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May 2/16 12:12 pm - US Speed Week: Race 1, Charlotte Criterium results

Posted by Editoress on 05/2/16

Charlotte Criterium, the first race of the 2016 Speed Week held in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 30th


Pro 1/2 Women
1 Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare) 0:40.5
2 Samantha Schneider (ISCorp p/b Smart Choice MRI) 0:40.6
3 Erica Allar (Rally Cycling) 0:41.0
4 Skylar Schneider (ISCorp p/b Smart Choice MRI) 0:41.4
5 Yussely Mendivil Soto (ISCorp p/b Smart Choice MRI) 0:41.8
6 Tina Pic (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling) 0:43.9
7 Diana Penuela (UnitedHealthcare) 0:45.0
8 Lauren Tamayo (UnitedHealthcare) 0:46.1
9 Lauretta Hanson (Colavita|Bianchi) 0:46.2
10 Nina Laughlin (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling) 0:46.6
11 Tiffany Pezzulo (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling) 0:46.9
12 Laura Jorgensen (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling) 0:47.0
13 Jessica Mundy (Fearless Femme Racing) 0:47.0
14 Kristen Arnold (CRCA/ Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes) 0:47.1
15 Anna Grace Christiansen (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling) 0:47.7
16 Sara Tussey (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling) 0:48.4
17 Christina Gooey-Smith (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling) 0:50.3
18 Marie-Soleil Blais (Fearless Femme Racing) 1:00.7
19 Debbie Milne (Stradalli Cycles/Papa John's) 1:09.0
20 Jessica Prinner (Rally Cycling) 1:10.3
21 Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers p/b Van Dessel) 1:11.7
22 Payten Maness (ISCorp p/b Smart Choice MRI) 1:13.1
23 Amy Cutler (Fearless Femme Racing) 1:15.7
24 Cari Higgins (UnitedHealthcare) 1:19.5
25 Christina Birch (LA Sweat) 1:19.7
26 Arden Stelly (OrthoCarolina Winston) 1:23.8
27 Ashley Barson (Rise Racing) 2:10.8
28 Iris Slappendel (UnitedHealthcare) 2:17.4
29 Venessa Drigo (Stradalli Cycles/Papa John's) lapped
30 BrittLee Bowman (CRCA/ Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes) lapped
31 Josie Talbot (ISCorp p/b Smart Choice MRI) lapped
32 Cynthia Frazier (NCVC/UnitedHealthcare) lapped
33 Andrea Thomas (Groove Subaru Excel Sports) lapped
34 Jennifer Caicedo (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team) lapped
35 Annie Ewart (UnitedHealthcare) lapped
36 Christa Ghent (LA Sweat) lapped
37 Megan Heath (Frazier Cycling) lapped
38 Judah Sencenbaugh (Ames Velo) lapped
39 Sarah Matchett (Dornier Racing) lapped
40 Lauren LeClaire (CRCA/ Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes) lapped
41 Samantha Bendt (Dornier Racing) lapped
42 Cinthia Lehner (OrthoCarolina Winston) lapped
43 Jennifer Wagner lapped
44 Holly Beard (Advanced) lapped
45 Tess Oliver (QCW Breakaway Bikes p.b. Felt Bicycles- JL Vell) lapped
46 Tate Devlin (CRCA/ Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes) lapped
47 Monica Volk (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling) lapped
48 Kathryn Buss (OrthoCarolina Winston) lapped
49 Rachel McKinnon (Low Country Racing) lapped
50 Alexandra Burton (The Happy Tooth Pro Cycling) lapped
51 Courteney Lowe (Happy Tooth) lapped
52 Vanessa Botero (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team) lapped
53 Hannah Swan (Cycle Haus Racing) lapped
54 Katherine Shields (OrthoCarolina Winston) lapped
55 Zoe Mullins (OrthoCarolina Winston) lapped
56 Chelsea Knapp (Healthy and Happy Racing) lapped
57 Victoria Kanizer (OrthoCarolina Winston) lapped
58 Katherine Aristizabal (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team) lapped
59 Kimberley Johnson lapped
60 Stephanie Nave (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team) lapped
61 Theresa O'Sullivan (Dornier Racing) lapped
62 Kathryn Clark lapped
63 Natalie Tapias (CRCA/ Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes) lapped
DNF Elle Anderson (Rally Cycling)
DNF Jamie Gilgen (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)
DNF Madison Kelly (Stradalli Cycles/Papa John's)/td>

Men's race was called due the severe weather


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