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May 7/16 11:26 am - Tour de Bloom: Stage 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 05/7/16

Results from the first stage of the Tour de Bloom, held in Leavenworth, Washington on May 6th


1/2/3 Women, 106.22 km
1 Mikayla Maier (USA) Portland Bicycle Studio 3:06:19
2 Cady Chintis (USA) Garage Racing
3 Megan Rathwell (Can) Broad St Cycles/Stuckylife
4 Christine Denis (USA) Independent
5 Terra Manca (Can) Velocity Cycling Club
6 Annagabrielle Traxler (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
7 Helena Coney (Can) Fresh Air Athena
8 Emma Lujan (Can) Glotman Simpson
9 Jennifer Gerth (Can) Continental Crit Nasty
10 Justine Clift (Can) Independent
11 Katherine Reinhart (USA) Garage Racing
12 Annick Chalier (USA) Independent
13 Jody Rechenmacher (Can) Independent
14 Chloe Cross (Can) Team Whistler
15 Morgan Cabot (Can) Glotman Simpson
16 Suzanne Hamilton (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
17 Denise Ramsden (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
18 Alysia Withers (Can) Glotman Simpson
19 Michele Schaeffer (USA) Glotman Simpson
20 Ivy Audrain (USA) Independent
21 Heather Nielson (USA) Monster Media Elite Women all s.t.
22 Karine Valliantsaunders (USA) SCCA/Starbucks Cycling 07:15
23 Emily Alexander (USA) SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
24 Anna Talman (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing both s.t.
DNS Abigail Youngwerth (USA) TWENTY16 Ridebiker Development
Pro/1/2 Men, 106.22 km
1 Nigel Kinney (USA) Langlois Brown Racing 2:19:56
2 Connor Toppings (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
3 Kyle Buckosky (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
4 Michael Vandenham (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
5 Dylan Davies (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
6 Jeffrey Werner (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
7 Oliver Evans (Can) Accent Inns / Russ Hays
8 Jackson Pickell (Can) Langlois Brown Racing all s.t.
9 Andrew Russell (Can) Victoria Wheelers 00:06
10 Isaac Leblanc (Can) Accent Inns / Russ Hays 01:37
11 Chris Macleod (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
12 Eugene Hahn (Can) Victoria Wheelers
13 Steve Fisher (USA) Canyon Bicycles?Shimano?Special
14 Alexander Amiri (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
15 Joshua Kropf (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
16 Jacob Macarthur (USA) Keller Rohrback Cycling
17 Alex Langley (Can) Fulgas
18 Mark Sherman (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
19 John Shalekbriski (USA) Independent
20 Cory Ostertag (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
21 Christian Knapton (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
22 Pierrebernard Thiffault (USA) Independent
23 Isaac Niles (Can) Accent Inns / Russ Hays
24 Matthew Vannostrand (Can) Van Nostrand
25 Jonathon Levie (USA) Independent
26 Tim Root (USA) Team Bobs?
27 Ty Andrews (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
28 Lukas Adominis (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
29 Wes Ochitwa (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
30 Craig Richey (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
31 Ryan Short (USA) Independent
32 Christopher Hogan (USA) Independent
33 Ryan Jones (Can) Glotman Simpson
34 Cameron Fitzmaurice (Can) TaG Cycling Club
35 Volodymyr Kuzmenko (USA) PC4Men Cycling
36 John Wolters (USA) Independent
37 Patrick Oneil (USA) Independent
38 Brian Hitchcock (USA) Metier Racing
39 Trevor Mackenzie (Can) Victoria Wheelers
40 Sherwood Plant (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
41 Erik Hofland (USA) Therapeutic Associates Racing
42 Geoffrey Homer (Can) Victoria Wheelers
43 Leigh Thurgood (USA) Independent
44 Keegan Oneill (USA) Team Oregon presented by
45 Theodore Schwartz (USA) Metier Racing
46 Derek Gee (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
47 David Waples (USA) Audi
48 Vincent Marcotte (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
49 Andrew Austin (USA) Therapeutic Associates Racing
50 Jackson Duncan (USA) Audi
51 Amiel Flett-Brown (Can) Accent Inns / Russ Hays
52 John Kercher (USA) Independent
53 David Gerth (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
54 Lukas Conly (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
55 Jonathan Wood (Can) Garneau Evolution
56 Jeremiah Arnold (Can) Glotman Simpson
57 Luke Sykora (USA) Independent
58 Kyle Farrell (USA) Keller Rohrback Cycling
59 Ryan Golbeck (Can) Mighty Cycling
60 Kellen Viznaugh (Can) Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+
61 Eric Cockrell (USA) Metier Racing
62 Brandon Jones (Can) Cahilty Racing
63 Nigel Davies (USA) Independent
64 John Morehouse (USA) Independent
65 Geordie Morrison (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
66 David Holden (USA) Independent
67 Cody Canning (Can) Accent Inns / Russ Hays
68 Justin Prior (USA) Keller Rohrback Cycling
69 Mark Rainer (Can) Glotman Simpson
70 Christopher Carter (USA) PC4Men Cycling
71 Brendan Armstrong (USA) Trek Red Truck Racing all s.t.
72 Mitchell Ketler (Can) Accent Inns / Russ Hays 01:58
73 Jeremiah Jensen (USA) Independent 17:13
74 Austin Arguello (USA) Independent 49:29
75 Justin Homewood (GBr) Fulgas Cycling s.t.
DNS Christopher Bradbury (USA) Blacksmith Racing Team
DNS Alexander Dove (Can) Mighty Cycling
DNS Galen Kehler (Can) Phoenix Velo
DNS Thomas Wallace (Can) Glotman Simpson
DNS Alex Yale (USA) Therapeutic Associates Racing
DNS David Richter (USA) Metier Racing


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