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August 24/00 11:51 am - Interview with Genevieve Jeanson

Posted by Editor on 08/24/00

Genevieve Jeanson Interview

Earlier today, Olympic team member Genevieve Jeanson held a conference call interview with The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and us. Jeanson has definitely become more comfortable dealing with the media. I first interviewed her two years ago, after she won the bronze in the time trial at the World Championships. She was almost monosyllabic at that time, and has only started to gain confidence in the last few months.

Here is the transcript of the interview:

Q: What are your expectations at the Olympics? Have you had a job designated in the race?

A: I will just try to do my best at the race. I will be proud to win a medal, and just as proud to help another team member win a medal. As far as jobs go, there have been no decisions yet. Decisions will be taken just before the race when we see who is going well, what the situation is.

Q: What are your preparation plans for the Olympics? We thought you might be in the G.P. Feminin with the other Olympic riders (Lyne Bessette and Clara Hughes).

A: Everyone has different preparation at this time. I have stuck to my plan to prepare, and will leave for Australia on Saturday (August 26th). I have been working with my coach on the time trial and on my sprint. If there are some races in Australia, I will take part in them.

Q: You and your coach (Andre Aubut) have been the subject of much controversy in Canadian cycling! Why do you think there has been so much controversy?

A: We (coach and self) are different, we do our own thing. It is like the Grand Prix - a lot of people want us to do it, but we stick to our own plan. We are new to the sport, so we do things that work for us.

Q: How important is your coach to you? How much effect has he had on your development?

A: He has done everything for me! He has helped me become strong and confident. He has helped me with my frame of mind and focus.

Q: You have always ridden as an independent. The Olympics will be the first time you have ever ridden on a team with other strong riders. Will you continue to ride as an independent, or will you go with a team? What are your plans after the Olympics?

A: I will not go to the Worlds. The CCA decided that the Olympic riders will return to Canada (after the Olympics). Next year my focus will be on the World Championships, and the races I do will build towards that. We have discussed with my new sponsor (RONA - a building supply company, see earlier posting) about putting a team together. It is being discussed now, the proposal is in to them, and we will see.


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