 74
Lori Pol 74
Chloe Black 46

Best Road Racer
Donna Locket 136pts
Ann Turrin 124
Amy Jarvis 122
Julia Bradley 86
Sue Portengen 60
Amanda Kellett 50
Chloe Black 31
Lori Pol 30
Trisha Westman 30
Maogosha Pyjor 30
Kirsten Robbins 30
Jenny Brown 20


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