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August 23/00 8:23 am - Alberta and Ontario Criterium Series Results

Posted by Editor on 08/23/00

Soma Grand Prix Criterium Series - Calgary Alberta
(courtesy Marc)

August 22, 2000

Race Format - Regular - A and B group Combined.

This was the fastest race we have had with an average lap time of 1 minute and 40 seconds: typically a good lap for the past races. It was great to see the lead pack with most of the riders, which made the race intense. Primes did nothing to split the field and the ten primes were well divided through the riders. Jere Hu won the 5th prime by inching past Kirk Schmiedge. Kirk may have been distracted by the challenge because 3 minutes later, he lost traction in the second corner from unevenness in the pavement. Wade Wallace challenged Dave Jetz for the last prime though Dave had reserve to look back to see how close Wade was.

1 Jim Fisher - Team Shaklee/Juventus
2 Conan Cooper - Calgary Vets
3 Jere Hu - ERTC
4 Dan Ward - Team Bike Shop
5 Martin Machacek - Eurotech


1 Martin Machacek - Eurotech 269 points
2 Andrew Walker - Bicisport 243
3 Dan Ward - Team Bike Shop 195
4 Wade Wallace - Pedalhead 173
5 Kris Heale - Independent 156
6 Tom Ameriadis - MTN Bike City 149
7 Jere Hu - ERTC 148
8 Jeff Smith - Bow Cycle/CMC 131
9 Jessie Collins - Bicisport 129
9 Kees Sinke - Bicisport 129


1 Tim VanGilder - G.S. Bauwkomp 275 points
2 Conan Cooper - Calgary Vets 211
3 Jack VanDyck - Ridley's 131
4 Sean Kennedy - Independent 84
5 Chris Hooper - Independent 70
6 Geoff Johns - Soma Cycle 65
7 Lincoln Berg - Eurotech 60
8 Rob Micklethwaite - Bicisport 58
9 Ryan Mackenzie - NCTDC / Bike Shop 55
10 Brodie Chalmers - ERTC 52


50 first
40 second
30 third
20 forth
10 fifth
5 Show

La Bicicletta Schwinn Night Downsview Criterium
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

20 laps / 40 km - Av. Speed 41.5 kph

Matt HansenIntersportsCat. 157:4812 points
David FryRNH111
Kevin SpeachtInd110
Paul RegoOakville19
Peter MorseKiro18
Greg CavanaghMississauga Gears17
Aubrey Bryce D'OrnellasMA6
James J. Wadden Kiro15
Darko FickoWoodbridge Italia14
Duncan SalisburyHalton R&T33
Steve LesseyD'Ornellas2all s.t.2

Series Standings To-Date:

Kevin SpeachtInd1133
Jeff HansenItal Pasta196
Paul RegoOakville195
David FryRNH187
Peter MorseKiro187
James J. Wadden Kiro173
Bruce KripRNH261
Greg CavanaghMississauga Gears159
Don ZuckIndMB57
Darko FickoWoodbridge Italia154
Mark ShawIndMB54
Mike YbanezMississauga Gears152
Paul HornakMississauga Gears146
Aubrey Bryce D'OrnellasMA45
Tony AbramaviciusMississauga GearsMB42
Dave BritnellHummingbirds242
Heath CockburnJet Fuel142
Roy ZucchettoInd241
Piers DavidgeMississauga Gears140
Jason ValentiBrampton139
Garnett AbbeyHalton R&TMA38
Matt HansenIntersports136
Steve LesseyJet Fuel235
Gerrard YeatesRNHMA35
Ed MakarchukGears234
Andrew PinfoldItal Pasta133
Duncan SalisburyHalton R&T333
Enrico TrainiMississauga Gears333

primes: Sean Kelly,Jet Fuel; Kevin Speacht - 2
draw prize Mike Dennis,Speed River

Thanks to Parc Downsview Park and Tony Genco, Veltec Canada, Chris and Pierre, Tina, Peter, Mike, Russell and Geoff Gadd (note, you Edmontonians) for marshalling and course control and to Harry De Boer for lap scoring. Thanks also to all the riders who supported the event. This event was a great success. It proved to be very different to the Airport Park crits. - the hill and the technical nature made it more of a road man's circuit.Let's hope it's the first of many.

Next week, it's back to Mississauga and a 6.45pm start.


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