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May 31/97 22:01 pm - Track World Cup Final

Posted by Editor on 05/31/97


For Immediate Release, May 31, 1997
Contact: Frank Stanley, USCF Communications Manager, (719) 578-4581

TREXLERTOWN, Pa. -- Darryn Hill of Australia completed the World Track Cup double, beating world champion Marty Nothstein in the keirin Saturday at the second round of the UCI World Track Cup at Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

Hill used a powerful move to come over the top of Nothstein with a lap to go in the keirin, trapping the world champion between riders. Nothstein escaped with half a lap, but did not have time to catch Hill.

„To come here and beat him in front of an American crowd, it‚s a big confidence boost for me,‰ Hill said.

Hill defeated Nothstein in the final of the men‚s match sprint Friday. Nothstein had won both events at the first round of the World Cup last week in Cali, Colombia.

Australia also won the overall team title, topping the United States, 91 points to 77. Canada was 7th, with 38 points.

In the women‚s individual pursuit, Lithuanian Rasa Mazeikyte won the gold medal, beating Australian Lucy Tyler-Sharman in the final. American Rebecca Twigg, Colorado Springs, Colo., won the bronze medal, defeating world champion Antonella Bellutti of Italy. Bellutti did not start the bronze medal ride due to illness. Canadian Mandy Poitras was sixth.

Elsewhere, Russian Galina Enioukhina posted her second straight World Cup match sprint win, beating world champion Felicia Ballanger of France in three rides in the final. Australian Michele Ferris was third. Canadians Tanya Dubnicoff and Lori Ann Muenzer were fourth and fifth respectively. The Spanish Madison team of Miguel Alzamora and Juan Llaneras repeated their victory as well, topping the Australian duo of Brett Aitken and Stephen Pate. The Canadian duo of Brian Walton and Tim Hadfield were 10th. The Greek Olympic sprint team also repeated their Colombian victory, winning in a time of one minute, 2.078 seconds.


Olympic Sprint
1. GREECE (Dimitrios Georgalis, Georgios Chimonetos, Lampros Vasilopoulos),
one minute, 2.078 secs; 2. France (Frederic Magne, Herve Thuet, Arnaud Tournant), 1:02.794; 3. Poland (Grzegorz Krejner, Marcin Mientki, Grzegorz Trebski), 1:02.892; 4. New Zealand (Timothy Carswell, Darren McKenzie-Potter, Matthew Sinton), 1:03.051; 5. Argentina (Marcelo Amendolia, Luciano Arbana, Miguel Clavero), 1:04.415; 6. Spain (Salvador Mejia, Jose Escuredo, Jose Moreno), 1:04.478; 7. Australia (Danny Day, Sean Eadie, Darryn Hill), 1:04.561; 8. Switzerland (Roger Furrer, Patrik Merk, Claudio Treig), 1:04.959; 9. Great Britain (Peter Jacques, Craig MacLean, Shaun Wallace), 1:05.866; 10. Denmark (Dion Akerstrom, Brian Dandanell, Michael Sandstod), 1:06.403.

Women‚s Individual Pursuit
1. RASA MAZEIKYTE, Lithuania, three minutes, 48.167 secs; 2. Lucy Tyler-Sharman, Australia, 3:52.766; 3. Rebecca Twigg, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3:49.806; 4. Antonella Bellutti, Italy, did not start bronze medal ride; 5. Jeannie Longo, France, 3:51.945; 6. Mandy Poitras, Canada, 3:57.787; 7. Yoanka Gonzalez Perez, Cuba, 4:02.760; 8. Ina Yoko Teutenberg, Germany, 4:07.754; 9. Debora Colman, Argentina, 4:11.501.

1. SPAIN (MIGUEL ALZAMORA, JUAN LLANERAS), 29 pts (4 sprint wins); 2. Australia (Brett Aitken, Stephen Pate), 16 (1); 3. Argentina (Gabriel Curuchet, Juan Curuchet), 14 (1); 4. Russia (Alexei Markov, Nikolai Kouznetsov), 13 (2); 5. New Zealand (Gary Anderson, Julian Dean), 13 (1); 6. United States (Mariano Friedick, Brentwood, Calif.; Christian Vande Velde, Lemont, Ill.), 7 (0); 7. Czech Republic (Martin Liska, Jakub Sara), 7 (0); 8. Denmark (Frederik Bertelsen, Michael Sandstod), 4 (0); 9. Netherlands
(Richard Rozendaal, Robert Slippens), 4 (0); 10. Canada (Brian Walton, Tim Hadfield), 3 (0).

Women‚s Match Sprint
1. GALINA ENIOUKHINA, Russia; 2. Felicia Ballanger, France; 3. Michele Ferris, Australia; 4. Tanya Dubnicoff, Canada; 5. Lori Muenzer, Canada; 6. Jennie Reed, Issaquah, Wash.; 7. Nicole Reinhart, Macungie, Pa.; 8. Magali Marie Faure, France; 9. Rita Razmaite, Lithuania; 10. Giovanna Troldi, Italy.

1. DARRYN HILL, Australia; 2. Marty Nothstein, Trexlertown, Pa.; 3. Eyk Pokorny, Germany; 4. Frederic Magne, France; 5. Brian Dandanell, Denmark; 6. Luciano Ardana, Argentina; 7. Darren McKenzie-Potter, New Zealand; 8. Gene Samuel, Trinidad; 9. Ivan Vrba, Czech Republic.

Team Overall
1. AUSTRALIA, 91 pts; 2. United States, 77; 3. Russia, 65; 4. France, 59; 5. New Zealand, 44; 6. Spain, 42; 7. Canada, 38; 8. Argentina, 35; 9. Germany, 33; 10. Poland, 30.


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