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August 8/00 4:58 am - Northumberland Stage Race: Men's Results Stages 4, 5 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 08/8/00

Northumberland Challenge - Men's Results: Stages 4, 5 and Final GC

Courtesy Rob Naish, Cobourg CC

Stage 4
PlaceRider TeamCategoryTimePoints
1Michael MooreMississauga BCMasters A23.4950
2Matthew UsborneOryx-ProCycleSenior 324.0746
3Noel SavagePeterborough RCSenior 324.1544
4Travis BrownCobourg CCSenior 324.4543
5Chris ReidMississauga BCSenior 324.4642
6Doug HinnanPeterborough RCSenior 324.4841
7Desi DesrochersIndependentMasters C24.4940
8Mark DwyerKingston VCMaster A24.5539
9Stirling McArthurMississauga BCSenior 325.1238
10Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMasters B25.1637
11Lee FraserKingston VCMasters A25.1636
12Chris GraingerKingston VCMaster A25.1735
13Bruce KetchumRNHMaster A25.2634
14Gilbert MaroisIndependentMaster B25.333
15Tony AbramaviciusMississauga BCMasters B25.3232
16Greg CavanaghMississauga BCMasters A25.4231
17Garnett AbbeyHalton R&TMasters A25.4430
18Jack KosmerlySudbury CCMasters A25.529
19Paul GammonPeterborough RCMaster A25.5128
20Ben ScottIndependentSenior 325.5327
21Ed SmolinskiMississauga BCMasters B25.5626
22André GoyetteCornwall CCMasters A25.5725
23Greg PalmerMississauga BCMasters A25.5724
24Greg BordenMississauga BCMasters B26.0423
25Adrain GedyeSudbury CCMasters A26.1222
26Zachary Wheeleroak ridges fat tire clubSenior 3 26.1421
27Gary ScullyHalton R&TMaster B26.2220
28John SaulinierIndependentSenior 326.2219
29Keith SmithCornwall CCMasters C26.2318
30Graham ThomasHalton R&TMasters B26.317
31Ed MakarchukGears RacingMasters A26.3316
32Frank PrestonD'OrnellasSenior 326.5315
33Frank BattaionSudbury CCMasters B26.5614
34Robin BolducVelo Sommet-RDMaster A27.0113
35Tom GramegnaMississauga BCSenior 327.0212
36Chris KiziakHalton R&TMasters A27.0411
37Aaron CombdonZzoomSenior 327.0810
38Michikazu KataokaD'OrnellasSenior 327.1610
39Greg CushingKingston VCMasters A27.2510
40Allan StolarykZzoomMasters B27.2510
41Pierre PerrinSchwinn/ToyotaMaster B27.2710
42Gerrard YeatesRNHMaster A27.2710
43Dan BartoliPeterborough RCMasters A27.2910
44Larry OptisIndependentSenior 327.3310
45Ryan SmithCobourg CCSenior 327.4110
46Paul FarrugiaGears RacingMaster A27.4810
47Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMasters A27.510
48Peter HeinIndependentMasters C27.5310
49Matt ParnellD'OrnellasSenior 327.5810
50Claudio BuffoneMississauga BCSenior 328.0410
51Glenn CameronIndependentMasters A 28.110
52Walter GrabovacMississauga BCMaster A28.3110
53Scott DoelKHS BicyclesMasters A28.5610
54David BeerCobourg CCMasters C29.0910
55Tim PorterIndependentMasters D29.5910
56Robert OlverD'OrnellasSenior 330.0810
57Eric DaggettIndependentSenior 331.3110
58John SandreHalton R&TMasters ADNS
59Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMasters ADNS
60Daniel SalterD'OrnellasMasters ADNS
61Zbynek SkubnikIndependentMasters ADNS
62Doug TaggartOttawa BCMasters BDNS
63Nathan ChownIndependentSenior 3DNS
64David BogueInd.Master ADNS
65Jerry GarrardZzoomMaster CDNS
66Ralph LeiesD'OrnellasSenior 3DNS
67Aubrey Bryce D'OrnellasMaster CDNS
Stage 5
PlaceRider TeamCategoryPoints
1Gerrard YeatesRNHMaster A50
2Michikazu KataokaD'OrnellasSenior 346
3Ben ScottIndependentSenior 344
4Greg CavanaghMississauga BCMasters A43
5Bruce KetchumRNHMaster A42
6Aubrey Bryce D'OrnellasMaster C41
7Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMasters B40
8Matthew UsborneOryx-ProCycleSenior 339
9Stirling McArthurMississauga BCSenior 338
10Gilbert MaroisIndependentMaster B37
11Adrain GedyeSudbury CCMasters A36
12Mark DwyerKingston VCMaster A35
13Zachary Wheeleroak ridges fat tire clubSenior 3 34
14Doug HinnanPeterborough RCSenior 333
15Dan BartoliPeterborough RCMasters A32
16Graham ThomasHalton R&TMasters B31
17John SaulinierIndependentSenior 330
18Frank PrestonD'OrnellasSenior 330
19Noel SavagePeterborough RCSenior 330
20Aaron CombdonZzoomSenior 330
21Chris KiziakHalton R&TMasters A30
22Greg BordenMississauga BCMasters B30
23Chris GraingerKingston VCMaster A30
24Frank BattaionSudbury CCMasters B30
25André GoyetteCornwall CCMasters A30
26Greg PalmerMississauga BCMasters A30
