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August 11/00 1:22 am - Saint-Augustin Buys Bromont Velodrome, Mercury Tour, Alberta News, B-Day

Posted by Editoress on 08/11/00

Saint-Augustin Buys Bromont Velodrome
(courtesy JDL)

Mr Marcel Corriveau, mayor of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a suburb of Quebec City, announced yesterday that his municipality has bought the Bromont velodrome.

In partnership with local businessman Louis Garneau, the city bought the Bromont track that became available when that National Training Centre bought the Atlanta Olympic Velodrome. Two other cities had shown interest in the structure: Rouyn-Noranda and Aylmer, both in the province of Quebec.

The velodrome, which will be installed next spring, was bought for $10,000 shared equally between St-Augustin and Louis Garneau Sports Inc.

It will be situated on the Notre-Dame-de-Foy Campus, which offers an area of 40,000 square feet to install the track. Right next to this already exists a student building offering rooms and meals. All this will be available to cyclists coming to the track for competitions or training.

Mercury Tour
(courtesy USA Cycling)

Full results from Stage 1 (Thursday) of the Mercury Tour in Colorado.

Pro Men
1Tcherkassov, Pavel2:14:37
2Swenson, Pete2:15:03
3McGrath, Seamus2:15:36
4Larsen, Steve2:16:00
5Horgan-Kobelski*, Jeremy2:17:10
6Swenson, Carl2:17:14
7Leuchs*, Kashi2:17:52
8Henry, Jay2:18:15
9Mapel, Frank2:19:09
10Gullickson, Marc2:20:25
11Jones, Eric2:20:31
12Tullous, Jason2:21:09
13Sheppard, Chris2:22:00
14Decker, Christopher2:22:06
15Swiggers*, Jess2:22:40
16Eatough, Chris2:23:24
17Zambrana, Benjamin2:23:24
18Madrigal, Ziranda2:25:06
19West, Mike2:25:38
20Craig*, Adam2:25:38
21Saul, Daryl2:26:09
22Ken, Helgeson2:26:57
23Blanco*, Gabriel2:27:00
24Schnell*, Ross2:27:31
25Morgan, Jamie2:28:09
26Busching, Phil2:29:00
27Johnson, Tim2:29:49
28Ferguson*, Walker2:30:04
29Weins, David2:31:10
30Sjoblom*, Brandon2:31:49
31Blanchard, Scott2:32:31
32Thompson, JR2:33:00
33Johnson, Andy2:33:17
34Flynn*, Stephen2:33:19
35Prebus, Pete2:33:48
36Watts*, Adam2:34:04
37Parkinson, Nigel2:34:40
38Reeves*, Skyler2:34:48
39Barriga, Salvador2:36:19
40Peterson*, Cody2:36:30
41Dannielson*, Thomas2:38:17
42Molday, Kirk2:41:27
43Holmes, Billy2:46:26
44Guptell, Andy2:50:02
45Swanson*, Toby3:01:21
46Cardoso, Fabio3:03:31
47Gillespie, Daniel3:05:09
Pro Women
1Grigson, Mary2:38:21
2Epifanova, Alla2:38:47
3Florit, Jimena2:40:07
4Vanlandingham, Shonny2:42:14
5Lloyd, Rachel2:43:41
6Haywood, Susan2:44:51
7Marshman, Rene2:44:57
8Mason, Lanie2:45:00
9Augustin, Audry2:46:31
10Reeves, Gretchen2:51:18
11Koerber, Willow2:51:41
12Pryde, Suzy2:52:23
13Busching, Nancy2:52:57
14Zambrana, Katherine2:53:13
15Quick, Rhonda2:53:14
16Emmett, Kelli2:53:58
17Pippin, Niki2:55:03
18Neben, Amber2:55:39
19Masson, Karen2:59:57
20Barnholt, Kerry3:00:56
21Lovejoy, Jilayne3:01:51
22Wellman, Twila3:01:52
23Eggersten, Theresa3:02:56
24Duncan, Caroline3:03:01
25Anderson, Marie Ange3:03:43
26Kenny, Tiffany3:03:59
27Emmerman, Julie3:04:15
28Szabo, Heather3:04:27
29Anderson, Lorien3:06:57
30Dalton, Janie3:07:18
31Merrill, Monique3:08:10
32Behme, Sue3:09:53
33Hall, Gina3:11:58
34Grau, Heather3:15:10
35Tupa, Shannon3:21:10
36Mueller, Marley3:21:10
37Richardson, Carmen3:21:10
38Anderson, Heidi3:21:10

Soma Grand Prix Criterium Series - Calgary, Alberta
(courtesy Marc)

August 8, 2000

Race Format - Regular - A and B group Combined.

Combining the two groups increased competition and resulted in the racers breaking into two main packs. Ten primes were divided between the two packs which made the race challenging for all. Early in the race, Jere Hu pushed through the last corner on the prime lap and over estimated his line and scraped against the curb. The lead pack of about 20 riders kept together despite the number of primes. Only once did any action occur and that was from Mike Beowmeester 15 minutes before the end of the race. By the next lap, Mike was caught by the pack. Kudos goes to Tim VanGuilder who was the only B Group rider in the top 5.

1 Ryan Robinson - Bow Cycle
2 Sean Carter - Independent
3 Martin Machacek - Eurotech
4 Wade Wallace - Pedalhead
5 Tim VanGilder - G.S. Blauwkomp

1 Andrew Walker - Bicisport 243 points
2 Martin Machacek - Eurotech 199
3 Dan Ward - Team Bike Shop 170
4 Wade Wallace - Pedalhead 168
5 Tom Ameriadis - MTN Bike City 149
6 Jessie Collins - Bicisport 129
6 Kees Sinke - Bicisport 129
8 Jeff Smith - Bow Cycle/CMC 126
9 Kris Heale - Independent 121
10 Kirk Schmiedge - Soma Cycle 116
10 Brian Mclennan - Bow Cycle/ CMC 116
10 Kirk Schmiedge - Soma Cycle 116

1 Tim VanGilder - G.S. Bauwkomp 258 points
2 Conan Cooper - Calgary Vets 156
3 Jere Hu - ERTC 153
4 Jack VanDyck - Ridley's 126
5 Chris Hooper - Independent 68
6 Sean Kennedy - Independent 59
7 Rob Micklethwaite - Bicisport 58
7 Lincoln Berg - Eurotech 58
7 Geoff Johns - Soma Cycle 58
10 Ryan Mackenzie - NCTDC / Bike Shop 55

50 first
40 second
30 third
20 forth
10 fifth
5 Show

Happy Birthday to..... Mtber Christine Platt (tommorrow).


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