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September 3/15 11:52 am - Pan Am Track Championships: Day 2

Posted by Editoress on 09/3/15

Canada continued its medal-winning ways on Day Two at the 2015 UCI Pan-American Championships in Chile, earning four medals, to bring Canada's tally at eight medals.

In the men's Individual Pursuit, two-time Pan-Am Games bronze medallist Sean MacKinnon posted the fastest time of the qualifying round (4:24.579) to secure his spot in the gold medal race, where he faced a Jhonathan Restrepo of Colombia.

MacKinnon gave it all in the ultimate race of the event, but fell short at the end, posting a time of 4:27.183 in the final race to take the silver medal to Restrepo's 4:22.828. "I was super happy to qualify first as that was my goal stepping out on the track in qualifying. Racing for Gold, I left it all out there and tried to stay even for as long as I could. I really enjoyed racing the final as it was a new experience.  I can take a lot away from the ride."

Canada's Ed Veal won the bronze medal in the same event, defeating his opponent Victor Moreno of Venezuela with a time of 4:25.781.

In the men's Scratch Race, Canada had two riders at the start line in Aidan Caves and Evan Burtnik. Thanks to the relentless support from teammate Burtnik, Aidan Caves went on to finish in second place, grabbing the silver medal.

"I'm feeling awesome. I'm going to have to say that it has been a tough season for me with injuries so far, but to bounce back like this is great. I definitely could not have done it without all the support of my teammates, coaches, staff, and family who are always there for me," said Caves.

The young rider added: "The race was pretty fast.  I was not too nervous about it because I had a solid plan in my head going into it. I knew "we" as a team (Evan Burtnik and me) had all the bases covered no matter what was to happen. I saw a couple guys take a lap early on, so I knew that the only chance was for one of us to take a lap too. It ended up being me who attacked and took a lap about halfway into the race and, then we executed our plan perfectly."

The Women's Team Pursuit also delivered a medal, posting the second fastest qualifying time, behind the United States.  Missing two of its stars, the team raced the 4-km qualifier in 4:24.72.  The team was led by Pan-Am Games gold medallist Allison Beveridge and Kirsti Lay, joined by Annie-Foreman MacKay, and Stephanie Roorda.

In the final, facing the American squad, and riding the same line up, Team Canada started fast, and went out to gain just over a 1-second lead at the 2-km mark. However, a strong finish by the USA (4:21.328) saw them draw even at one lap to go to finish 0.7 seconds ahead of the Canadians (4:22.077).

While disappointed with the final result, Coach Craig Griffin was pleased with the team's performance. "This is a different team composition than we had in Toronto for the Pan-American Games. While the importance of this event as an Olympic qualifier cannot be ignored, we are definitely looking long term to the World Championships in March for peak performances."

Beveridge won her second medal of these Championships, after taking silver the first night in the women's Scratch Race.  On Friday, Annie Foreman-Mackey and Kirsti Lay will ride the Individual Pursuit.

Sprinters Hugo Barrette and Joe Veloce both won their opening Keirin heat and advanced to the second round.  Barrette won his second round heat to advance to the Final, where he finished sixth after being relegated. 


"I was relegated because I came out of the corridor. Otherwise I would have finished second. The regulations are strict and [one] must remain in the corridor. It was only a small error. Sure it's disappointing , "Barrette said.


Veloce finished fourth in his second round heat and third in the small final, to finish ninth overall.