27Tony AbramaviciusMississauga BCMasters B30
28Eric DaggettIndependentSenior 330
29Ryan SmithCobourg CCSenior 330
30Robin BolducVelo Sommet-RDMaster A30
31Ed SmolinskiMississauga BCMasters B30
32Lee FraserKingston VCMasters A30
33Jack KosmerlySudbury CCMasters A30
34Ed MakarchukGears RacingMasters A30
35Keith SmithCornwall CCMasters C30
36Desi DesrochersIndependentMasters C30
37Greg CushingKingston VCMasters A30
38Scott DoelKHS BicyclesMasters A30
39Larry OptisIndependentSenior 330
40Travis BrownCobourg CCSenior 330
41Jerry GarrardZzoomMaster C30
42Paul GammonPeterborough RCMaster A30
43Gary ScullyHalton R&TMaster B30
44Peter HeinIndependentMasters C30
45Chris ReidMississauga BCSenior 330
46Michael MooreMississauga BCMasters A30
47Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMasters A30
48Robert OlverD'OrnellasSenior 330
49Allan StolarykZzoomMasters B30
50David BeerCobourg CCMasters C30
51Tom GramegnaMississauga BCSenior 320
52Pierre PerrinSchwinn/ToyotaMaster B20
53Walter GrabovacMississauga BCMaster A10
54Paul FarrugiaGears RacingMaser B10
55Claudio BuffoneMississauga BCSenior 310
56Matt ParnellD'OrnellasSenior 310
57Tim PorterIndependentMasters D10
58Garnett AbbeyHalton R&TMasters A10
59Glenn CameronIndependentMasters A 10
DNFZbynek SkubnikIndependentMasters A
DNSJohn SandreHalton R&TMasters A
DNSChristopher ChisholmCornwall CCMasters A
DNSDaniel SalterD'OrnellasMasters A
DNSDoug TaggartOttawa BCMasters B
DNSNathan ChownIndependentSenior 3
DNSDavid BogueInd.Master A
DNSRalph LeiesD'OrnellasSenior 3
PlaceRider TeamCatOverall
1Matthew UsborneOryx-ProCycleSenior 3245
2Michael MooreMississauga BCMasters A218
3Greg CavanaghMississauga BCMasters A187
4Gerrard YeatesRNHMaster A186
5Doug HinnanPeterborough RCSenior 3185
6Bruce KetchumRNHMaster A177
7Noel SavagePeterborough RCSenior 3175
8Desi DesrochersIndependentMasters C173
9Stirling McArthurMississauga BCSenior 3171
10Ben ScottIndependentSenior 3167
11Mark DwyerKingston VCMaster A165
12Gilbert MaroisIndependentMaster B165
13Travis BrownCobourg CCSenior 3156
14Tony AbramaviciusMississauga BCMasters B151
15Lee FraserKingston VCMasters A145
16Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMasters B145
17Chris GraingerKingston VCMaster A142
18Michikazu KataokaD'OrnellasSenior 3141
19Ed SmolinskiMississauga BCMasters B138
20André GoyetteCornwall CCMasters A133
21Greg PalmerMississauga BCMasters A130
22Greg BordenMississauga BCMasters B129
23Chris ReidMississauga BCSenior 3127
24Zachary Wheeleroak ridges fat tire clubSenior 3 126
25Jack KosmerlySudbury CCMasters A123
26Adrain GedyeSudbury CCMasters A121
27Chris KiziakHalton R&TMasters A117
28Garnett AbbeyHalton R&TMasters A116
29Graham ThomasHalton R&TMasters B116
30Ed MakarchukGears RacingMasters A116
31Frank BattaionSudbury CCMasters B116
32John SaulinierIndependentSenior 3114
33Dan BartoliPeterborough RCMasters A114
34Aaron CombdonZzoomSenior 3109
35Aubrey Bryce D'OrnellasMaster C108
36Larry OptisIndependentSenior 3104
37Paul GammonPeterborough RCMaster A101
38Gary ScullyHalton R&TMaster B101
39Robin BolducVelo Sommet-RDMaster A101
40Keith SmithCornwall CCMasters C93
41Greg CushingKingston VCMasters A90
42Eric DaggettIndependentSenior 390
43Frank PrestonD'OrnellasSenior 385
44Allan StolarykZzoomMasters B80
45Ryan SmithCobourg CCSenior 380
46Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMasters A80
47Scott DoelKHS BicyclesMasters A80
48David BeerCobourg CCMasters C80
49Jerry GarrardZzoomMaster C73
50Tom GramegnaMississauga BCSenior 372
51Nathan ChownIndependentSenior 372
52Pierre PerrinSchwinn/ToyotaMaster B70
53Paul FarrugiaGears RacingMaser B70
54Peter HeinIndependentMasters C70
55Robert OlverD'OrnellasSenior 370
56Matt ParnellD'OrnellasSenior 360
57Claudio BuffoneMississauga BCSenior 360
58Tim PorterIndependentMasters D60
59Walter GrabovacMississauga BCMaster A50
60Ralph LeiesD'OrnellasSenior 349
61Glenn CameronIndependentMasters A 40
62John SandreHalton R&TMasters A34
63Zbynek SkubnikIndependentMasters A20
64Doug TaggartOttawa BCMasters B20
65Daniel SalterD'OrnellasMasters A20
66Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMasters A
67David BogueInd.Master A
PlaceTeamStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Overall
4Halton R&T906112178101451

