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October 11/15 12:12 pm - Rio MTB Test event: Women UPDATED

Posted by Editoress on 10/11/15

The women's race, originally planned for 5 laps, was reduced to 4 due to temperatures over 40C and high humidity.

There were 36 starters for the women on the 5.4 km circuit, similar in design to the 2012 Hadleight Farm course at the 2012 London Olympics.

Italian champion Eva Lechner (Colnago) broke away, and was quickly followed by Poland's Maja Wloszczowska.

Lechner took the win well ahead of Wloszczowska and Swedens Jenny Rissveds (Scott Odlo).


Catherine Pendrel contacted us from Rio, where she is part of the Canadian squad at the Olympic mountain bike test event.  "The goal for both of us [with team mate Emily Batty] was the training leading in and then to feel the course at race pace, so this was great. I finished 6th. I jumped out of the course and got caught in the tape [on] lap 1 and then got caught in traffic, so unfortunately never connected with the lead and just punched out steady laps. Emily picked up a cold so just took it easy."





Women, 4 laps
1 Eva Lechner (Italy) 1:20:13
2 Maja Wloszczowska (Poland) at 0:42
3 Jenny Rissveds (Sweden) 1:12
4 Linda Indergand (Switzerland) 1:48
5 Daniela Campuzano (Mexico) 2:18
6 Catharine Pendrel (Canada) 3:40
7 Lea Davison (United States) 3:55
8 Irina Kalentieva (Russia) 4:59
9 Sabine Spitz (Germany) 5:12
10 Lisa Rabensteiner (Italy) 5:29
11 Raiza Goulao-Henrique (Brazil) 6:12
12 Nathalie Schneitter (Switzerland) 6:24
13 Lisa Mitterbauer (Austria) 6:29
14 Githa Michiels (Belgium) 7:10
15 Laura Lorenza Morfin Macouzet (Mexico) 7:43
16 Adelheid Morath (Germany) 9:05
17 Tanja Zakelj (Slovenia) 9:47
18 Annika Langvad (Denmark) 10:20
19 Chloe Woodruff (United States) 11:29
20 Georgia Gould (United States) 12:01
21 Emily Batty (Canada) 12:52
22 Ren Chengyuan (China) 18:46
23 Alice Barnes (Great Britain) -1 Lap
24 Erika Fernanda Gramiscelli (Brazil) -1 Lap
DNF Erin Huck (United States)
DNF Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway)
DNF Agustina Maria Apaza (Argentina)
DNS Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France)
DNS Helen Grobert (Germany)
DNS Rebecca Henderson (Australia)
DNS Sofia Isabel Franco Subtil (Brazil)
DNS Alexandra Engen (Sweden)



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