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September 20/15 16:57 pm - Classique des Appalaches: Woods and Fortin win

Posted by Editoress on 09/20/15

The Appalachian Classic (Victoriaville, QC) concluded its first edition with a spectacular win from Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies rider Michael Woods, who will be wearing Garmin-Cannondale colors in 2016. Early in the race, a break of four riders set the tone for the day which ended with a fierce battle between Woods and TEAM Europcar, Vuelta Espana finisher Antoine Duchesne.



Mike Woods, Antoine Duchesne and Rémi Pelletier-Roy form the podium, completed by James Piccoli and Timothy Rugg, alongside Christian Lettre, mayor per interim of Victoriaville.


Woods closed the book on second-to-last climb
Michael Woods (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) jumped away from the break in the last 10 kilometres of the race. Antoine Duchesne (TEAM Europcar) and Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau Québecor) finished 2nd and third, while the last breakaway rider James Piccoli (Vélo Sélect), finished the day in 4th place.

"It is a great feeling to win this very difficult race today. The fact that I am winning my weight in Maple Syrup is awesome and I just can’t wait for my next pancake breakfast!" said a smiling Woods after his win.

The four man breakaway took off shortly after St-Norbert-d’Arthabaska, at km 19 of the 135 kilometres, and never looked back. After more than 123 km of long and difficult climbs, Antoine Duchesne increased the pace of the group of 4 but to no avail. As the group reached the 10km mark, Michael Woods, banking on his strong climbing skills, imposed a fast pace just as the riders were hitting the steepest climbs.

Duchesne followed and sustained the pace, hitching a ride on Woods’ burning wheels, but was unable to pass him. Piccoli and Pelletier-Roy, in a typical mano-a-mano, fought the battle for the ultimate spot on the podium.

"It’s an incredibly tough race which leaves no time to recuperate. The dirt sections were fast and I have to admit that this is the breakaway in which I suffered the most this year. I really tried to catch Mike and crack him at the end, but I fell short", said Duchesne.

American rider Timothy Rugg (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme) came in fifth. Adam De Vos (H&R Block Pro Cycling) also had a good day being the first to attack at the beginning of the race; De Vos took 6th. Swiss and cyclocross riders Simon Zahner et Marcel Wildhaber finished 9th and 11th.

Véronique Fortin also earned her weight in Maple Syrup by clinching the Pro Women title. Lex Albrecht and Elizabeth Albert finished 2nd and 3rd.

The Appalachian Classic is not for the faint at heart: at average of 2% for its entire 135 km course with the steepest climb reaching 19%. Wind was also a factor blowing at an average of 20 km/h for the duration of the race.
See ici for complete results.

First edition: A great success
Riders were very pleased with both the organisation and the course. Timothy Rugg, has already announced he will be back next year with friends "the course was just fantastic. It is by far the best dirt race I took part in in my career.

Pro cyclocross riders, Simon Zahner et Marcel Wildhaber, just coming off CrossVegas, were impressed by the challenge presented by the course "It was testing and fun at the same time. We want to be back for sure!", said Zahner after the race.


Co-founder and President, Alexis Pinard, was happy with both racers and Gran Fondo participants comments and made his most heartfelt thanks to the group of volunteers that made the event possible:  "The Classic, as we like to call it, is first and foremost 200 awesome volunteers, over 15 different municipalities. Without their resourcefulness, passion and positive attitude we never could have succeeded." Pinard said that he is already hard at work for next year’s edition.