Best Sprinter
Matthew Usborne 36pts
Gerrard Yeates 33
Michael Moore 23
Dan Bartoli 12
Greg Cavanagh 10
Ralph Leies 7
Michikazu Kataoka 6
Bruce Ketchum 3
John Saulinier 3
Doug Hinnan 3
Garnett Abbey 2
Aubrey Bryce 1
Nathan Chown 1
Greg Borden 1
Gary Scully 1
Stirling McArthur 1
Ben Scott 1

Best TT Rider
Michael Moore 96pts
Noel Savage 94
Matthew Usborne 90
Travis Brown 86
Desi Desrochers 82
Mark Dwyer 80
Stirling McArthur 78
Doug Hinnan 77
Chris Reid 77
Gordon Clarke 75
Tony Abramavicius 71
Greg Cavanagh 68
Gilbert Marois 67
Bruce Ketchum 65
Lee Fraser 65
Chris Grainger 62
Ben Scott 60
Ed Smolinski 58
André Goyette 53
Jack Kosmerly 53
Greg Palmer 50
Garnett Abbey 49
Greg Borden 48
Adrain Gedye 45
Zachary Wheeler 42
Paul Gammon 39
Ed Makarchuk 36
Frank Battaion 36
Keith Smith 33
Gary Scully 30
Nathan Chown 30
Graham Thomas 29
John Saulinier 29
Gerrard Yeates 28
Chris Kiziak 27
Dan Bartoli 27
Frank Preston 25
Robin Bolduc 23
Tom Gramegna 22
Michikazu Kataoka 20
Aaron Combdon 20
Larry Optis 20
Greg Cushing 20
Eric Daggett 20
Allan Stolaryk 20
Ryan Smith 20
Fulvio Cubello 20
Scott Doel 20
David Beer 20
Pierre Perrin 20
Paul Farrugia 20
Peter Hein 20
Robert Olver 20
Matt Parnell 20
Claudio Buffone 20
Tim Porter 20
Walter Grabovac 20
Glenn Cameron 20
John Sandre 14
Jerry Garrard 13
Ralph Leies 10
Zbynek Skubnik 10

Best Road Racer
Gerrard Yeates 132pts
Matthew Usborne 123
Michikazu Kataoka 117
Greg Cavanagh 108
Aubrey Bryce 108
Doug Hinnan 108
Ben Scott 107
Bruce Ketchum 105
Michael Moore 99
Gilbert Marois 98
Stirling McArthur 92
Desi Desrochers 91
Chris Kiziak 90
Aaron Combdon 89
Graham Thomas 87
Mark Dwyer 85
Zachary Wheeler 84
Larry Optis 84
John Saulinier 82
Noel Savage 81
Tony Abramavicius 80
Greg Palmer 80
Greg Borden 80
Lee Fraser 80
André Goyette 80
Frank Battaion 80
Ed Makarchuk 80
Ed Smolinski 80
Chris Grainge 80
Robin Bolduc 78
Adrain Gedye 76
Dan Bartoli 75
Travis Brown 70
Greg Cushing 70
Gordon Clarke 70
Jack Kosmerly 70
Gary Scully 70
Eric Daggett 70
Garnett Abbey 65
Paul Gammon 62
David Beer 60
Ryan Smith 60
Keith Smith 60
Allan Stolaryk 60
Fulvio Cubello 60
Scott Doel 60
Frank Preston 60
Jerry Garrard 60
Tom Gramegna 50
Chris Reid 50
Peter Hein 50
Robert Olver 50
Pierre Perrin 50
Paul Farrugia 50
Nathan Chown 41
Tim Porter 40
Walter Grabovac 40
Matt Parnell 40
Claudio Buffone 40
Ralph Leies 36
John Sandre 20
Daniel Salter 20
Doug Taggart 20
Glenn Cameron 20
Zbynek Skubnik 10


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