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August 15/00 9:45 am - Canada Cup Final Standings for Veteran XC

Posted by Editor on 08/15/00

Canada Cup Standings - Veteran XC
(courtesy Brett Stewart - CCA)

These are the Final Veteran Expert standings. Please note the following criteria to be ranked:

1. The best results, to a maximum of three out of five, will count toward the points total for each rider.
2. It is mandatory to start the Canada Cup final.
3. A minimum of three athletes must have competed in at least three events for a category to be considered eligible.
4. In the event of a tie on points, the rider with the better result at the Canada Cup final will be declared the winner.

Veteran Expert Men
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - QCCC # 3 - SKCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Wade, GaryBCOGC / Fisher200100100
2Rendall, ReeceONScary Fast/Sportable20024*25*1005050
3Hedstrom, NewellSKBike Doctor185856040
4Achten, GregABBow Cycle155704045
5Bodkin, MatthewBCGiant Bicycles Canada1307060
6Greenaway, ShawnBCRocky Mtn Bicycles101273737
7Hambleton, BrentABBici Sport94402430
8Charuk, MikeBC902922*3423*27
9St. Denis, LucBCOlympia Cycle & Ski87452022
10Findlay, PeterOGC / Fisher8585
11Miller, ScottOlympia Cycle856025
12Newitt, Paul AndrewNorco Factory Team7070
13DeGagne, LucBCWhistler Bike Co.663432
14Walsh, CPABEurotech533023
15Wessel, CliffordABTerrascape Racing482919
16Rowlandson, TravisABFreewheel Cycle462224
17Wood, ChrisONFlying Dogs422121
18Kvick, David3434
19Caswell, DavidBonzai Cycle2929
20Moreside, GordonOGC / Fisher2828
21Dumont, TylerBasic Sports Nutrition2626
22Jackson, CraigSun Country Cycle2020
Non-title Canada Cup Standing
Mann, RobertONKHS Bicycles1358550
Gloade, CurtisONBraun's Bicycles100100
Blain, LucQCOGC / Fisher100100
Dermont, DavidONSpeed River Bicycles926032
Smith, RodABCalgary Cycle8585
Visser, GuidoQCTrek / Volkswagen8585
Orschel, EricONSilent Sports7070
Jean, MichelQCRDI Le St-Bernard7070
Schmidt, BrentONNorco6060
Jenkinson, TimONKHS Bicycles532627
Heck, SteveONTrek5050
Hawboldt, BobSKCycledellia5050
Williams, KevinSKBike Doctor4545
Knapp, HowardONImpala Cycles4545
Gauthier, MartinQC4545
Thomlison, BrentON422814
Hoferpca, LuboONCyclemania4040
Hamel, LucQCOGC / Fisher4040
Suter, LesONKHS Bicycles3737
McIntyre, MikeSKOffroad Syndicate3737
Cauchon, FredericQCMont-Velo / Liken3737
Villeneuve, PatrickQC3434
Sule, RobertON3434
McDonald, PhilABERTC3232
Grundahl, JasonSKTMC / RCC3232
Clarkson, MikeON3232
Shaw, DeanSKBike Dr.3030
Fournier, ChristianQC3030
Carone, EgidioONHalton Road & Track3030
Bollard, MarcAB2929
Raymond, YannickQC2929
Doyle, PatABDeadgoat Racing2828
Guerin, JeanONRDI Le St-Bernard2828
Bilous, KenAB2727
Nelson, DavidABHardcore MTB2626
Bedard, PierreQCRocky Mtn Bicycles2626
Tykwinski, RikAB2525
Hoferica, JanON2525
Mercier, PierreQCTrek2424
Gazsi, DavidONSportable2323
Collins, MikeON2323
Westwood, KrisON2222
Irving, JohnBCTantavus Bike Shop2121
Adams, MartyON2121
Gauthier, DanielQC2020
Dolan, DanONNorthern Cycle2020
Gasienica, RobertAB1919
Merchant, RodneyON1919
Galarneau, JacquesQCOGC / Fisher1919
Bierd, DanielABBici Sport1818
Vandenheuvel, TerryON1818
Desbiens, RockQCOxygene1818
Voelker, Bruce1717
Martin, ScottONWaterloo Flying Dogs1717
Brisebois, ErikQC1717
Dorey, GlennBCSteed Cycles1616
Potvin, SteveQCCMV Saturn1616
Heath, BrianONTrailblazer Cycles1616
Dawe, MattABBici Sport1515
Riby, StephenQCScary fast / Sportable1515
Drouin, MarcQCMomo Sport1515
Moreau, CarlABHeadwins1414
Rice, TerryONWoodstock CC1414
Marty, AdamsON1313
Lalancette, ChristianQCABC Cycle1313
Ostrom, NeilONGears Racing1212
Hajdu, AttilaON1212
Ruel, DavidQCRDI / Everfresh1111
Kiziak, ChrisONHalton Road & Track1111
Veteran Expert Women
RankLast/First NameProvinceClub/SponsorTotal PointsCC # 1 - ONCC # 2 - QCCC # 3 - SKCC # 4 - ABFinal - BC
1Hansen, TreenaBC14040100
2Pitcher, CourtenayAirbomb.com1254085
Non-title Canada Cup Standing
Nelson, MonicaABHardcore MTB Club100100
Baldwin, SusanMBOlympia Cycle & Ski100100
Armstrong, Michelle100100
Lambert, SueAB8585
Bladyko, SusanSKRegina Cycle Club8585
Manning-Dewer, NancyQC8585
Licis, LisaAB7070
Buckley, TraceyONWaterloo Flying Dogs7070
Mattson, ShelleyABSoma Cycle6060
Pol, LoriONRacer Sportif6060
Pickering, RobinBCCove Bike Shop5050
Hynschnt, IngridONFly Gurlz5050
Watkins, KarhyONSquire John's4545
Lunstead, DawnON4040


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