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August 29/00 10:08 am - Marcel Thysman Track Results, O-Cup Track Final Standings

Posted by Editor on 08/29/00

Marcel Thysman Memorial Grand Prix - Ontario
(courtesy OCA)

Event:Flying 200m (qualifying)
PlaceName / CategoryClubTime
Junior Men
1Taras KlebanIntersports:13.8
2Ryan DeBoerMississauga BC:15.3
Master Men 40+
1Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs:14.2
2Mark AntonioInd.:14.4
3Rob CheskeyHamilton CC:15.8
Senior Women
1Laura PasicznykAlan's Bicycles:16.3
2Michelle PerrierMad Dog Racing:15.2
Senior Men
1Kyle HudsonIntersports:13.3
2Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro:13.4
3Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro:14.6
4Michael MooreMississauga BC:14.8
5Matt HansenIntersports:16.6
6Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles:17.0
Event:Snowball, 12 laps
PlaceName / CategoryClubPointsComp. Points
1Taras Kleban(Jr)Intersports697
2Rob CheskeyHamilton CC47
3Mark AntonioInd.35
4Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs23
5Laura Pasicznyk(W)Alan's Bicycles07
6Ryan DeBoer(Jr)Mississauga BC05
7Michelle Perrier(W)Mad Dog Racing05
Senior Men
1Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro407
2Matt HansenIntersports235
3Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles93
4Kyle HudsonIntersports52
5Michael MooreMississauga BC11
6Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro0
7Mike McCorkellInd.0
Event:Scratch Race
PlaceName / CategoryClubTimeComp. Points
Composite, 12 laps
1Taras Kleban(Jr)Intersports4:297
2Laura Pasicznyk(W)Alan's Bicycles7
3Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs7
4Rob CheskeyHamilton CC5
5Mark AntonioInd.3
6Ryan DeBoer(Jr)Mississauga BC5
7Michelle Perrier(W)Mad Dog Racing5
Senior Men, 20 laps
1Michael MooreMississauga BC7:167
2Matt HansenIntersports5
3Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro3
4Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro2
5Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles1
6Kyle HudsonIntersports
7Mike McCorkellInd.
Event:Points RaceComp.
PlaceName / CategoryClubPointsPoints
Composite, 18 laps
1Taras Kleban(Jr)Intersports207
2Rob CheskeyHamilton CC97
3Laura Pasicznyk(W)Alan's Bicycles77
4Mark AntonioInd.35
5Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs3 at 1 lap3
6Ryan DeBoer(Jr)Mississauga BC2 at 1 lap5
7Michelle Perrier(W)Mad Dog Racing0 at 4 laps5
Senior Men, 24 laps
1Michael MooreMississauga BC167
2Matt HansenIntersports135
3Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro93
4Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro6 at 2 laps2
5Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles2 at 2 laps1
6Kyle HudsonIntersports6 at 3 laps
7Mike McCorkellInd.3 at 4 laps
PlaceName / CategoryClubPoints
Junior Men
1Taras KlebanIntersports7
2Ryan DeBoerMississauga BC5
Master Men 40+
1Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs7
2Mark AntonioInd.5
3Rob CheskeyHamilton CC3
Senior Women
1Laura PasicznykAlan's Bicycles7
2Michelle PerrierMad Dog Racing5
Senior Men
1Kyle HudsonIntersports7
2Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro5
3Mike McCorkellInd.3
4Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro2
5Michael MooreMississauga BC1
6Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles
Event:Miss & OutComp.
PlaceName / CategoryClubPoints
1Taras Kleban(Jr)Intersports7
2Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs7
3Rob CheskeyHamilton CC5
4Mark AntonioInd.3
5Ryan DeBoer(Jr)Mississauga BC5
Senior Men, 24 laps
1Matt HansenIntersports7
2Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro5
3Michael MooreMississauga BC3
4Taras Kleban(Jr)Intersports0
5Kyle HudsonIntersports2
6Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles1
7Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro0
8Mike McCorkellInd.0
Event:Omnium Results
PlaceName / CategoryClub
Junior MenTotal Comp.PointsEvent1Event2Event3Event4Event5
1Taras KlebanIntersports3577777
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BC2555555
PlaceName / CategoryClubTotal Comp.PointsEvent1Event2Event3Event4Event5
Master Men 40+
1*Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs2737377
2Rob CheskeyHamilton CC2775735
3Mark AntonioInd.2153553
*decided by Miss and Out event.
Senior Women
1Laura PasicznykAlan's Bicycles21777
2Michelle PerrierMad Dog Racing15555
Senior MenClub
1Matt HansenIntersports225557
2Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro2073325
3Michael MooreMississauga BC1917713
4Kyle HudsonIntersports11272
5Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro9225
6Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles63111
7Mike McCorkellInd.33

O-Cup Track Final Standings

Junior Men
1Taras KlebanIntersports15 points
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BC8
3Warren TilbrookSt Catharines CC3
Master 40+ Men
1Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs28
2Rob CheskeyHamilton CC19
3Mark AntonioInd.16
4Jay DarchHalton R&T10
Senior Women
1Michelle PerrierMad Dog Racing28
2Julia BradleyInd.20
3Sarah HisemanInd.8
Senior Men
1Matt HansenIntersports28
2Kevin SpeachtTeam Kiro19
3Keith ThorarinsonHummingbirds Intl CC18
4Brooks RapleyTeam Kiro17
5Michael MooreMississauga BC15
6Mike McCorkellInd.12
7Kyle HudsonIntersports10
8Chris ReidMississauga BC8
9Simon SmallItal Pasta8
10Craig DeveerIntersports7
11Peter HoltAlan's Bicycles5
12Hans LoeffelholzInd.4
13Peter SanowarIntersports4
14Paul GammonPeterborough CC2


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