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October 28/15 21:24 pm - Employment Opportunity - Store Manager (Ontario)

Posted by Editoress on 10/28/15

Cycling Elements is looking for someone...

We are looking for someone, someone amazing. Someone who understands what its like to work in a business they are passionate about, someone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty and someone who wants to work in a small evolving business.

The perfect person would be a bike mechanic, someone who can fix anything from repacking a hub on a 1950's coaster brake to performing a diagnostic on a Di2 system. Someone who can run a service shop: meet deadlines, motivate junior employees, all while tuning wrenches with a smile. The perfect person will also be a friendly face at the front of the shop; helping people find the right product, posting interesting information on the website, and organizing the retail side of the operation too. Most importantly we are looking for some one who is willing to push themselves. It's go full speed for 6 months and then recover for 6 months. It's an odd rhythm of attack and retreat, but the energy of a bustling store in May is addicting.

What can we offer you, the perfect candidate?

Most importantly, Cycling Elements can offer a great lifestyle. We are located in Orangeville; a good sized yet still small town were you can make a difference. You can walk down the street and say hi to people you know, and get involved with activities and see the results. Orangeville is a town surrounded by riding, either road or mountain we got it covered! From the shop you can ride at least 5 different mountain bike areas within a 45 minute radius. Plus you can be on a quiet hilly side road in 8 minutes from the shop. The best thing Orangeville can offer a bike shop employee is affordable living. No $1000/sq ft apartments here, you can live in a reasonable place for an affordable amount of money.

Cycling Elements also offers you a stimulating work environment; we are a young expanding company looking for opportunities. Because of our small size, employees are not forced to do the same monotonous task day after day. The core responsibilities are always there, but there is always something changing the rhythm of day, and you will be able to pursue side projects. In short it's a fun and stimulating place to work. Employees get to enjoy the fun side of the industry too, like getting bikes on special discounts, getting to demo new products, riding as part of your job, and playing with Monty the shop dog.

Cycling Elements is a friendly community focused bike shop looking to help people in the community get out and ride. We treat all riders with respect, let it be a guy riding to work twice a week or the guy who hits every club ride in a 100 mile radius, we help everyone.

If you like the sounds of this opportunity please get in contact with me, Jeff Lemon,, 519.307.4100, or swing by the shop with a CV.


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