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August 27/00 5:22 am - Great Lakes Cycling Classic

Posted by Editoress on 08/27/00

Great Lakes Cycling Classic East Aurora, New York
Courtesy Alan Cote

Four for four. That's Team Shaklee record at the Great Lakes Cycling Classic. The division 3 pro team repeated their winning performance of the previous editions of the Great Lakes Cycling Classic, and this year put 40 year old Graeme Miller atop the podium.

With five riders on the line, Shaklee had horsepower to spare. Other contenders - like the 7-Up / Colorado Cyclist team, with criterium ace Kevin Monahan and lieutenants Doug Ziewacz and Ryan Guay, solo riders from Mercury in John Peters and Navigators with Paul Martin, plus regional teams like Ontario's Jet Fuel and Ital Pasta - could only try to follow the moves that Shaklee laid down.

In the first five laps of the 0.9 mile loop through the village of East Aurora, Shaklee's New Zealanders Graeme Miller and Glen Mitchell shot off the front of the pack, with 7-Up's Monahan leading a chase group behind. After Monahan took a huge pull, Shaklee strongman John Lieswyn threw salt in the wound and jumped away from the chasers, bridging solo to his two teammates ahead. The three Shaklees then went to work on lapping the field, and connected to the back of the pack with 12 laps to go. Meanwhile, Monahan continued driving a four rider chase, but his hard-working group could gain no more than a minute on the field.

In the end, the Shaklee posse let Miller take the win, joining the ranks of Liewsyn ('99) and Eric Wolhberg ('98, '97) on the Great Lakes Cycling Classic trophy. Behind, Monahan took the sprint for fourth from Gustavo Carillo of Higher Gear / Cityscape, while Shaklee's David McCook calimed the field sprint for eighth, contributing to the over $3000 his team drew out of the $6750 purse.

In the category-3-4-masters race, 35 year old Chris Bushover schooled his young competitors on how to win a bike race. As the pack mushroomed with one lap to go, the Buffalo rider pulled the trigger and opened a sizable gap - which he held to the line.

4th Great Lakes Cycling Classic

Men Pro-1-2, 35 miles
1. Graeme Miller, New Zealand, Shaklee
2. Glen Mitchell, New Zealand, Shaklee
3. John Lieswyn, Worcester MA, Shaklee
4. Kevin Monahan, Northampton MA, 7-Up/CO Cyclist
5. Gustavo Carillo, Oak Park IL, Higher Gear / Cityscape
6. James Baldesdare, Kent OH, GoMart/WVA
7. Jason McCartney, Coralville IA, NutraFig
8. David McCook, San Jose CA, Shaklee
9. John Peters, Santa Rosa CA, Mercury
10. Simon Small, Toronto Ont., Ital Pasta
11. John Harris, New Zealand, Ital Pasta
12. Antoine Varghese, Mississauga Ont., Kissena
13. Ryan Guay, Boulder CO, 7-Up/CO Cyclist
14. Andrew Pinfold, Woodbridge, Ont., Ital Pasta
15. Peter Mutec, Boulder CO,
16. Paul Martin, N. Royalton OH, Navigators
17. Doug Ziewacz, Rochester MA, 7-Up/CO Cyclist
18. Guiseppe Guliano, Toronto Ont., Jet Fuel
19. George Neuman, Vancouver BC, Ital Pasta
20. Paul Rego, Mississauga Ont., Ital Pasta
21. Peter Wedge, New Brunswick, Shaklee

22. Jonathan Dechau, Rushville NY, Breakaway Fitness
23. Michael Luther, Blasdell NY, Knapp's Ready-Pac
24. Daniel Maggiacomo, Toronto Ont., Jet Fuel
25. Patrick Shea, Woodstock Ont., Ital Pasta

26. Dewey Dickey, Cokato MN, Bianchi
27. Michael Moore, Mississauga Ont., Mississauga BC
28. Chris Garlapow, Buffalo NY, BBC
29. John Foster, St. George UT, NutraFig
30. Chris Tirone, East Aurora NY, Tom's Pro Bike Service

Men category 3-4-masters
1. Chris Bushover, Buffalo NY, unattached (1st Master)
2. Mark Nichol, Indiana PA, Allegheny CC
3. Bart Baronak, Indiana PA, Mahoning Valley
4. Mark Castilloux, Orchard Park, NY, Queen City/Handlebars (2nd Master)
5. Jeff Baker, Marilla NY, BBC
6. Jason Skalski, Hamburg NY, Queen City/Handlebars
7. Michael Bridges, Amherst NY, BBC
8. Greg Cavanaugh, Mississauga Ont., Mississauga BC
9. Kevin Miller, Niagara Falls Ont., St. Catherine's CC
10. Duncan Salisbury, Mississauga Ont., Halton Road and Trail

11. Chris Rassekh, Morgantown WVA, Allegheny CC (3rd Master)
12. Warren Tilbrook, Fonthill Ont., St. Catherine's CC
13. Ben Jamesson, Holland NY, BBC
14. Kevin Delaney, Orchard Park NY, BBC
15. Mike House, OH, MVW
16. Steve Burget, Buffalo NY, BBC
17. Steve Toorongian, Wales NY, BBC (4th Master)
18. Andrew Mawby, MI, Team Anton's
19. Bill Steinwachs, East Aurora NY, BBC (5th Master)
20. Chris Cej, Marilla NY, BBC
21. (Ambiguous - #196 Greg Hodge or #198 Richard Brecker)
22. Scott Farrell, Buffalo NY, BBC
23. Alan Farmello, Buffalo NY, Queen City/Handlebars
24. Garnet Abbey, Burlington Ont., Halton Road and Trail (6th Master)
25. Arthur Salman, Colden NY, BBC (7th Master)
26. Attilio Nicosia, Buffalo NY, BBC (8th Master)
27. Stephen Cooper, Toronto Ont., Mississauga BC (9th Master)


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