Reports by Cycling Canada and Sportcom



Results from the second day of track racing in Chile


Men Keirin
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)
2 Frietas Da Silva (Brazil)
3 Edgar Verdrugo (Mexico)
4 Pablo Perruchoud (Argentina)
5 David Espinoza (United States)
Heat 2
1 Matt Baranoski (United States)
2 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad & Tobago)
3 Leandro Bottasso (Argentina)
4 Silva Andres (Chile)
5 Angel Pulgar Araujo (Venezuela)
Heat 3
1 Hugo Barrette (Canada)
2 Hersony Canelon Vera (Venezuela)
3 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
4 Jair Tjon En Fa (Surinam)
5 Erwin Martinez Pilia
Heat 4
1 Joseph Veloce (Canada)
2 Flavio Vagner Cipriano (Brazil)
3 Victor Espinoza (Chile)
4 QuincyAlexander (Trinidad & Tobago)
5 Roberto Serrano (Mexico)
Heat 1
1 Jair Tjon En Fa (Surinam)
2 Victor Espinoza (Chile)
3 Edgar Verdrugo (Mexico)
4 Silva Andres (Chile)
5 Erwin Martinez Pilia
6 David Espinoza (United States)
Heat 2
1 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
2 Leandro Bottasso (Argentina)
3 Pablo Perruchoud (Argentina)
4 Angel Pulgar Araujo (Venezuela)
5 QuincyAlexander (Trinidad & Tobago)
6 Roberto Serrano (Mexico)
Second Round
Heat 1
1 Hersony Canelon Vera (Venezuela)
2 Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)
3 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad & Tobago)
4 Joseph Veloce (Canada)
5 Jair Tjon En Fa (Surinam)
6 Leandro Bottasso (Argentina)
Heat 2
1 Hugo Barrette (Canada)
2 Flavio Vagner Cipriano (Brazil)
3 Frietas Da Silva (Brazil)
4 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
5 Matt Baranoski (United States)
6 Victor Espinoza (Chile)
Final 1-6
1 Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)
2 Hersony Canelon Vera (Venezuela)
3 Frietas Da Silva (Brazil)
4 Njisane Phillip (Trinidad & Tobago)
5 Flavio Vagner Cipriano (Brazil)
REL Hugo Barrette (Canada)
Final 7-12
7 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
8 Leandro Bottasso (Argentina)
9 Joseph Veloce (Canada)
10 Matt Baranoski (United States)
11 Victor Espinoza (Chile)
12 Jair Tjon En Fa (Surinam)


Men Individual Pursuit
1 Sean Mackinnon (Canada) 4:24.579
2 Jhonatan Restrepo (Colombia) 4:26.672
3 Edward Veal (Canada) 4:27.376
4 Victor Moreno (Venezuela) 4:27.452
5 Elias Tello (Chile) 4:28.790
6 Arles Castro (Colombia) 4:31.160
7 Mauro Agostini (Argentina) 4:32.248
8 Carlos Quishpe (Ecuador) 4:36.328
9 Mauro Richeze (Argentina) 4:36.388
10 Jacob Duerhring (United States) 4:36.490
11 Luis Jaramillo (Ecuador) 4:48.713
12 Jovian Gomez (Trinidad & Tobago) 4:53.485
13 Victor Grange (Paraguay) 4:54.234
14 Gavyn Nero (Trinidad & Tobago) 5:12.351
DSQ Felipe Peñalosa (Chile)
Ride for Gold
1 Jhonatan Restrepo (Colombia) 4:22.828
2 Sean Mackinnon (Canada) 4:27.183
Ride for Bronze
3 Edward Veal (Canada) 4:25.781
4 Victor Moreno (Venezuela) 4:31.594


Women Team Pursuit
1 USA (Catlin/Hammer/Winder/Valente) 4:24.265
2 Canada (Beveridge/Roorda/Lay/Foreman-Mackey) 4.24.762
3 Chile (Ahumada/Palma/Monsalve/Guajardo)
For Gold
1 USA (Catlin/Hammer/Winder/Valente) 4:21.328
2 Canada (Beveridge/Roorda/Lay/Foreman-Mackey) 4:22.077


Men Scratch Race
1 Ignacio Prado (Mexico)
2 Aidan Caves (Canada)
3 Cristopher Mansilla (Chile)
4 Bobby Lea (Usa)
5 Jhoan Paez (Venezuela)
6 Jacob Duehring (USA)
7 Cristian Cornejo (Chile)
8 Akil Campbell (Trinidad & Tobago)
9 Jordan Parra (Colombia)
10 Esteban Villareal (Ecuador)
11 Evan Burtnik (Canada)
12 Marcos Crespo (Argentina)
13 Pedro Torres (Colombia)
14 Mauro Richeze (Argentina)
15 Yosvangs Rojas (Venezuela)
DNF Jorge Montenegro (Ecuador)
DNF Horacio Gallardo (Bolivia)
DNF Carlos Montellano (Bolivia)
DNF Jovian Gomez (Trinidad & Tobago)
DNF Victor Grange (Paraguay)

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