Report by La Classique des Appalaches



Pro/Elite Women, 108 km
1 Veronique Fortin (Indépendant) 3:32:38
2 Lex Albrecht (OPTUM p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) at 3:51
3 Elisabeth Albert (La Vie Sportive Apogée Opus) 9:05
4 Rebecca Beaumont (Indépendant-RP) 9:19
5 Julie Adams (Laferté Bicycles) 12:29
6 Nadia Morin (VéloGare/HélicoDream) 12:53
7 Dominique Danco (McGill Cycling) 22:28
8 Pier Pascale Hutsebaut (Peak Centre-Bernard Hinault) 23:50
9 Carole Vanier (Martin Swiss) 29:02
10 Evelyne Gagnon (The Cyclery) 30:31
11 Isabelle Mayrand (R II R - Toguri Training) 31:29
12 Allyson Gillard (Promutuel/VMBL/Alco TMI) 34:54
13 Caroline Poole (Golden Sports) 41:55
14 Melyssa Fortin (Espoirs Quilicot- TRJ Telecom) 49:19
15 Andrea Perluzzo (Groupe Sportif CT McGill Cyclin) 1:14:56
16 Karine Corbeil (Indépendant-RP) 1:36:58
DNF Amelie Bruneau (The Cyclery-Opus)
DNF Catherine Fleury (Indépendant-RP)
DNF Helene Pilote Fortin (Indépendant-RP)
NP Laurence Bourque (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)
NP Catherine Dessureault (SAS-Mazda-Macogep-Specialized)
NP Gabrielle Pilote Fortin (DNA Cycling p/b K4)
NP Michelle Paiement (Toguri Training Systems)
Pro/Elite Men, 135 km
1 Michael Woods (OPTUM p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 3:44:12
2 Antoine Duchesne (TEAM Europcar) at 0:27
3 Remi Pelletier Roy (Garneau Quebecor) 0:45
4 James Piccoli (H&R Block Pro Cycling) 0:56
5 Timothy Rugg (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme) 8:08
6 Adam de Vos (H&R Block Pro Cycling) 8:09
7 Jean Michel Lachance (Indépendant-RP) 12:33
8 Michael Le Rossignol (Silber Pro Cycling) 12:35
9 Simon Zahner (EKZ Racing Team) 12:44
10 David Drouin (Indépendant-RP) 13:00
11 Marcel Wildhaben (SCOTT Racing Team) 13:18
12 Steve Francisco (Rapha Continental) 22:57
13 Michel Jean (La Vie Sportive Apogée Opus) 28:30
14 Guillaume Fiset (PassionVélos) 28:37
15 Andrew Lees ( 28:53
16 Nicolas Ducharme (VELOSELECT Racing Team) 28:55
17 Jean Denis Thibault (La Vie Sportive Apogée Opus) 29:09
18 Leandre Bouchard (Transport Lacombe-Devinci) 29:41
19 Jean Simon D' Anjou (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod) 29:47
20 Olivier Brisebois (Garneau Québec) 29:50
21 Etienne Samson (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod) 29:58
22 Mathieu Boudier Reveret (Acquisio-ACQ) 30:01
23 Pascal Bussieres (Stingray-Ultime Vélo-Trek) 30:28
24 Elliott Doyle (Silber Pro Cycling) 37:39
25 Samuel Blanchette (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod) 43:50
26 Samuel Gevan (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme) 46:33
27 Simon Pierre Gauthier (Garneau Quebecor) 47:32
28 Alexis Cartier (Transports Lacombe/Devinci) 49:33
29 Louis Charles Lacroix (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod) 52:36
30 Thierry Kirouac Marcassa (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express) 52:40
31 Francis Izquierdo Bernier (VC Metropolitain Cycles ABC) 53:04
32 Antoine Pelletier Houle (PassionVélos) 54:07
33 Marc Antoine Brassard (Polo Vélo- p/p) 59:11
34 Anthony Bergeron (Stingray Ultime Velo Trek) 59:54
35 Guillaume Lafleur (Polo Vélo- p/p) 1:05:26
DNF Felix Belhumeur (Indépendant-RP Pivot Cycles-OT)
DNF Benoit Bouchard Ouellet (PassionVélos)
DNF Julien Brazeau Seguin (Velo-Station)
DNF Jules Cusson Fradet (VELOSELECT Racing Team)
DNF Mathieu Denis (Vélorganic p/p Guru Cycles)
DNF Geoffroy Dussault (Garneau Quebecor)
DNF Emile Jean (Santé Universelle/ Marin Bikes)
DNF Pierrick Naud (OPTUM p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg)
DNF Olivier Peloquin (Stingray-Ultime Vélo-Trek)
DNF Sebastien Rousseau (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod)
DNF Charles Roy (Indépendant-RP)
DNF Francois Vaillancourt (PassionVélos)
DNF Marc Antoine Soucy (Garneau Quebecor)
DNF Justin Purificati (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Sean Finkel (Groupe Sportif CT)
DNF Fabien Lemaire (Polo Vélo- p/p)
DNF Paul D' Armancourt (PowerCurve-Kinactif)
DNF Vincent Brassard (Indépendant-RP)
DNF Raphael Auclair (Indépendant-RP Pivot Cycles-OT)
DNF Leon Desgagnes (VC Metropolitain Cycles ABC)
DNF Antoine Fabry (Rossi-The Pack)
DNF Hubert Laferriere (La Vie Sportive Apogée Opus)
DNF Joelle Numainville (Bigla Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Nicolas Masbourien (Silber Pro Cycling)
DNF Marc-Andre Fortier (Indépendant-RP)
DNF Antoine Caron (Indépendant-RP)
NP Philippe Allard (Vélorganic p/p Guru Cycles)
NP Kevin Archambault (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod)
NP Simon Ouellet (Norco/Premier Tech p/b ChewPod)
NP Hendrik Pineda (Transports Lacombe/Devinci)
NP Guillaume Plourde (Trek-Fiera)
NP Jean Francois Racine (Garneau Québec)
NP Julien Carrier (Stingray-Ultime Vélo-Trek)
NP Pierre Olivier Santerre (Espoirs Quilicot- TRJ Telecom)
NP Jean Francois Soucy (Iamgold Specialized)
NP Mathieu Borduas (Scott-RackUltra)
NP Ryley Newton (McGill Cycling Team)



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