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August 28/00 5:47 am - G.P. Feminin, Hardwood Raid, B.C. Road Provincials, Shep Report

Posted by Editor on 08/28/00

G.P. Feminin Final Report

A new star emerged in the final stage of the G.P. Feminin, as 20-year-old British rider Ceris Gilfillan matched Jeannie Longo (Bermuda/France) pedal stroke for pedal stroke on the final 6km climb to Mont Sutton and snatched a two- second overall victory from the French legend.

Tracey Gaudry (Timex-Autotrader) won the final stage on a solo break - her second win in two days - but the real battle was between four riders who were within 37 seconds of each other entering the final stage.

Gilfillan's role was to protect her teammate, race leader Sarah Symington, from Longo and local favorite Lyne Bessette (Canadian National Team), but on the final climb in the 90km stage, Symington couldn't handle the pace set by Longo. "I was trying to pull Sarah with me as long as I could, but when I could see she was dropping back, I had to set my own pace," explained Gilfillan.

Gaudry went clear on the climb, while the favorites were eyeing each other. As the Australian sped to victory, Longo was pushing the pace, trying to crack her opponents. First Symington, and then Bessette dropped off, but the Gilfillan remained, and finished with the same time as Longo, to claim the race title. Symington fell to third overall, and Bessette stayed in fourth.

Hardwood Hills Mtb Raid - Ontario

Entries are still open for the Hardwood Hills MTB Raid. Mixed teams of 4 people must cover the 80 to 100 km course together, and navigate their way through the course using a topographical map. Speed is important, but teamwork and navigation even-out the advantages of pure fitness. There are 12 checkpoints that team must check into, and some decision making as to the best way to reach the next checkpoint. For full details see the Hardwood Hills website

B.C. Provincial Cycling Championships
(courtesy Mike Shea)

B.C. Provincial Championship Road Races for senior men, junior men and junior women were held on Sunday, August 27, 2000 on a 10 km circuit course in Metchosin near Victoria. There was also a women's race and a category 3/4 road race which were not provincial championship events.

The senior men's championship was won by Roland Green followed by Geoff Kabush and Luca Segato. Both Roland and Geoff, who broke free from the pack and led the race for most of the 160 km, are currently preparing for the Olympic games next month.

The junior men's championship was won by Cameron Evans, followed by Ian Condron and Will Routley.

The Junior Women's provincial championship was won by Emily Sandwith.

The Category 3/4 race was won by Eugene Hahn and the women's road race by Mandy Poitras who narrowly out-sprinted Barb Bialokoz.

Senior Men's Provincial Championships Cycling Road Race - 160 km

1 Roland Green 4:23:10
2 Geoff Kabush 4:23:16
3 Luca Segato 4:28:03
4 Jason Crookham 4:31:38
5 Hugh Trenchard 4:31:42
6 Bryce McCallum 4:33:40
7 Murray Carter 4:33:58
8 Richard Minichiello 4:35:40
9 Mathew Hewitt 4:39:40
10 Sam Whittingham
11 Darren Vogler
12 Mike Koski
13 Peter Odegaard
14 Carter Hovey
15 Matt Brown
16 Brad Issel all s.t.

Junior Men's Provincial Championship Cycling Road Race - 100 km

1 Cameron Evans 2:50:08
2 Ian Condron 2:55:37
3 Will Routley 3:03:14
4 Terry Garnett 3:08:38
5 Marsh Cooper 3:09:00
6 Ryan McNamara 3:12:00
7 Ben Sigston 3:14:00
8 Michael Jordan 3:25:00

Men's Category 3 and 4 Cycling Road Race - 80 km

1 Eugene Hahn 2:53:30
2 Paul Beard
3 Stephen Paetkau all s.t.
4 Brian Case 2:57: 19
5 Michael Schlender
6 Peter Stevenson
7 Neil Carson
8 Chris Lamb
9 Murray Drew all s.t.
10 Owen Scott 3:10:40
11 Gordon McQuiggan 3:10:42
12 Robert Bescott down 1 lap
13 Ian Fingler down 1 lap
14 Paul Klimczak down 1 lap

Senior Women's Cycling Road Race - 80 km

1 Mandy Poitras 2:39:41
2 Barb Bialokoz s.t.
3 Charlene Waldner 2:39:45
4 Nina Krack 2:39:50
5 Moriah Beattie 2:49:55
6 Julie Newton 2:51:45

Junior Women's Provincial Championship Cycling Road Race - 60 km

1 Emily Sandwith 2:01:24
2 Lindsey Manning 2:25:33
3 Heather Parrott 2:25:35

Shep Report

Most know of the past few races so I'll just make a brief summary of what's been shaking lately. The last road trip should have been smooth sailing but due to those bastards at United mine (and most other's) flights were delayed everywhere. Delayed in Seattle twice, canceled in Denver, delayed in Salt Lake. Terrible travel but good racing. Park City (Utah) was the first adventure.

Man, when you hop off that plane you know you're in some place that is not quite like most others. "A utopia?" you ask? Definitely for those who live there. One can't help but notice the huge families (all blonde hair) stroll through the airport, beer with not enough alcohol, clubs where you have to be a member to get the hard stuff, and, of course, Walmart suits everywhere returning or leaving to a mission. Racing was down and dirty the whole month due to the lack of rain in the area. Dust filled the lungs as you blindly pounded down the bumpy, hacked course that wound itself around the base area.

Rode the same speed the whole race into 10th place. Content, but not happy. Short track was the next day and had a great time. Seamus (McGrath) attacked right away then came back after ten minutes then I went away to get a prime (have to support my duty free habits). Ended up gapping big time so I thought I would roll with it. Shamoe sat in and would help the chase and I ended up winning with my partner in arms jumping the last lap to get 2nd. I then took the leader's jersey into the next race.

Off to Seattle and Crystal Mtn. Cabin on a river with horse pens in the backyard .... sun, good food and no TV! Fished a couple days but mostly relaxed before the weekend. Racing went all right for me with a 9th in the cross country, and a 4th in the short track. Team mate Seamus almost scored the win in the cross country and the short track, gaining 2nds in both!

Next was the Mercury Tour in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This race is the toughest there is in the world of mountain bike racing. Massive altitude, non-stop climbing and dust, dust, dust. I'll keep this short because one could rant and rave for a while about this one ..... Pavel (Tcherkassov - Gary Fisher-Saab) destroyed all, Carl Swenson rode steady the whole week and got second, Shamoe had one bad leg day that saw him fall from third overall to fourth then a flat on the last day dropped him to eighth while yours truly won the prologue, and the fourth stage (crit) but ended up 12th in the overall. Happy with the wins but disappointed with stage two and three (the first stage I had a mechanical but rode well).

Then I went home! Took four days off the bike, did plenty of DH runs at the ski hill, ate, drank and was happy! I've been in Asheville for the last week doing final prep for Mammoth. Yesterday was the most amazing epic with the Koerber clan .... it was about two thirds of a stage from the old Tour duPont. 7000 feet of climbing with a family that like to time trial on the flats between the climbs! Four hours fifteen of relentless torture, but unreal views and vistas made it well worth the effort. Now I know why this area is where Lance Armstrong got the love back for his bike. Over and out



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